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Each week CNN profiles someone who is accomplishing great things at an early age—?a sixteen-year-old boy circumnavigating the globe alone, or a seventeen-year-old girl raising half a million dollars to fight malaria in Africa. The feature is called “Young People Who Rock,” and if it ever needed poster children or a theme song, teenage band Mission Six, would certainly fit the bill.

The members of this fun, outgoing quintet —Noah (15, vocals), Isaac (15, keyboards), Michael (15, bass), David (15, drums), and Anthony (16, guitars)—were attending the same Christian school in Evansville, Indiana, and playing soccer together back in fifth grade when they decided to form a musical group. Their new goal, remarkable for a bunch of ten-year-olds, would be to encourage others by singing about the love of God.

“We still enjoy playing sports, but for us personally, music seemed like it would be our most effective way of ministering to others,” says Isaac.??In short order, the guys sped up their instrument lessons, got access to rehearsal space at church, gained performance experience by going “youth group hopping,” and landed a record deal. Since releasing its debut album, Superhero, in 2008, Mission Six has wowed the crowds at hundreds of concerts around the country, garnered airplay on Radio Disney, and received good comparisons to acclaimed bands from Relient K to the Jonas Brothers. But ask about the greatest success thus far, and it’s back to changing other people’s lives.??“We always share the gospel at our shows,” explains Noah. “This past summer, we saw more than 300 kids ask Christ into their hearts. That’s the coolest thing.”

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