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"I have a great desire to see the knowledge of God flood this generation. I mean the real knowledge of God, not the distant Sunday School version but the true encounter with the Uncreated. I have devoted my life to searching Him out through His Word, prayer and fasting, and to ask Him to reveal Himself in my day and time. There's no other point for my existence but to touch the Transcendent. I believe that this is the generation who will usher in the Son of Man as we intercede from our highest identity as a Bride crying out, " Come!" unsatisfied with anything less than Him. As Eternity breaks in we will awaken the Dawn with a song and the Morning Star will rise to have His inheritance on this planet! This is all I care about."

Misty Edwards is a worship leader, songwriter that has served on the Prayer Room leadership team at IHOP-KC since its inception in September 1999. She was raised in a home filled with music and her entire family is now heavily involved in raising young worshippers at IHOP-KC. Misty Edwards is committed to pursuing the Lord by living out basic scriptural principles. "My focus is to go deep in the Word of God; live in the First Commandment, which leads to the Second; stay faithful in the place of prayer; fast more; give more; and live the Sermon-on-the-Mount lifestyle to the highest degree, even in my weakness," says Misty.

She has been actively writing songs since the age of sixteen, and continues to grow in the craft while encouraging others to do the same. "I write songs by looking right at Jesus from my heart and actually singing to a real person who is listening and moving at the sound of my voice," she says. Through worship leading at conferences and her faithful years of leading in the Prayer Room, Misty Edwards's music has impacted thousands. She desires that the music would bring an encounter on an intimate level, "I pray that the songs I write would bring people not only into an intellectual understanding, but a true heart connect with God who is bending over the balcony of heaven listening to them singing words that move Him and impact Him."

Misty Edwards’s passion is to see singers and songwriters fulfill their role as forerunners, with a message concerning God’s personality and the return of His Son. For such a time as this, she believes God is raising up musical, prophetic theologians who will write songs like King David—declaring the knowledge of God in the context of knowing the times and the seasons. She believes music is the most powerful way to get a room of people to join together with one heart, one mind and one voice. “When songwriters write songs after God’s heart,” Misty says, “it will cause a corporate people to agree with the Lord, which will usher in His presence and prepare His Bride for the great and terrible things that are about to come upon the Earth."

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Album Title Year Label
Eternity2003Forerunner Music
Always On His Mind2005Forerunner Music
Unplugged2007Forerunner Music
Relentless2007Forerunner Music
Point of Life2009Forerunner Music
Fling Wide2009Forerunner Music
Measure Of Love EP 2011Forerunner Music



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