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Mr. J. Medeiros is much more than an ordinary hip-hop artist. Not only does he create intelligent and thoughtful music with a purpose, but Medeiros is also well schooled in the arts of B-Boying and writing Graffiti. Even while recording for the lauded hip-hop label, Rawkus, Mr. J. Medeiros has always approached his brand of hip-hop with a strong independent attitude, making music on his own terms, with his own beliefs in mind. His insightful rhymes, social commentary, and spirituality have received praise for pushing the boundaries of lyrical hip-hop. As a founding member of The Procussions, and as a solo artist, Mr. J. Medeiros has worked to perfect his technique as a rapper and producer. This dedication to his craft has earned Medeiros critical acclaim and fans worldwide. In addition to making music, Mr. J. Medeiros is also devoted to social activism.

Mr. J. Medeiros was born in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Splitting his childhood between Colorado Springs and Warwick, Rhode Island, Medeiros found comfort in music. He recalls being “… 7 years old, learning to windmill, carrying a boombox my grandmother bought me, rocking a RUN DMC tape my mom got me, and wearing a knock off “Dookie” gold rope to school.Mr. J. Medeiros was born into a musical family. His father, an ex-marine who ran and owned a pizza parlor, played in rock and roll bands in the ‘70s. His mother worked as a waitress at a local piano pub. His musical influences include a vast array of artists, many of whom helped inspire Mr. J. Medeiros’ unique approach to music.

By the age of ten, Medeiros began singing Christmas songs on a local radio station in Colorado. During high school, he started DJing, B-Boying, and writing graffiti. After spending a few years DJing concerts, competing in rap battles, and B-Boying at national events, Mr. J. Medeiros had made a name for himself in the local hip-hop scene. In 1997 Medeiros co-founded the hip-hop group, The Procussions, who enjoyed ten successful years in rap’s underground. The Procussions toured the world three times, garnering critical acclaim for both their recorded and live performances from esteemed publications such as Billboard, URB, and Complex. The Procussions released three albums after relocating to Los Angeles in 2002. As Iron Sharpens Iron and Up All Night were both independent releases, while the trio’s sophomore album, 5 Sparrows for 2 Cents, was the first release on Rawkus Records’ revamped label. 5 Sparrows for 2 Cents yielded the singles, “Miss January”, which featured Talib Kweli, and “Fight Here”, which featured Afrobots and Ahmad Jones.

In 2007 Mr. J. Medeiros released his debut solo album, Of Gods and Girls. Medeiros took on a larger production role this time around, including “Constance”, “Keep Pace”, “Silent Earth”, and “Call You”.Of Gods and Girls served as Medeiros’ platform for honest expression, touching on the personal as well as the darker sides of humanity. The album’s single, “Constance” takes aim at the ills of human trafficking and internet pornography. Mr. J. Medeiros joined forces with and to form the campaign, , that served to fight human trafficking and sexual abuse. “Constance” also aired on the CBS Evening News, and Medeiros was able to support his campaign and album on Miami Ink.

Mr. J. Medeiros’ dedication to giving back is evident in his life outside hip-hop. He has worked in AmeriCorps NCCC, Habitat for Humanity, Good Will, The Salvation Army, The Special Olympics, and Amnesty International. Medeiros has volunteered time as a firefighter, and volunteered to help developmentally disabled individuals through Community Outreach. The years that Medeiros committed to public service fuel his perseverance for social change through his music.

Mr. J. Medeiros has performed worldwide with artists such as Run-DMC, A Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul, Common, The Roots, Digable Planets, Blackalicious, and Mos Def. He has also collaborated with a talented roster of artists including Talib Kweli, Randy Jackson, Benny Cassette, Joe Beats, 20Syl, Strange Fruit Project, Ohmega Watts, Pigeon John, Illmind, Crown City Rockers, Stro the 89th Key, and Hocus Pocus.

Mr. J. Medeiros had a highly successful 2009 that saw him form his own label, De Medeiros, LLC. Through his label he released an EP, The Art of Broken Glass, followed by his celebrated sophomore full-length album, Friends Enemies Apples Apples, which features guest vocals from singer Tara Ellis. With each new project, Medeiros strives to make hip-hop respected as an adult form of music. Friends Enemies Apples Apples showcases some of Mr. J. Medeiros’ finest and most focused work to date, as he continues to find innovative ways to present his views through music.

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Album Title Year Label
Of Gods and Girls2007Rawkus Records
The Art of Broken Glass EP2009De Medeiros
Friends Enemies Apples Apples2009De Medeiros



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