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Rock,Adult Contemporary,R&B/Soul

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Christian artist Natalie Grant has a lot going for her. She isn't a big woman ... but she's got a big voice and a huge heart for God. She is as beautiful on the outside as she is on the inside and she has probably never taken a bad picture in her life. She has what Simon from American Idol refers to as the "it factor," but she's no diva. You can count on her music always being about the things of the Spirit and not the things of the world.

As GMA Female Vocalist of the Year for four consecutive years (2006-2009) and the top-selling Adult Contemporary female solo artist in 2005, 2006 and 2008, Natalie Grant is among a select number of artists to have achieved a formidable foothold at mainstream media and radio. Her 2005 breakthrough album, Awaken, received RIAA Gold certification and its follow-up, Relentless, has experienced significant sales since its 2008 release.

But it is the message of the Gospel, and the revolutionary power of love it carries, that she waves as her banner and her hope.

Beyond her artistry, she declares this message as an outspoken advocate for victims of human trafficking. The Home Foundation, which Grant created in 2005, has raised over a quarter of a million dollars to fight the trafficking of women and children for the purpose of sexual exploitation.

Natalie Grant works to balance these endeavors with her greatest calling—as a wife, and mother of twin daughters, Grace and Isabella. Most recently, Grant—who was told that she could never bear children—announced that she and her husband are expecting their third miracle, a baby due on Christmas Day.

“I’m convinced that what people really want—from music and their lives—is depth,” Natalie shared in her bio, “and I feel like I have a responsibility to take them there. So much pop music today is disposable—the attitudes, the posturing, the styles—but it seems to be less about music than it is about appearance, about fashion. Now, there’s nothing wrong with fashion—I love that stuff as much or more than the next girl—I just don’t want it to define me. But the deeper things in life—values, relationships, family, and my faith in Christ—they are what’s most attractive about a person. And they’re why I sing.”


Album Title Year Label
Natalie Grant1999Benson Records
Stronger2001Curb Records
Deeper Life2003Curb Records
Worship With Natalie Grant & Friends2004Sony Records
Awaken2005Curb Records
Believe2005Curb Records
Relentless2008Curb Records
Love Revolution2010Curb Records





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