Not One Is Upright


Avant-Metal,Progressive,Math Metal

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Not One Is Upright is a five member act issuing from the agricultural community of Grayson, Kentucky, nestled in the foothills of Appalachia. Seamlessly fusing styles from a multitude of influences, the group has constructed a true musical composite in their unique sound. Graham Skaggs adds literary and philosophical lyrical themes, as well as considerable vocal skill, to the blend of heavy music and more traditional genres. However, above the music is their commitment to Christian ministry through their shows, their album themes, and their lives. Not One Is Upright’s 2010 signing to Red Cord Records underscores both the seriousness of their efforts and the rising fortunes of this Kentucky quintet.

In early 2013, the band called it a day:
It’s been a long journey for us as a band. We’ve been together for going on five years and we’ve toured several times, put out two full-length records and one EP, played a couple hundred shows, and met a lot of amazing people. Unfortunately, we have decided that we will no longer be together as a band. Between Gerald leaving to pursue his PhD, demanding work schedules, and a great range of demands on our lives and time, we felt it would be better to end like this than drag things out with a long hiatus and no guarantee of future music or tours. We all remain great friends and we are honored and so very blessed by the opportunities God has given us. We will be playing a handful of final shows in July or August when Gerald gets home for the summer to say farewell. We'll also have a short run of shirts made up for those final shows. Thank you all for your open hearts and open ears over these years.

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Album Title Year Label
And They Were Likened Unto Dogs EP2010Independent
God Is Not A Watchmaker and The World Is Not Ticking2011Red Chord Records



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