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Christian rock band Number One Gun, self-released their debut EP Forever in 2002, before releasing their follow-up albums Celebrate Mistakes (2003) on Floodgate Records and Promises for the Imperfect (2005) on Tooth & Nail Records.

Number One Gun decided to move on to different projects in 2006. Frontman Jeff Schneeweis created a new band called The North Pole Project. Founding members Christopher Keene, Jordan Mallory and Trevor Sellers moved onto other bands.

In early 2007, The North Pole Project changed its name to Number One Gun.  In essence, Number One Gun became Jeff Schneeweis's solo project.

When it came time for Number One Gun to record its third full-length last year, Christian music artist Jeff Schneeweis knew he’d be taking the band into new territory. “I’ve always written everything in the band,” Schneeweis said, “but with no one around to give input for their parts, I had to figure it all out myself."

Tracked in his Chico, Calif. studio, The North Pole Project, is a concise, hook- and anthem-filled gem that, while remaining focused on guitar-based rock songs, is unafraid to mix in a ballad or two.

“It really symbolizes me being out on my own,” he said. “I just imagined being out there, off in the distance, having to do things for myself.”

And while the recording process had an air of seclusion to it, Jeff Schneeweis won’t be going it alone on the road. He’s already drawn together a band that includes Brighten frontman Justin Richards and drummer Jonathan Russo, who has toured with Number One Gun previously.

In 2008, Number One Gun entered uncharted territory as the band transitioned into a solo project with leader Jeff Schneeweis. Speculation rose if this would be an end or a fresh beginning. After two years, Number One Gun is ready to continue with the forthcoming release To The Secret and The Knowledge, which gives the listener a creative, talent-filled album. On the previous project, Schneeweis played around with the typical “band” sound and formulas; however, with To the Secret and The Knowledge, he has expanded further on this experiment with new sounds and formulas. Like The North Pole Project, he has recorded each song from top to bottom before moving on to the next track. In this manner he also did all vocals & instrument parts - yet, one would never know from the fullness of the sound and quality.

“With The North Pole Project, I built on the standard band formula of guitar riffs and choruses,” shares Schneeweis. “Yet, this time around I wanted to really get away from those standard ‘band’ sounds and play around with a different vibe. I ended up using the computer more, adding in electronic blended elements and investigating sounds.”

As a full-time producer in his hometown of Chico, California, Schneeweis recorded this album in between other projects such as Secret & Whisper, Hawthorn Heights, Esterlyn and indie band Brighten. This spontaneous writing and recording process resulted in a eclectic collection of songs with a running theme of finding hidden treasures in each of us.

“I did this record for me. I wanted to push myself musically and on the production side of things. Because I feel like I accomplished what I set out to do with this album, I’m open to seeing what the listeners will walk away with. I hope it inspires something within themselves.”

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Album Title Year Label
Celebrate Mistakes2003Floodgate Records
Promises for the Imperfect2005Tooth & Nail Records
The North Pole Project2008Tooth & Nail Records
To The Secrets & The Knowledge2010Tooth & Nail Records





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