Ocean Is Theory


Post-Hardcore,Hard Rock,Atmospheric Rock


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Ocean Is Theory is one of the hardest working, most passionate bands you know. Since the band's inception, they have barely had time to breathe. Four out of the five members were still in high school in the very beginning, and the group still managed to play a solid 100 dates this first year all around the Southeast, and tour extensively this summer. Drawing their passion from the love of their Savior, Ocean Is Theory has a live show and a positive message that you don't want to miss.

Ocean Is Theory blend hard hitting guitars with airy overtones and a solid drum and bass section that holds it all together.

Having shared the stage with bands such as The Gym Class Heroes, As Cities Burn and Versa Emerge, Ocean Is Theory’s live show is unforgettable and has caught the attention of fans all over the southern US.

In 2013 the band decided to call it a day:
Friends, it's time to say farewell.

We have sincerely had the best time making this music, making friends with so many of you, and traveling the country, putting in the sweat, tears, and hours to bring you a show and spread our music. It has come time that we have decided to retire the band. This decision may come as a surprise to most of you, but for us, it has been stirring for about a year now. We decided that we would rather go out with a bang, instead of keep doing less and less, like we were doing, and let that flame fade into nothing, while you quietly wonder "what happened to Ocean Is Theory?". So we've decided to do this sooner, rather than later, and throw one last big party, to celebrate all the years past, and send everyone off with blessings for what the future holds.

We started this band in 2007. Most of us were 17 at the time. We played 100 shows that first year (while in school), and began touring full time right after graduating high school. For the next 3 years we played about 200 shows a year, all over the US. If you ask any of us, we would all tell you, truly, this band has grown us up. It has been my education. I've learned drive, business, survival, friendship, leadership, communication, writing… I've learned to be happy in plenty and in want. I'm so grateful for the opportunity we've had to spend our formidable years on the road, seeing the country.

For those of you who ever bought our music, came to a show, or let us stay at your house, we are eternally grateful. You have provided this experience for us. You have kept Ocean Is Theory afloat all these years. We'd like to extend a HUGE thanks to our team/family over the years: Brandon Goodman, Palmer Dill, Alex West, Elijah Richards, Brian Manley (who did this wonderful poster), Bobby Russell, Caleb Thomas, Tim Harman, The Novaks, all of our families, friends, and girlfriends/spouses.

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Album Title Year Label
In My Blood Again2009Independent
Into The Mouths Of Lions 2010Razor & Tie Records
Future Fears EP2011Razor & Tie Records
Best Intentions Remixes EP2011Independent
Conversations With Santa EP2011Independent





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