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The original members of Oceana had previously been in other bands in the Tampa - St.Petersburg area such as Noreen, and Aissur Ahtom.

In 2008, Oceana released The Tide through Rise Records. Keith Jones left the band due to personal issues soon after the release. The band then picked up Brennan who contributed both screaming and clean vocals. In a recent interview, Brennan said that he was supposed to play keyboards and third guitar for the band's upcoming release. Due to the departure of Jones, Brennan filled in the role as Oceana's frontman.

The band later on released the first demo, which was Brennan's debut entitled Creations via MySpace. Their second album, entitled Birth.Eater was released on May 26 on Rise Records. The band is set to tour alongside Silverstein, Poison The Well, and The Sleeping. Birth.Eater reached 48 on the Billboard Heatseekers chart.[2]

Oceana was embarking a US tour with Fear Before, Of Machines, Memphis May Fire, and This Time Next Year from July 9 to August 7, but annouced shortly before that they had decided to disband.

Almost 5 months later, Oceana resurfaced with a slightly reworked lineup and a promise that they were back for good.

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Album Title Year Label
The Tide2008Rise Records
Birth.Eater2009Rise Records
Clean Head EP2010Rise Records



St. Petersburg


United States

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Rise Records

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