Our Corpse Destroyed


Punk,Old School Hardcore,Garage Rock


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Our Corpse Destroyed is a five piece band from San Antonio, Texas. They play punk rock and old school American hardcore while demonstrating that songwriting, song structure, and overall song delivery are just as important as the song message.

Previously Our Corpse Destroyed was known as Obsessive Compulsive Disorder because their lead guitar player, Skip, had been diagnosed with the anxiety condition long before the band ever came together. Faithfully, God healed Skip of the disorder as the band developed and He gracefully granted Skip new life through that healing. Skip's old nature/man died thanks to his own human efforts through God's divine intervention. Because of this healing, the band members met and decided to rename the band to symbolize the work God had carried out through Skip. The band decided upon the name Our Corpse Destroyed which represented what the members wanted and needed to do on a daily basis---to make a point of dying to their flesh and turning their will over to God in order to serve His plan.

Our Corpse Destroyed currently delivers an outreach music ministry that spans nationwide to the secular punk scene and beyond. The band is also part of a church in San Antonio called Rise Above Ministries that was birthed by the band in conjunction with the passion and guidance God has given each band member to minister the Gospel.

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Album Title Year Label
The System2003Independent
Avenge Your City2006HairBall8 Records
Strength To Strength2008HairBall8 Records



San Antonio


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Take It By Force Records

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