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Overcome was the cornerstone of success for Facedown in its early years with their 5-song EP The Life Of Death. Prior to that, Overcome released a split 12? with Clay and No Innocent Victim on Boot To Head Records, a full-length on Tooth & Nail Records (Blessed Are The Persecuted), a 7? on Life Sentence Records (As The Curtain Falls), and another full-length on Tooth & Nail (When Beauty Dies). Overcome went on to record the album Immortal Until Their Work Is Done, which was released in December of 1999 on Facedown Records. The band broke up in 2000 and did one final summer tour with Figure Four. In 2003 they reunited for two reunion shows for the 2003 Facedown Fest.

After Overcome broke up, three of the members went on to form the death metal band Indwelling. Indwelling signed with Facedown for the release of their debut and only album And My Eye Shall Weep.

Overcome has now returned in 2010. But, this is not a reunion. This is a new era of the band. As time moves on life will always have its challenges and changes. Jason Stinson, the frontman and main songwriter for Overcome, lead the band through seven years of these challenges and changes. All of them rewarding. For the last several years it was time to focus and do “life” apart from this band. Now a new opportunity has once again become a reality and Overcome has returned with new members and new music. More important than all of this isn’t what has changed, but what hasn’t and will never change. That is our purpose and our message. Be ready… a new flame is burning.

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Album Title Year Label
Blessed Are The Persecuted1994Tooth & Nail Records
As The Curtain Falls1996Life Sentence Records
When Beauty Dies1997Tooth & Nail Records
Immortal Until Their Work Is Done1999Facedown Records
More Than Death2001Facedown Records
The Great Campaign of Sabotage2011Facedown Records
No Reserves. No Retreats. No Regrets. 2013Facedown Records




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Facedown Records

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