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Young but uniquely experienced, Phillip LaRue has an admirable grip on how to live, and the proof is written all over his debut solo album, Let the Road Pave Itself. An organic set of songs for the digital age, it was tracked live in the studio to an old fashioned two-inch tape reel, warmly capturing the sound of Phillip LaRue and his friends playing real time rock that’s only ever concerned with life’s deepest matters of love and faith. Most everything else can take care of itself.

Phillip LaRue’s path began in California. An athlete until sixteen, he picked up the guitar after getting sidelined by mononucleosis. Without premeditation, Phillip LaRue's new interest turned into a duo with his sister, Natalie Larue, and they scored a record deal in Nashville where the family was about to relocate. Three albums and four years of touring followed.

LaRue, as the group was known, charted several pop hits and called it a day after Natalie wed. Phillip LaRue moved to Florida and produced notable indie acts like Over the Rhine and Dave Barnes for various compilations. Now back in Nashville, he has recently written and produced rising band Tenth Avenue North and penned a hit for singer/song-writer Brandon Heath while pondering his own return to upfront artistry.

“I had always considered the solo thing but wanted it to be completely authentic in its expression,” he says. “So much music is focus-grouped to death for fear of not being successful, and that’s a tough place to be creative from. I’m fortunate to have found a label that said, ‘You do what you do, and we’ll do what we do.’ That was my goal: to make a vulnerable record of my experiences.

Let the Road Pave Itself does indeed have an honest, freewheeling spirit that instantly sets it apart from the big machine. Catchy without trying to sound commercial, Phillip writes stay-in-your-head songs from the heart; real life musical stories about open-book faith, his closest loved ones, and struggling friends who don’t always believe as he does.

“I’m stepping back into this world, and I could care less about some of the details,” he says. “As far as being popular, I’ve kind of tasted and seen that. I still want great things to happen, but more importantly I just want to be me in the process. I still believe in the power of music and want people to find hope through this record. If I can throw a rock and make another ripple, then what a blessing.”

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Let the Road Pave Itself, an album unintentionally named by a friend who was convincing Phillip LaRue to share his personal yet universally relevant songs with the world once again after years outside the spotlight has spawned songs featured on The Hills, The Ghost Whisperer, One Tree Hill and Harper's Island.


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