Photoside Cafe


Pop Rock,Folk-Rock,Progressive

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Photoside Cafe is an aggressive, acoustic, art rock band from Greenville, IL that is most often compared to the likes of Dave Matthews with an edgier sound.

Photoside Cafe met at Greenville College, a school noted for its music program; they have already created a solid fan base throughout the Midwest, playing on multiple stages in such notable music festivals as Agape Fest and Cornerstone Festival.

The chemistry within Photoside Cafe is outstanding, and it shines onstage. Each member brings elite individual talent into the mix, making the final product the perfect combination of talent and creativity. With their blazing songs and lyrics, Photoside Cafe blends all the right elements to create an ambiance that is nothing short of remarkable.


Album Title Year Label
Boldfaced Legend2006Independent
Rising To Sleep2007Independent
The Beauty of Innocence Remains2009Grrr Records





United States

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Grrr Records

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