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Preson Phillips is a young pastor and worship leader out of Florida.

He has these thoughts concerning who he is and his album, The Observant and the Anawim.

"These songs are a documentary of my spiritual journey over that last 2 years, and are a written account of where the Lord has brought me in my life. I hope it blesses you in some way.
This album is entitled The Observant and the Anawim. The word “observant” is an English translation of the Hebrew word “tsadiq”, and it’s basic meaning is “one who adheres to the whole law of the Lord”. This tsadiq person would have been a Jew and would be awaiting the day of the coming Messiah.

The “Anawim” was a group of poor jewish women who would also be very observant of the law, and would spent parts of their day on the steps of the temple crying out to the Lord for oppressed peoples to be liberated, the poor to be provided for, the enslaved to be freed, for justice to flow freely and for the Messiah to come and redeem all of creation in a miraculous way. In essence, the title of this record refers directly to Joseph and Mary... this is who they were, but in another way, I would like it to represent the younger generation today who desires to truly follow Jesus in ways that have been forgotten, or seen as unimportant. These songs were all written for the church that I am the pastor of, Watermark, and were written for our studies in the books of Acts and Galatians. I have many more songs, but these are a cohesive collection meant to go together.

Hopefully, in time, you will hear the rest of them. I have many more stories to tell."

In 2009, Preson Phillips signed with start up label Come&Live!, and continues to play around the Florida area.

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Album Title Year Label
The Observant & the Anawim2009Independent
Weep... He Loves the Mourners Tears2010Come&Live!





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