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Queens Club, formed in 2008 by ex-members of The Chariot, are unashamedly accessible, with a dash of attitude. Ok, more than a dash. A ton of attitude. In fact, one can't help but call to mind the energy found in bands like Franz Ferdinand or Bloc Party upon listening, but comparisons aside, Queen's Club brings plenty of originality to the table. With Nightmarer (the band's debut EP with Tooth & Nail Records), Queens Club are destined heirs to the rock throne and are ready to rule the hearts of music lovers worldwide.

Skeptical? When the full length releases in 2010 you can borrow my extra pair of dancing shoes. Fans who have already had a chance to hear the band know exactly what I'm talking about, and those who don't will most assuredly join the Club.

The band only lasted about a year
At the risk of being cliche, we felt it necessary to inform you that our time as the band, Queens Club has officially come to an end.

The decision was not at all easy, but through prayer and council from friends/family, we knew it was the wisest choice for us collectively, as well as individually. Thanks to everyone who has allowed us to tour with you, let us sleep on your floor, listened to our music, bought or illegally downloaded our records… we are eternally thankful and grateful for your faithfulness to us.

We love each other and have found the highest honor to have journeyed through part of our lives with y'all. We want to let you know that we love you and most importantly, Jesus loves you too. Be excellent to each other!

Clear eyes, full hearts...

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Album Title Year Label
Nightmarer EP2009Tooth & Nail Records
Young Giant2010Tooth & Nail Records
Friendly EP2010Tooth & Nail Records



Kansas City


United States

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Tooth & Nail Records

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