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Rapture Ruckus are  cutting through the noise and connecting with people all over the world using their catchy blend of rock and hip-hop.....Perhaps the first real display of this magnetism in action came at New Zealand’s renowned Parachute Music Festival. There, fronted by talented producer/songwriter Brad Dring, Rapture Ruckus won the hearts of over 25,000 people and went on to break the festival record for Highest-Selling Debut Act.

Parachute Music saw their potential and signed Rapture Ruckus in 2004, and over the past seven years the band has continued to gather an increasing following through extensive touring (U.S, Canada, South Africa, Singapore and Australasia) and the release of three albums out of their native New Zealand.  In 2007 the Rapture Ruckus album I Believe received critical acclaim at the NZ Music Awards, winning the award for Best Christian/Gospel Album. International attention followed in the form of BEC Recordings, who signed Rapture Ruckus in late 2009 and has partnered with them in their self-titled debut U.S. release.

The six-track Rapture Ruckus was America’s first taste of the signature sound that is Rapture Ruckus. From the crowd-pleasing choruses of pop anthems " Tonight" and "No Matter What" to the bold declarations of "I Believe", Rapture Ruckus showcases the band’s ability to write songs that will stick in your head for days.

Now based out of Nashville, TN the reputation of Rapture Ruckus is growing almost as fast as their fan-base as they tour throughout the States. Attending a Rapture Ruckus concert highlights one of the truly special things about this group - their ability to break through restraints or barriers and really engage with people. Dring is the band’s creative mastermind and is known for his perfectionism. Every element of the Rapture Ruckus live show has been carefully considered. As a result you are treated to a dynamic performance where every light, special effect, graphic or lyric draws you in and allows you to really hear the messages being delivered.

Rapture Ruckus released their full-length debut with BEC Recordings, Open Your Eyes, in 2011. Though Rapture Ruckus’ live experience is nothing short of jaw dropping, the most important element is the music itself, which as Open Your Eyes so aptly relates, is a beat-driven blur between four on the floor dance grooves, explosive hip-hop and electronic pop, all wrapped around alternative rock attitude.

“If you listen to our older material, we started out as a straight up hip-hop group, but slowly evolved into more of the rock and pop side with a real British, electro glam aspect to what we do,” continues Dring. “It’s not rap and it’s not rock; it’s definitely it’s own thing. This is a full band with big ‘80s synths backed by big production both on the stage and in the recording studio.”

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Album Title Year Label
Rapture Ruckus2002Independent
Rapture Ruckus Limited Edition EP2006Parachute Records
I Believe2006Parachute Records
Live At World's End2008Parachute Records
Rapture Ruckus2010BEC Recordings
Open Your Eyes2011BEC Recordings





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