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Formed in Nashville, Tennessee over four years ago, Red made an immediate impact with its 2006 debut, End of Silence. The Grammy-nominated disc, featuring the radio hits “Breathe Into Me” (Top 10, Active Rock) and “Already Over” (Top 15, Active Rock), introduced the sonic layering, rich orchestration and visceral dynamics that became Red’s signature sound. End of Silence steadily built momentum cracking the Billboard 200 a year after its release as sales steadily broke out to hundreds of thousands of copies sold. Not surprisingly, the album became a hit with other bands as well, leading to tours and shows with Papa Roach, Sevendust, Three Days Grace, Flyleaf, Buckcherry and Seether, among others. These opportunities contributed to Red’s impressive 500+ live show schedule between albums.

Still riding the momentum of its huge-selling Grammy-nominated debut album End of Silence, Red returned with Innocence & Instinct, a provocative album forged in a perfect storm of inspiration and catastrophe. From the literary spark of Dante's Inferno to the bloody aftermath of a 75-mph highway crash, Red absorbed a flood of ideas and emotions that empowered the band to create next generation rock songs. Finding the sonic sweet spot where epic and primal converge, Innocence & Instinct features animated dynamics that super-charge its innocence vs. instinct theme.

Red’s debut, which sold over a quarter-million copies and earned several awards and nominations, focused heavily on personal struggles.

Heading into Innocence & Instinct, Red had no shortage of creative sparks. A near-death accident ignited their emotions, a literary masterpiece spurred their creativity, peer support lifted their spirits, heavy touring empowered their performances and fans challenged the group to do even more to impact their lives. These experiences infused Innocence & Instinct with layered narratives, heightened sensibilities and an artistic boldness that dramatically raises the bar for new millennial rock ‘n’ roll.

In Dante’s Inferno, the Gates of Hell read, “Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.” But when the Gates finally face Innocence & Instinct, Hell won’t know what hit it.

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Album Title Year Label
End of Silence2006Essential Records/Sony BMG
Innocence & Instinct (CD/DVD)2009Essential Records/Sony BMG
Until We Have Faces [+Digital Booklet]2011Essential Records
Release The Panic (Deluxe)2013Essential Records





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