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Ruth isn't just the last name of the band's founder, singer / guitarist and Christian music artist Dustin Ruth. When his longtime collaborator Nick Wiinikka suggested they call their fledgling group Ruth one night while watching a talk show on television, Dustin gave it a lot of thought until something special came to him, arriving with powerful force: Ruth as an acronym.

"'Return Us To Him' (Ruth) just popped in my head. I felt like the Lord put it on my heart," Dustin explains candidly,  "We feel like our songs are a gift. Really what it boils down to is that playing this music keeps us closer to God. The music is returning us to who He wants us to be. And I know I am doing what I'm supposed to be doing and I'm not willing to give that up for anything."

A few moments with Ruth's dreamy, airy guitar-driven indie pop and you feel that same steely resolve and esoteric wonder Dustin will so openly express at the drop of a dime. Ruth's music is liberating, freeing and uplifting, while at the same time avoiding the pitfalls of cliche and easy, safe or predictable melodies. Ruth is at once challenging and yet simple to understand, recalling the best of '80s radio, '90's English pop and contemporary indie without sounding derivative of any particular genre.

Dustin has been writing songs since his early teens, first breaking onto the scene with Ruth's debut, Secondhand Dreaming. While that record boasts fan-favorites like "Mr. Turner," it is with this sophomore-slump defying Cd, Anorak, that Ruth has come into their own.

"This one feels more like a band album," Dustin Ruth says. "We had a lot more time to develop through a year and a half of solid touring. It made going into this album a lot different. We worked on the parts of the songs for a few months. That made a big difference. As a songwriter, I put a lot more time and devotion into writing the songs that we really wanted on this album. With the first album I threw a bunch of songs on the table because I had been writing for a lot of years and hadn't really recorded much except the EP. These songs were written more intentionally for this album."

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Album Title Year Label
Ruth EP2006Independent
Secondhand Dreaming2007Tooth & Nail Records
Anorak2008Tooth & Nail Records
The Covers EP2009Tooth & Nail Records
Payola2012Hype Music



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United States

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Tooth & Nail Records

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