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There’s a raw honesty and heart cry found in Ryan Delmore’s music and words; a poetic depth hidden within the simplicity of his songs that helps others find a voice to commune with God. It’s the ragged-but-true sound of a sinner saved by grace, strumming an acoustic guitar, lifting up a thankful heart to Jesus. He has written and recorded several songs with Vineyard Music, including “Better Than Life,” “Set Me on Fire,” “Let It Come,” and “Jesus’ Name”.

You can hear the influence of fellow worship leaders John Barnett, Chris Lizotte, and Ireland’s Brian Houston, as well as artists like Bob Dylan, Neil Young, and Tom Petty in Ryan Delmore’s sound. Streams of country, rock, gospel, and folk blend together to create the musical backdrop upon which the intimate worship and passionate praise Ryan brings when he leads God’s people into His presence is built.

A worship leader in the Vineyard church for over 15 years, Ryan Delmore continues to write and record songs and lead worship in his local church, while traveling occasionally to play at other churches, conferences, youth events, worship concerts, and retreats. Ryan and his wife Sarah, along with their four children live on the central coast of California and attend the Five Cities Vineyard Church in Arroyo Grande.

In his debut release with Varietal Records, worship leader/singer/songwriter Ryan Delmore crafts simple songs with a poetic depth that invites his listeners to join him and lift their voices to commune with God. Produced by friend and fellow worship leader Chris Lizotte and featuring guitarist Marc Ford, The Spirit, The Water, and The Blood is the ragged-but-true sound of a sinner saved by grace, lifting up a thankful heart to Jesus with his guitar and voice.

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