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You may have heard the story before. The Missouri born singer-songwriter from a family of seven who moved to Music City and quickly became Nashville ‘s “best kept secret.” These bits of trivia are true, but there is much more to this folky troubadour than a few niceties any music critic could bestow upon her, but who can blame them - one listen to Sandra McCracken’s songs and you are pulled back to the heart of something that feels familiar and mourned. It is the sound and guts of real music, honest songwriting and an artist that is sold out to the art and not an industry.

She lives in Nashville, Tennessee with her husband and fellow singer-songwriter Derek Webb.

She attended Belmont University in Nashville before beginning her musical career in 1999. She independently released two albums, The Crucible and Gypsy Flat Road in 2000, and 2001 respectively.

In late 2003, Sandra McCracken recorded Best Laid Plans with engineer, Ray Kennedy (Twang Trust) and world-renowned producer, Peter Collins. In the summer of 2004, McCracken signed the album to Shell Records in London, headed by UK music business legend, Dave Robinson. Shell released the album in the UK, followed by two radio singles, "Last Goodbye" and "No More Tears", which received significant airplay and attention across the United Kingdom.

In 2005, Sandra McCracken released The Builder And The Architect, an album of hymns.
The same team which worked on Best Laid Plans came together again in February of 2006 to record album number five, Gravity / Love which was released in September 2006.

Sandra McCracken and Derek Webb are both members of the Square Peg Alliance a group of 13 musicians and friends based in Nashville who have grouped their efforts together in order to help increase one another's success.

In 2008, she released two albums. the first was an EP with Derek Webb, and the second was Red Ballon. It was praised by critics, and ended up on Patrol Magazine's "Best faith-based albums of the year".

In 2010, Sandra McCracken is readying In Feast or Fallow, which is rumored to be a return to writing hymns, simular to The Builder And The Architect.

Do not ask her to explain the meaning behind her carefully crafted songs and expect anything less. She will only give you a wry smile and pause while she invents a red herring, in the form of an Aesopian tale, for you to chase after. Just ask the handful of talented musicians heard supplying the sonic muscle and sinew to the bone and soul of Sandra McCracken’s songs, they often pestered the artist about the meanings wrapped up in her latest work. But there are no shortcuts - especially for an independent artist who feels it is part of her role to foster in her listeners a desire to seek out the answers that are not easily found.


Album Title Year Label
The Crucible2000Same Old Dress Music
Gypsy Flat Road2001Independent
Best Laid Plans2004Shell Records
The Builder And The Architect2005Same Old Dress Music
Gravity | Love2006Towee Records
Ampersand EP2008Independent
Red Balloon2008Independent
In Feast Or Fallow2010Independent
TN EP2011Independent
Lo-Fi Christmas2011Independent
Desire Like Dynamite2013Independent





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