Sareem Sharlok Poems


Underground Hip-Hop,Retro-Soul,Jazz Rap

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Poems, Sharlok Poems, Sareem Poems - call him what you will - it's not the name that gets his fan base excited but the music that comes from this hip hopper's endless repertoire of lyrics.

Complex metaphores, catchy hooks, and heavy bass tone vocals are just a few of the fundamental elements that describe Sareem Poems (aka Sharlok Poems, aka Poems). Hailing from Long Beach, California, this emcee keeps it humble when bragging rights are well deserved.

Poems collaborated with several other Los Angeles based Hip-Hop artists to form the group L.A. Symphony which was nominated for Hip-Hop group of the year in 2002 by the L.A. Times.

With over sixteen years worth of poetry and lyrics written, Poems attributes his creativity to his life experiences. His found childhood memories and enduring friendships have formed him into the artist he is today. Knowing that he is a poet "born and not made", Poems understands that he is called to use positive music as a tool for the enrichment of something greater than self.

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Album Title Year Label
Left2002Basement Records
The Movement2004Gotee Records
Blooming Sounds2008Hiphop IS Music
Black & Read All Over2009Mello Music Group



Long Beach


United States

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Mello Music Group

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