Saving Grace


Death Metal,Metalcore,Mosh

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The four-piece Gisborne City hardcore metal hybrid have been making waves worldwide for a half decade during which the band’s list of accomplishments includes the release of a self-titled Demo EP in 2005, a split with friends Upheld in 2006 and their highly anticipated studio album Behind Enemy Lines in 2008 which received rave reviews across their homeland and beyond in USA and Europe, and took the band on a 35-date whirlwind tour across New Zealand, Australia, Mexico and USA.

Saving Grace’s hard work, dedication to touring and ever-growing fan base has gained the band the reputation of the most successful spirit-filled hardcore act Down Under.

Playing a brutal style of music influenced by mid-90’s hardcore bands such as Arkangel, Reprisal and Earth Crisis as well as legendary extreme metal classics Slayer, Sepultura, Morbid Angel and Cannibal Corpse, Saving Grace create a blend of brutal metallic hardcore unlike many of their modern day contemporaries.

Saving Grace released their sophomore album entitled Unbreakable on Strike First Records in January of 2010.

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Album Title Year Label
Saving Grace2005Independent
Saving Grace/Upheld split2006East Side Crew Hardcore/Global Routes Music
Behind Enemy Lines2008Harvest Earth Records
Unbreakable 2010Strike First Records
King Is Coming2011Facedown Records




New Zealand

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Facedown Records

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