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Hard Rock,Nu-Metal,Melodic Hardcore

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Michigan-based Scarlet White straddles the line between Alternative Metal and Post-grunge, reflecting the best of their collective influences while simultaneously carrying the banner of Christian faith with veracity.  Musically, Scarlet White culls elements of influential bands like Red, Chevelle, 12 Stones, Creed and newer Disciple to create driving, melodic textures anchored by Dan Hall’s gut-wrenching drop-tuned guitar riffs, Jacob Hendricks’ heart-pounding drum licks and the bruising bass lines of Erick Penn. Mixing mid-tempo gems like “Breathe” and “Rest” with in-your-face rockers “Awakening” and “Never The Same,” Scarlet White displays a diversity which resonates with a broad, diverse fan base.

“We play our music so that people can recognize our hearts and see that we have a thirst for God and what He can do in our lives. We just want to be role models for the youth,” states lead vocalist Spencer Minor. Drummer Jacob Hendricks succinctly adds, “We want our music to have a purpose.”

“Breathe,” the preeminent track on the album, blends the optimistic angst of Staind’s “So Far Away” with the bittersweet eloquence of “Mistakes” by Kutless, while “Rest” compels every listener to join in on the infectious and resoundingly joyful “Oh OH Oh’s” permeating the chorus. “Awakening” and “Never The Same” contend for the title of most aggressive song on the EP. Both are a complete and utter assault on the senses and are perfectly at home in any credible mosh pit. Nestled comfortably between the two extremes is “Gravity,” a sparsely orchestrated track highlighting Minor’s emotive vocals and some very tasty drum fills.

Produced and co-written by Josh Silverberg (Edison Glass, Abandon, Seabird), Scarlet White's debut EP Breathe exemplifies a maturity uncommon amongst a band barely beyond their teens. Lyrically, complex and universal themes are conveyed in a simple and accessible way. The power of God’s grace is explored in “Gravity,” while “Rest” alludes to the peace found in and through Christ. “Awakening” stirs a desire to serve a cause greater than the self and “Never The Same” contends that a life, once saved, will rise to new heights. “Breathe” reassures us that God is always there to infuse new life into us during times of need.

Since hitting the Three Rivers, Michigan scene in 2008, Scarlet White have toured tirelessly to increase the band’s visibility. Whether performing before a packed house at a secular venue or toeing the line at your favorite neighborhood church, the band is collectively having a major impact on those in attendance at each and every show. Spencer Minor contends, “Our mission is to reach out to the youth and show them you can have a fun and fulfilling life without getting sucked into everything.” Before Scarlet White begins a set, the members visibly conduct a “toe to toe” before the crowd as they gather in a circle and pray for God to bless their efforts and stir in the hearts of those in attendance. There’s no hiding what they’re up to.

Inspired by Isaiah 1:18, Scarlet White convey the eternal message that, “though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be white as snow” through Jesus Christ. The band victoriously evokes a hope that lies deeper than the wound using poignant, honest and introspective lyrics delivered through an emotional, fervent and occasionally atmospheric musical landscape. Scarlet White not only talk the talk, but walk the walk in their desire to serve others. Whether revealed abroad through the building of a water treatment system for the people of the Dominican Republic, lending an ear to an aching soul in need or befriending the friendless and downtrodden, the band members are able to lead by example and demonstrate, in the words of Erick Penn, “it’s not a religion, it’s actually a lifestyle; a relationship with Christ. It’s a daily walk.”

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