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Since it’s inception in mid 2005, Second Thief has consistently gone above and beyond the normal expectations of a hardcore band: surviving everything thrown their way and making a name for themselves both at home and across the country. Even the bands hometown of Jacksonville, Florida recognizes it, saying “The band has now completed several national tours….”Second Thief is turning heads all over the country.”

Second Thief knows all about hard work. After releasing two EP's independently, booking a tour in support themselves, the unstoppable four piece band has never been more committed to their vision.

The band is ready to once again challenge the metalcore genre with their newest piece of metal destruction, Prelude, an three song whirlwind of gigantic proportions; The culmination of their passion and progress throughout the past two and a half years of existence. Prelude contains three of the most promising tracks that Second Thief has written to date.

Fans of the signature diverse sound of the band were pleased with Second Thief's first full length; Threshold which boasted more new ground covered than ever from the band, both lyrically and technically. Produced by the Fidelity Entertainment Group production team lead by CR Pendleton, (Spoken, Inhale Exhale) Listeners found themselves pummelled with everythng from piano driven rock ballads to the darkest metal.

Second Thief announced their signing to The Alien Patrol Records in 2009. Second Thief believes this to be the direction to take to bring the band to the next level.

Switching labels again in 2011, the band released their 4th EP, Floodgates, through Dark Slate Records

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Album Title Year Label
If A Dying Man's Plea Is Heard Then Maybe I Should Die2006Independent
Rosmarus EP2007Independent
Threshold2008Alien Patrol Records
Prelude EP2009Independent
xalliwantforchristmasisasecondthiefchristmasepx EP2009Independent
Brainwashed EP2010Dark Slate EP





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Dark Slate Records

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