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In scripture, the Biblical prophet Elijah was fed by ravens in the wilderness. God sent these unclean, often frowned upon birds to do His work. It was with this in mind that South Carolina's Sent By Ravens chose their name.

"It parallels with how we're all sinful people but we can still carry God's word to people," explains charismatic vocalist Zach Riner. And what a powerful medium they have at their disposal: high-energy rock and roll with punk passion and melodic pop skill, all from very humble beginnings. There are flashes of "heaviness" throughout, providing driving power, but Sent By Ravens overall sound is characterized by incredibly joyous and intelligent pop n' roll.

Just a couple of years ago, guitarist Andy O'Neal and bass player Jamie Windham used a much more modern technological means than ravens (namely, the Internet) to contact Zach about singing for their band. He was singing for another band in Georgia, but after some thought and some prayer, he decided to make the move. They invited Dane Anderson to move as well (from Hawaii, no less) after seeing a video of him playing an Underoath song on YouTube. "We sent him a message and he asked us if we needed a second guitar player, his buddy, JJ [Leonard]" Riner recalls. By the fall of 2008, Sent By Ravens was together as the unit they are now.

Sent By Ravens exceptionally memorable, deliciously catchy and overall uplifting rock n' roll brings to mind the best and brightest moments of bands like Finch, Blindside and Emery. Fitting, then, that that Emery's Matt Carter helped craft the band's debut album with producer Aaron Sprinkle (Underoath, The Almost). "This whole album, we've gotten closer with God, together, as a band," declares Riner. "'New Fire,' for example, is about having a new fire lit in your heart. There's a big love theme through the whole album."

In a short amount of time, Sent By Ravens has accomplished a great deal. They were able to headline the House Of Blues in Myrtle Beach before even signing to a label. They've opened for and toured with bands as diverse as Every Time I Die, The Almost, Inhale Exhale, Family Force 5, Staind, Showbread and many more. Their self-released EP, The Effect of Fashion and Prayer, helped catch the attention of Tooth & Nail Records, who quickly signed them to a worldwide deal.

"We want to put this fire and this message for God in our hearts.  We want to share that with people," Riner says simply. "We want to share that God is real."

In 2012, the band announced that they would be taking a break:
After 6 awesome years, we’ve decided to take an extended hiatus. We have all been working really hard at this band for quite some time. Frequently, when you’re focused wholeheartedly on a goal, you miss the most important things in life. We are looking forward to spending some much needed time with our families and friends, building on those relationships that truly make our hearts happy. In the meantime, keep an eye out for other projects as I’m sure each of us will continue to pursue something with music. We love you guys and thank you for supporting us this far and in the exciting times that are ahead of each one of us. This band would not be possible without our fans. You’ve kept us alive and passionate for the past 6 years. Again, thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

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Album Title Year Label
Sent By Ravens EP2007Caspian Independant Records
The Effects of Fashion and Prayer EP2008Independent
Our Graceful Words2010Tooth & Nail Records
Mean What You Say2012Tooth & Nail Records




South Carolina

United States

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Tooth & Nail Records

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