Sleep For Sleepers


Atmospheric Rock,Pop Rock,Alternative

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The sound of Sleep for Sleepers is best described as a hybrid of the grace and poise of Copeland with the energy and charisma of Number One Gun. This three piece from Wittier, CA is a refreshing new face in the industry, and with their debut release, The Clearing Sleep For Sleepers is poised to make a big impression in 2009. They have shared the stage with bands such as Quietdrive, The White Tie Affair, Last Tuesday, Future of Forestry, The Fold, We Shot the Moon, and The Summer Set. The band has been described as "poetic and challenging" a fitting description of their ability to both grab listeners and keep them listening. Sleep For Sleepers is building a strong foundation of ever growing fans all across the country with The Clearing backed by an expanding tour history and highly engaging live show. Singer Jamie Price delivers live vocals as seamless as the recording, and with all the momentum Sleep For Sleepers has gained they are ready and willing to take advantage of their success in the coming years.

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Album Title Year Label
The Clearing2009Dreamt Music
What Has Been Done Will Be Done Again EP2010Independent
Conditions EP2011Independent
Division : A Collection Of B?-?Sides2011Independent
The Younger Years EP2012Independent





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