Soul Embraced


Death Metal,Black Metalcore

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Originally a side project of drummer David Sroczynski and William "Rocky" Gray from Shredded Corpse formed in 1997, the band dissolved after creating one song for a metal compilation in 1998. Rocky would reform the band with fellow Living Sacrifice member and Christian metal legend Lance Garvin (drums) and his brother in-law Chad Moore (vocals).

When Rocky and Lance weren't busy with Living Sacrifice, they would hammer away with Charlie T.West, a member during the fleshless EP , at making material for their death metal side project. The band released an EP (The Fleshless EP), and three albums (For The Incomplete, This Is My Blood, Immune) over a five year span.

For the Incomplete was re-released in 2003 by the independent label Blood and Ink Records.

Evanescence's song "Tourniquet" from their debut album Fallen is a cover of the Soul Embraced song "My Tourniquet". From 2003 to 2007, Rocky was busy with Evanescence as their drummer as well as his numerous other bands. Gray said in an interview after the release of Immune that the band planned on releasing two to three more albums and in 2006 announced two new band members: Jack Wiese on guitar and Jeff Bowie on bass.

In June 2007 Jack Wiese left the band to spend more time on his other projects, he was replaced by Devin Castle (who is also in Mourningside with Rocky, Jeff and Jack)

Soul Embraced and their brand new album, Dead Alive is a reinvigorated, brutal and precise take on the intense death metal that made Soul Embraced infamous to the underground when the began in the late '90s.

Produced by Barry Poynter (Living Sacrifice, Zao) and mixed by Hate Eternal/ former Morbid Angel guitarist Erik Rutan (Cannibal Corpse, Six Feet Under, Through the Eyes of the Dead), Dead Alive serves as Soul Embraced's proper reintroduction to the metal community.

The return of Soul Embraced has been a long time coming. Rocky Gray is now back behind the lead guitar,and  has reunited with his close friend Chad Moore, whose vocals recall the best of Carcass and At the Gates. Lance Garvin (Gray's Living Sacrifice bandmate) is back behind the kit. The band's founding members,  are joined by new bass player Jeff Bowie and new guitarist Devin CastleDead Alive is the band's first full-length release since 2003 and is by far their most brutal and yet most diverse offering.

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Album Title Year Label
The Fleshless Ep1999Independent
For The Incomplete2000(originally) 2003(re-issue)Blood & Ink Records (for re-issue)
This Is My Blood2002Soild State Records
Immune2003Solid State Records
Dead Alive2008Solid State Records



Little Rock


United States

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Rottweiler Records

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