Sovereign Strength


Mosh,Spirit-Filled Hardcore,Metalcore

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Sovereign Strength emerged from the darkest depths of California’s Antelope Valley in the beginning of 2006. The band was formed by current vocalist Jordan King, guitar player Jesse Gutierrez, and former drummer Chris Balch, who all shared musical influences such as Bury Your Dead, The Acacia Strain, and Sleeping Giant.

Over the next year, the band experimented with several line-up changes before ultimately locking in the winning roster. This involved the addition of second guitar player Nelson Flores, drummer Tony Ramirez, and finally, original bass player Jordan King stepping up to take over vocal duties. With the line-up solidified, Sovereign Strength continued to write and play shows delivering their unrelenting brand melodic metal/hardcore night after night.

Like many bands in their genre, Sovereign Strength’s long term goal is to constantly stay out on tour and write, and record albums that are one hundred percent sincere. What sets them apart aside from their bone-crushing live delivery however, is their faith in God. The band strives to act as a positive spiritual role model for their audiences, and once stated that it is God’s will that fuels their passion for the music that they write and perform. Rather than preach, the band chooses to let their songs and shows do the speaking for them.

Sovereign Strength’s busy schedule never seems to slow down as they have done extensive stateside touring with the likes of Those Who Lie Beneath, Of Salt And Swine, Wrench In The Works, Saving Grace, Man Of Sorrows, and All Or Nothing. The bands hard work and conviction paid off when, in early 2009, they were scooped up by hardcore mainstay Mediaskare Records. Mediaskare released Sovereign Strength’s debut effort, Reflections, digitally on February 23rd.

In late 2011, the band announced their break up through
Palmdale, Calfornia hardcore/metal band Sovereign Strength (Mediaskare Records) has called it quits after roughly five years together. Although nothing official has been issued thus far, when asked for an explanation, guitarist Jesse Gutierrez said "it's a lot of things. God is taking us in different directions all at once."

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Album Title Year Label
Reflections2010Mediaskare Records
The Prophecy 2011Mediaskare Records



Antelope Valley


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Mediaskare Records

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