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Spoken emerged from Arkansas 13 years ago and immediately developed a fervent fan base that embraced Spoken's heavy rapcore sound.  Over the past decade Christian music artist Spoken evolved their sound to to include more melody and broader song structures while retaining a hard edgy sound.

Shortly after forming, Spoken was signed to their first record deal with Metro 1 Music, on which they released 3 CDs and a greatest hits compilation. With the release of the first Spoken album, On Your Feet , and continuing through their second record, …What Remains, the Spoken sound was a combination of rap meets metal and a bit of melodic rock. The third full-length release, Echoes of the Spirit Still Dwell contained a heavier, more melodic approach to song writing, with songs like "Forevermore" and "This Path" generating repeated rotations on various modern rock radio and video programs across the country.

Heavy tones, soaring melodies that bleed sporadically into fervent screams, shot through with pop accessibility: these are all descriptions that fit Spoken's Tooth and Nail debut A Moment of Imperfect Clarity. In 2005, Spoken released Last Chance to Breathe. The style changed even more, becoming more based on screams than heavy guitar work.

On September 25, 2007, Spoken released their self titled album, Spoken. The sound was heavier and more mature, with both heavy vocals and heavy guitar work. Matt Baird, the lead vocalist for Spoken, said this about their sound: "Our new record has a lot of diversity. There are songs that are heavier than anything we've done before, and there is a song that is mostly piano. The songs are really all over the place as far as a similar style or genre, but it works. I think the record is extremely cohesive. I can't wait for people to hear it."

Over the years, Spoken repeatidly refined their sound. At times the band has resided on the harder side of the spectrum but Spoken’s sensitivity to mass appeal is next to flawless: deeply emotional lyrics about change, love and life on the road. Bridging the gap between their prominently harder roots and their new found sensitivity, Spoken bring both worlds together with a positive lyrical attack.

The confines of a genre are never easy to break. With years of tireless touring, Spoken has covered a lot of ground. Old fans are more likely to get caught in the infectious whirlwind than to berate the change of face and through the years Spoken has thrown open the door to a whole new audience.  With such drastic changes in style, bands often tend to lose a majority of their original audience. Spoken's fan base, on the other hand, increased. With each album the band widened their overall appeal, while gaining more and more fans in the process.

The band, after full-filling their contact, parted ways with Tooth & Nail Records in 2009, and said that they were writing new material for a possible 2010 release through Alien Patrol Records.

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Album Title Year Label
On Your Feet1997Metro 1 Music
…What Remains1999Metro 1 Music
Echoes of the Spirit Still Dwell2000Metro 1 Music
Greatest Hits2001Metro 1 Music
A Moment of Imperfect Clarity2004Tooth & Nail Records
Last Chance to Breathe2005Tooth & Nail Records
Spoken2007Tooth & Nail Records
Illusion2013Entertainment One Music





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