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At the end of their last album, Beauty In The Broken, Starfield achieved their best radio success to date, were selling twice as many records in half as much time, and had their best touring season in their 6 year history - to say the least, they were gaining momentum. And with a growing foundation of support, teaching and accountability back home in Canada, the band felt recharged.

Inspired by their home congregation, Starfield's new songs are accessible enough for corporate worship while offering listeners a potent combination of substance and style. The substance turns out to be the theme and title of the record - I will go.

"We are so privileged, yet we're so dissatisfied with our lives no matter how well we're doing", lead singer Tim Neufeld says. "There's always this underlying pressure to be doing better, when the exact opposite should be the case. The pressure and call on our lives should be to live with less and give away more."

While Tim is the first to admit that he doesn't have it all figured out, he wanted to offer up a worship song that commissions people to go out and do something & not to just give money to those in need, but our time and energy. That idea gives a worship song a different agenda, Tim continues. "I Will Go" is a difficult song to sing and not act on. Ultimately, we hope to provide perspective on how comfortable and convenient our lives have become.

With I Will Go, Starfield's musical mission has never been clearer. Instead of offering the masses yet another CD, Starfield ventures out into a hurting world with an intentional message that encourages listeners to step behind the confines of comfort for a life of faith that is truly extraordinary.

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Album Title Year Label
Starfield2004Sparrow Records
Beauty in the Broken2006Sparrow Records
I Will Go2008Sparrow Records





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