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Starflyer 59 was founded in 1993 by Christian music artist Jason Martin, signed a contrtact with Tooth & Nail Records that same year and began a prodigious string if releases.  Starflyer 59's debut album, Silver, was recorded and released that same year, followed by the EP  She's The Queen in 1994 and Gold in 1995.

Jason Martin is the dominant voice of Starflyer 59.  He founded the group, is the only member to appear on all of the Starflyer 59 releases and is the lone songwriter and vocalist.  Over the years Jason Martin has filled out the Starflyer 59 line-up with a revolving group of 10 musicians.

Over the past 16 years, the Starflyer 59 sound has continually changed.  The band's original heavy rock sound featuring layers of guitars gave way on the late 90's to a more pop friendly feel that replaced the layered guitars with keyboards. Leave Here a Stranger, the sixth full length from Starflyer 59 referenced The Beach Boy's monumental work Pet Sounds, was mixed on mono and was lauded as the best Starflyer 59 work to that point.  Leave Here a Stranger was listed in Los Angeles Times among the Top 10 albums of 2002. HM magazine characterizes its lyrical content as a concept album about the troubles associated life of a recording artist.

In 2004, Starflyer 59 began moving back to their orginal heavy guitar sound of their earlier recordings only to shift sounds again in 2005 with the release of  Talking Voice vs. Singing Voice which featured strings on many of the songs. In 2007, Starflyer 59 had a special promotion for its most devoted fans, where they would release a total of 10 7-inch vinyl records over a period of months. Each 7" would contain a song from the forthcoming record, as well as a B-side that would be released only for the promotion. The 10 vinyl records, known as Ghosts of the Future, came with a custom wooden record box, and early buyers were rewarded with inserts signed by Jason Martin and Scott Hatch. Jason Martin has recorded his 11th full length album as Starflyer 59, Dial M, and it was released on October 28, 2008. Dial M consisted of the first track of each vinyl record from Ghosts of the Future, remixed and cleaned up.

On July 28, 2009, the two disc cd sampler of Ghosts Of The Past. For Starflyer 59, longevity and quality have gone hand-in-hand. Since 1993, California's finest shoegazers have been churning out lush masterpieces that seem to only improve with time. Ghosts Of The Past features 31 tracks of covers, b-sides, demos, and non-album versions of songs Ghosts Of The Past stands out as the perfect addition to a Starflyer 59 fan's collection, and also a perfect starting point for someone interested in diving into the band's impressive and extensive catalogue.

Jason Martin, who is the brother of Joy Electric's Ronnie Martin, participates in numerous side projects including other Christian music artists such as Bon Voyage, Pony Express, Starflyer 2000 (with Leigh Nash of Sixpence None The Richer) Enemy Ships (formerly known as The Emergency), Neon Horse, and The Brothers Martin.

Fans have come to expect Starflyer 59 to be the most reliable, most dependable, yet most undeniably unpredictable messengers of quality independent rock tunes. Over ten albums deep, over fifteen years time, from the early guitar-heavy shoegazing era to the ethereal moodiness of The Fashion Focus years to the latest incarnations and recreations of themselves as keyboard-driven masters of chorus, this is and always will be a band who will deliver great songs with new sounds.

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Album Title Year Label
Silver (Extended Edition)1994Tooth & Nail Records
She's the Queen1994Tooth & Nail Records
Gold (Extended Edition)1995Tooth & Nail Records
Le Vainqueur EP1995Tooth & Nail Records
Plugged EP1996Tooth & Nail Records
Americana1997Tooth & Nail Records
The Fashion Focus1998Tooth & Nail Records
Fell in Love at 221999Tooth & Nail Records
Everybody Makes Mistakes1999Tooth & Nail Records
Easy Come Easy Go2000Tooth & Nail Records
Leave Here a Stranger2001Tooth & Nail Records
Can't Stop Eating2002Tooth & Nail Records
Live at Paradox EP2002Tooth & Nail Records
Old2002Tooth & Nail Records
Old Demos EP2003Tooth & Nail Records
I Am the Portuguese Blues2004Tooth & Nail Records
The Last Laurel EP2004Tooth & Nail Records
Never Play Covers2005Tooth & Nail Records
Talking Voice vs. Singing Voice2005Tooth & Nail Records
My Island2006Tooth & Nail Records
Live at Schubas II (emusic only)2006Tooth & Nail Records
I Win2006Tooth & Nail Records
Ghosts of The Future2007Burnt Toast Vinyl
Dial M2008Tooth & Nail Records
Minor Keys EP2009Tooth & Nail Records
Ghost of the Past2009Tooth & Nail Records
The Changing Of The Guard2010Tooth & Nail Records





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