Stephen Miller

Praise, Worship & Hymns

Pop Rock,Adult Contemporary,Atmospheric Rock

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Stephen Miller is a pastor and artist who strives to enlarge people’s view of God with the truth of Scripture and artfully give a vocabulary and vehicle to express thankfulness and praise to Him. He serves as worship leader alongside pastor Darrin Patrick at The Journey St Louis and travels with his band to lead worship all over the world. Believing that songs alone are insufficient to express our love for God, and are in fact our smallest expression of worship, Stephen is adamant that worship is a lifestyle expressed through mercy, justice and compassion. He is a passionate advocate for orphans and has partnered with Compassion International for the past 3 years to help rescue children out of poverty in Jesus name.


Album Title Year Label
Exiles 2000The Orchard
Lead Us On 2005Catapult Records
Awaken My Heart EP 2007Catapult Records
Rise Up EP 2008Catapult Records
People of Redemption 2009Catapult Records
Rescue: Christmas EP 2009Catapult Records
God & Sinner Reconcile 2012Catapult Records



St Louis


United States

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Catapult Records

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