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Often the most defining---a sticky kiss from a child, a shared prayer, an embrace from an old friend. For more than two decades, Steven Curtis Chapman has celebrated life"s most precious moments in song. The joys and challenges of daily existence reverberate throughout Steven"s music and his songs have become the soundtrack of life for believers everywhere. For Steven Curtis Chapman, life and music have always been inextricably intertwined. So in the aftermath of unspeakable tragedy—the death of his five year- old daughter Maria—Steven Curtis Chapman did what all songwriters do, he poured the torrent of emotion into his music.

The result is "Beauty Will Rise," a stunning body of work inspired by a circumstance no father should ever have to endure. Steven Curtis Chapman is unflinchingly honest in his exploration of grief and loss. He asks the questions we all ask when horrible things happen to the innocent, yet throughout the album hope shimmers, faith becomes more real and even more precious, and the peace that surpasses understanding leaps from the page and becomes palpable.

Steven Curtis Chapman is quite arguably the most regarded and esteemed singer, songwriter and even musician in Christian music today and is certainly the most awarded. With five Grammy awards and fifty-six Dove awards (more than any other artist in the industry) under his belt, Steven Curtis Chapman’s albums have sold over ten million copies in the U.S. and around the world and garnered forty-four number one singles.

Steven Curtis Chapman was given his first guitar at the young age of six, after spending several hours in his father's music store. After showing family and friends he was a natural with the instrument, Steven Curtis Chapman’began playing with his brother Herb, who enjoyed singing popular Christian songs of the day, at school talent shows, musicals and church events. Wherever they went, the Chapman Boys made a huge impression.

Throughout their middle and high school years, the Chapman Boys continued to perform their original songs, with titles such as "I Believe in Music" and "Try A Little Kindness", both of which were said to be crowd favorites. During this time, Steven Curtis Chapman’ began to teach himself piano, in addition to his continuing guitar practice, as he was heavily influenced by the popular music of Dallas Holm, the Doobie Brothers and Jim Croce. The Chapman Brothers duo came to a crashing end when Herb went off to college, leaving Steven to perform solo gigs.

After a year and a half at Anderson College, Steven Curtis Chapman transferred  to Belmont College (Nashville), with the goal of engaging himself in their acclaimed music program. Steven was soon performing on the stages at Opryland, allowing him to sharpen his performance skills in front of larger crowds than he had ever seen.

One of Steven Curtis Chapman's first concerts was at Tennessee Technological University, where he performed for the Baptist Student Union, before a crowd of 15. Steven began using his full name, as Steve & Annie Chapman were a well known act of the day. Steven Curtis Chapman would drive from town to town, school to school, toting his borrowed sound equipment in the back of his Ford van, music instruments in tow in a rented U-Haul trailer behind. Steven endured several instances of technical difficulties and last minute problems, all of which would only sharpen his performing skills for the future fame that was to come.

Steven Curtis Chapman's first three albums, First Hand, Real Life Conversations and More To This Life resulted in 12 Top Ten radio hits,  six of which became number one hit singles. "I Will Be Here", a song written about his love and commitment for  his wife Mary Beth, soon became a classic song throughout the nation and was used by countless couples for weddings and anniversary parties. Steven Curtis Chapman's album sales went through the roof, coupled with booming concert attendance, both of which established him as a dominating force in contemporary Christian music. Steven Curtis Chapman received a Grammy nomination after two years of recording, for his Real Life Conversations album. In addition, he received his first Dove Award for Songwriter of the Year and Contemporary Song of the Year. ("His Eyes") His six Dove nominations subsequently tied with popular singer Amy Grant.

In 1992, Steven Curtis Chapman's For the Sake of the Call album, greatly influenced by The Cost of Discipleship, written by author Dietrich Bonhoeffer, won a Grammy award for Best Pop Album. With the success of the album, Steven began touring with a full band and stage crew. Steven Curtis Chapman went on to release The Great Adventure album, during which he collaborated with Toby "Mac" McKeeham of renowned Christian group D.C. Talk, as well as BeBe Winans and Ricky Skaggs. This album also allowed Steven Curtis Chapman to enter the world of music videos, where his signature Christian rock 'n roll style became a fan favorite.

Aside from immense success with music, Steven Curtis Chapman has dedicated much of his life to addressing seemingly hopeless issues in society. He is known for early, extensive work with Chuck Colson, head of the Prison Fellowship Ministry. Steven's interactions with prisoners inspired his song "Free", which was recorded on his Signs of Life album.  In 1995, Steven Curtis Chapman released a Christmas album entitled The Music of Christmas, which received yet another Grammy nomination. Steven Curtis Chapman's Signs of Life 90-city tour brought in over a half million people and allowed the album to reach gold status. Chapman won two more Grammy Awards in 1993 and 1994 and eighteen Dove Awards between 1991 and 1996.

In 1997, a Greatest Hits album was released, during which time Steven Curtis Chapman began to "question his role in Christian music."  In a 1999 interview with CCM Magazine, Steven said, "It's an ugly, weird thing mixing celebrity with the gospel. I've wondered many times if God really wired us to do what we're doing, the whole Christian celebrity thing. It's supposed to be about being a servant."  He took some personal time off to rest and reflect. Steven Curtis Chapman's song "I Will Not Go Quietly" was selected for the soundtrack to The Apostle. The entire Chapman family soon traveled to South Africa for mission work. Little did Steven Curtis Chapman know, two tragic events were just around the corner, ready to shake the foundations of his faith.

Steven Curtis Chapman's alma mater, Heath High School of Paducah, KY, was the scene of a violent school shooting on December 1, 1997, one which subsequently gained national media attention. Just over a month later, the 8-year old daughter of a close friend of the Chapman family was killed in a horrible automobile accident.  As a result of the brokenness Steven Curtis Chapman says he felt inside, he wrote his Speechless album in 1999: an artistic expression of his pain and restlessness. The project was said to be, "one of the most innovative and confident projects" of Chapman's career. In addition to the album, Steven co-authored a book with his pastor Scotty Smith (the first of two to date), called Speechless: Living In Awe of God's Disruptive Grace (Zondervan Publishers). The book was an example of Chapman's amazing ability to branch out beyond the realms of songwriting and performing music.

Steven Curtis Chapman has gone on to release several groundbreaking, award-winning albums, including: The Great Adventure (1992), Heaven In the Real World (1994) Declaration (2001), All About Love (2002), All Things New (2004), All I Really Want For Christmas (2005), The Abbey Road Sessions (2005), This Moment (2007) and Beauty Will Rise (2009) as well as many others.

Steven Curtis Chapman and his wife Mary Beth have become profound supporters and advocates for adoption, establishing their own agency Shaohannah's Hope, named after their first adopted daughter from China ( The couple has gone on to adopt two other girls from China, Stevey-Joy and Maria, the latter of which was recently and tragically killed in a home accident, in which one of Steven's teenage sons accidentally struck the girl in the driveway of their Tennessee home, while driving the family SUV. Maria was only 5-years old.

Without a doubt, Steven Curtis Chapman has and continues to be tested by fire, as is true with so many of those who labor for the Lord Jesus Christ. He has withstood more than his fair share of tribulations, but has emerged as a solid man of faith and an example for Christians around the world. Steven Curtis Chapman's music continues to inspire countless listeners and appeals to audiences in ways unprecedented in the history of Christian music. His life will leave a lasting impression and legacy upon the industry and this Earth long after he has passed from it.

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First Hand1987Sparrow Records
Real Life Conversations1988Sparrow Records
More to This Life1989Sparrow Records
For the Sake of the Call1990Sparrow Records
The Great Adventure1992Sparrow Records
The Live Adventure1993Sparrow Records
Heaven in the Real World1994Sparrow Records
The Early Years1995Capital Records
The Music of Christmas1995Chordant Records
Signs of Life1996Sparrow Records
The Best of Steven Curtis Chapman, the Early Years: Tuesday's Child1996Cemma Special Markets
Steven Curtis Chapman: Greatest Hits1997Sparrow Records
Speechless1999Sparrow Records
The Best of Steven Curtis Chapman, the Early Years: Tuesday's Child2000Madacy Records
Declaration2001Sparrow Records
All About Love2002Sparrow Records
8 Great Hits2004Sparrow Records
All Things New2004Chordant Records
Best of: 10 Best of Series2004Sparrow Records
Abbey Road Sessions/The Walk2005Sparrow Records
All I Really Want for Christmas2005Sparrow Records
Musical Blessings2006Sparrow Records
Now and Then2006Sparrow Records
This Moment2007Sparrow Records
Greatest Hits (2008)2007Sparrow Records
Beauty Will Rise2009EMI
Safe In the Arms - EP2010Sparrow Records
Re:Creation2011Chordant Music Group





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