Free Download:A White Flag (Tommy Green)-The Exchange EP

A White Flag-The Exchange EP

A special treat this week with two free downloads.  On Wednesday highlighted free music from Mosquito Fleet. Today, we show you the way a a free download from A White Flag. The last week of September is a good week.

A White Flag is the acoustic worship project of pastor Tommy Green (also the vocalist of Sleeping Giant).

A White Flag is a collection of stripped down songs that came from being “truly connected and wrecked on His love and acceptance of me,” says Tommy Green, front man of hardcore act Sleeping Giant. While living with his two year old daughter and his parents during his divorce seven years ago, Tommy found himself in utter brokenness and isolated time with the Lord. He picked up his father’s guitar in a simple effort to express his thoughts and new-found joy in surrendering to Jesus.

Ok, so the key thing to remember is this stuff is really….raw. The ideas are raw, the messages are raw, and the execution is very raw. If you are looking for slick production and carefully crafted melodies, you need to look elsewhere. If you want honesty and brokenness in your worship, then Tommy definitely knows how to open his self up in his song writing. It may not be the most polished EP on the planet, but it might just be better because of that.

Download The Exchange EP by A White Flag