American Idol Season 8 Top 13 Results Show

For the most part it was a terrific American Idol show last night.  Danny Gokey, Lil Rounds, Allison Iraheta, Kris Allen all gave tremendous performances.  Except for Matt Giraud, who disappointed, my power rankings (see American Idol Season 8 Top 13 Power Rankings) pretty much held up,  Christian music artists Michael Sarver and Kris Allen outperformed their rankings.  I think the biggest disappointment was Anoop Desai (see my Top 13 Performance Wrap-up).

I think I learned something about American Idol song selection,  If you watched the show after reading my article suggesting song suggestions I am sure you had a pretty good laugh.  The only performer to sing the song I suggested was Anoop and that did not go well.  I am not good a song selection.

The American Idol producers are shaking things up again.  They leaked that they had a super secret new judging twist for Season 8.  Rumor is that they will copy the experiment they tried in the French version of American Idol Nouvelle Star where the the judges were given a one-time veto power right which allowed them save a contestant that would have been eliminated based on home viewer voting at any point during the season.  In the same interview the American Idol producer promised that two contestants would go home tonight, so let’s see what happens.

I think we will see Jasmine Murray and Jorge Nunez will go home.

Ryan told us that there were nearly 33 million votes.   That is a lot.  I am excited about Kelly Clarkson performing and, I will wait to see about Kanye West.  I am consistently disappointed by performances by rappers.

So the rule twist is that the American Idol judges get one “save” this season.  If they unanimously agree they can save someone from elimination.  Okay.

The group number was not bad but was saved by Danny Gokey’s absolutely awful dancing, LOL. I guess American Idol let the genie out the bottle last night and Danny will try to be the next Usher.

Michael Sarver was the first to be exposed to the judging and I am so happy he made it through.  Kris Allen made  it through as I suspected.

As suspected Jasmine Murray was eliminated.  They had her sing while the judges decided.  I don’t know, it seemed kind of cruel to make her sing for her supper.  Then she must stand there for the final judgement.  It certainly adds to the cruelty of the judging.  Jasmine seemed heartbroken, but I think it was the right decision.

Kanye West would have been really good if he could actually sing, or if he would have just rapped.  His performance was just uncomfortable for me.

Poor Jorge Nunez looked like he was about to cry before Ryan said anything to him.  The final elimination was between Anoop Dessai and Jorge Nunez.

Ryan announced that in Season 8, they will bring back a former American Idol contestant each week.  That will be cool.  Kelly Clarkson performed “My Life Would Suck Without You”.  I hate the song, but I love the singer.  When is she going to dump this whole Pop scene and jump into the blues with both feet?

In the final judging we learned that Jorge Nunez did not get enough votes and is now reduced to begging the judges in song.  Of course, the judges did not use their only “save” of the season on Jorge.  Sorry, Jorge.

American Idol Season 8 is down to 11 and all six of the Christian music artists on American Idol Season 8 made it through the first week.  Way to go Danny, Lil, Michael, Kris, Scott and Matt!

Check back with me on Monday to see my updated power rankings and, maybe I will try song selection again.

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American Idol Semifinals, Round 2 Wrap-up

I don’t know what to say.  That is just an expression don’t you know.  I always know something to say.  I know these are really good singers.  I have been dazzled by many of them, yet they take this step to live television and they seem to fall apart.  I have only seen two performances so far in Round 2 that equals what these performers did during Hollywood week.

As you know by now we are covering the Christian music artists competing in American Idol Season 8.  None of Wednesday night’s three Christian music artists exceeded expectations, but that was par for the show.

Matt Giraud was the first to perform and, to be frank, I think he squandered his position as one of the favorites.  This funky soul singer chose “Viva La Vida”.  He tried to squeeze some soul out of a soaring, Anglo, concert performance anthem.  It just did not work.  In pushing the song, Matt’s vocals became shaky and he struggled to bring the song to life.  The judges pretty much agreed.  I hope he built up enough goodwill during American Idol’s Hollywood Week to get a Wild Card chance.

Kris Allen followed a few performers later, singing Michael Jackson’s “Man In The Mirror”.  He showed a lot of soul for a southern white protestant.  After watching it again, I think he was one of the three best male performances.  While he did not make us forget Michael Jackson, he sang the song very well and displayed some very good stage presence.  He looked quite comfortable without his guitar.  I think by the time he performed the judges had worked themselves into a negative moog and were supportive of Kris, but lukewarm on his performance.

Mishavonna Henson finished off the triumvirate of Christian music artists on tonight’s episode of American Idol.  She sang “Drops of Jupiter” by Train and I think she gave the second best performance of the night.  She is a very good singer, with good stage presence.  She owned the song, but did not do anything crazy with it.  I think for me, she just showed us that there is something very deep in this girl’s talent.  The judges spent most of their time talking about how old she presented herself and that they want her to act more her age.  I think they missed a strong, subtle performance.

Here is how I would rank the performances on American Idol’s Semifinal Round 2:

Allison Iraheta- No one was even close to this performance.  A show stopper!

Mishavonna Henson- As I said above, a commanding, subtle performance.

Kai Kalama- A very soulful performance of an old standard

Kris Allen- Another soulful performance that was a little funkier than Kalama’s

Adam Lambert- An undeniable vocal talent that is way over the top

Meagan Corkery- Quirky, but unstable performance of “Put Your Records On”

Jessica Langseth- When will she unleash that voice?

Nick Western/Norman Gentle- Made a complete mockery of the show, terrible vocals, but I never stopped smiling.  Gets my vote for calling Simon “sassy pants”

Matt Giruad- In trying to make something out of “Viva La Vida” that is not there he stumbled.

Jasmine Murray- Never really found her way in “Love Song”

Matt Breitzke- He just never brought anything to the mid tempo rocker he sang.

Jeanine Vailes- she just did not have it tonight.

Here are my predictions for who will move on to the Top 12 in American Idol Season 8:

Top guy: Adam Lambert

Top girl:Allison Iraheta (if there is any justice)

Next top:  I don’t know.  It could be any of five (Mishavonna, Kai, Kris, Meagan, Nick)

DialIdol predicts winners from week to week by monitoring busy signals.  Last week they got it 100% right.  I want everyone to know that everything above this point was written last night.  I made my predictions without benefit of DialIdol.  Here is what they have to say about the winner of American Idol Season8 Semifinal’s Round 2 and it is pretty amazing.  Adam Lambert will be the top guy, not a surprise.  Allison Iraheta will be the top girl, as she should be.  They will both win by large margins.  The surprise is the neck and neck race between Matt Giraud and Jessica Langseth.   I guess it really pays to get a lot of face time during the early rounds.

I think both Kris and Mishavonna have a chance to be invited to the wild card round, along with Meagan Corkery and whoever loses out between Matt G and Jessica.