The Letter Black Ready New Album For Release

Below is the album artwork and tracklisting for The Letter Black‘s upcoming February 23rd, 2010 release, Hanging On By A Thread. As always, you can find much more info on all the new releases in our Release Dates page, so you can stay up to date on the new music being made by Christian music artists.

the letter black hanging on by a thread

01. Invisible
02. All I Want
03. Believe
04. I’m Just Fine
05. There’ll Come a Day
06. Care Too Much
07. Hanging On by a Thread
08. More to This
09. Moving On
10. Best of Me
11. Useless Alibis

SinBreed Ready New Album

Below is the album artwork and tracklisting for extreme metal band Sinbreed‘s upcoming March 26th, 2010 release, When Worlds Collide. As always, you can find much more info on all the new releases in our Release Dates page, so you can stay up to date on the new music being made by Christian music artists.

sinbreed when worlds collide

01. Newborn Tomorrow
02. Book Of Life
03. When Worlds Collide
04. Dust To Dust
05. Infinity’s Call
06. Through The Dark
07. Enemy Lines
08. Room 101
09. Arise
10. Salvation

Free MP3 Album Download:E.Bry-The Resume Vol.1


E. Bry is a hip-hop style DJ who makes some pretty sic beats.  In fact he has made a few of them, and collected them in Resume Vol.1, and is now giving it away. Thats right, free (like it says in the title). So download it and go into chill out mode, because E. Bry‘s stuff is smooth, layered, and a lot of fun.

For fans of: DJ Shadow, MF Doom, Flying Locust

The link below will take you to a Mediafire site.  Click on that button in the middle of the page, save the .ZIP file to your computer, and enjoy the grooves.

Download E. Bry- The Resume Vol.1

Free MP3 Album Download:Canon Blue-The Halcyon EP


So I am a little behind the curve on this one. A while back Brooke Waggoner talked about this guy with HM Magazine, and so I checked out his stuff and just loved it. It is a strange mix of folk and electronica, kind of like if Bradley Hathaway got remixed by Son Lux (if you know who either of those people are, you get a cookie).  This is some truly unique and beautiful music. If you download this EP, there will be a letter included from the artist, but I thought I would post it for you to know where this music is coming from.

The story goes that in the old days, during the winter solstice, all the oceans in the world would lay calm and the bad weather would subside. It was then that the kingfisher bird would fly out into the open sea to build its nest and lay its eggs, believing they would hatch in time before the waves began to rise again. This time came to be known as the halcyon days.

The Halcyon EP was recorded in my bedroom during the month of November, 2007. Winter always seems to be a more creative time for me, and the sudden cold and slower pace that was settling in over Nashville provided a welcome excuse to stay inside and work. A few friends came by as well, each with their own special sounds from cellos to horns to live drums, adding new colors to the mix.

This EP, for me, is a way to reflect on yet another year quietly slipping by, enjoying the present stillness of a Tennessee winter, and looking forward to what is coming up over those yon there hills. I hope you are to able find something in it too. thanks for listening…

- daniel james (sunday december 9th, 2007)


click on the link below, save the .ZIP file to your computer, EXTRACT ALL FILES, and experience this truly gifted artist.

Download Canon Blue-The Halcyon EP

Free MP3 Album Download: Now Hear This 09


So, I was really sweating this week because I didnt have a free download for you guys. I honestly thought that I was going to have to write a little note saying “check back next week”. BUT NO!! I log into our Amazon account this morning and BAM! They have this huge sampler from Sparrow Records for your listening enjoyment.

The artists featured include:
Sara Reeves
Future In Forestry
Capital Lights
Phillip LaRue
Kristian Stanfill

and many more….

Now, this is AmazonMP3, so you have to download this little MP3 program from them, but dont worry, it is free, easy to use, and you can convert  the tracks over your iTunes or Zune (uck) jukeboxes with no problems.

The sampler is actually in two parts. Follow the links and enjoy!
Download: Now Hear This: Discover New Music part 1
Download: Now Hear This: Discover New Music part 2

Free MP3 Album Download:Silent Words


So this week’s download is a little weird. So, the group Silent Words consists of emcees The Runaway and Qu-C. They are also brothers. Silent words is’nt a Hip-Hop group though, they are an instrumental one. That’s right, two rappers get together and make an album with no vocals on it.  But the result is beautiful, and you can just get this image in your head of these two guys to playing their heart’s out as the songs play on.  Sometimes with these free downloads you just gotta follow us, I mean nobody thought they would like (morse) either, but that album is awesome!

Download a few sample tracks (the links will take you to Mediafire):

Silent Words-Run’s Rhythm
Silent Words- Southern Country

Then get the whole album. Click on the link below, save the .ZIP file to your computer, EXTRACT ALL FILES, and sit back with some sweet instrumentals.

Download The Runaway & Qu-C are…Silent Words

Free MP3 Album Download:Love,Everday Joe’s Vol.2


Another oldie but a goodie…this hit the web around Christmas. So there are two Christmas songs. Don’t let that throw you off though, this is a great mix of indie-folk, and progressive pop that is interesting and eclectic. The Aaron Espe and Bradley Hathaway songs are amazing.  This mix was put together by Everyday Joe’s Coffee House in Colorado.  I could tell you all about this download, but instead, here is what the good people at Everyday Joes had to say:

“Love, Everyday Joe’s – Volume 2:…and a child will lead them is our gift to you, our community…a free CD for you to download and enjoy. It’s our way of saying thanks and Merry Christmas (told ya). 20 of our favorite musicians have been kind enough to donate songs to the compilation for your listening pleasure.

They are:
Sleeping At Last, Katie Herzig, Paean, Bradley Hathaway, Aaron Strumpel, Lifeboat Etiquette, Andrea Ball, Brooke Waggoner, Baily Stauffer, Dan Craig, Rob Drabkin, Jessica Sonner, Eva Holbrook, Aaron Espe, Stephen Delopoulos, Trace Bundy, The Autumn Film, The Dowry, The Riflemen, and The Blackthorn Project”

Sounds good, right?  Click on the link below, save the .ZIP file to your computer, EXTRACT ALL FILES, and enjoy!

Download Love, Everyday Joe’s – Volume 2:…and a child will lead them compilation

Free MP3 Album:Downhere-Wide-Eyed & Mystified


All you rock fans rejoice. I know we test your limits sometimes with our own strange taste in music. Hip-hop, abstract electronica, and airy folk rock isn’t always everyone’s cup of tea.  We understand, so this week we got Downhere for you.  Modern rock with flavors of atmosphere and worship mixed in, make Wide-Eyed & Mystified a perfect fit for Switchfoot fans. A really solid collection of songs all for the high price of nothing. You know you love us.

You can get the rest of Downhere’s music digitally on downhere

Click on the link below, save the .ZIP file, EXTRACT ALL FILES, and play it loud in your car!

Download Downhere- Wide-Eyed & Mystified

Free MP3 Album- Brian Lee & His Orchestra: Vol.1

We are on a roll with finding these free MP3 albums for you guys.  This time around its from Brian Lee & His Orchestra, a three piece folk/gospel band out of Nashville. Vol.1 is a emotional, laid-back EP that warms and surrounds you through song.  Its great music to wake up to, or go to sleep to….whatever your sleeping habits are. The lyrics are personal and moving, so there is bound to be something in there that everyone can love.  7-songs for the price of nothing, cant beat that! You know the drill, click on the link below, extract the files from the ZIP file, and your next fireside coffee chat has background music..

Download Brian Lee & His Orchestra- Vol.1 EP

Free Album Download: The Violet Burning- Devine

Legendary alternative rockers The Violet Burning have decided to give every one a gift for Christmas, a free CD.  We haven’t had the chance to listen to it yet, but we know The Violet Burning, so we know it is gonna be good.  Expect the unexpected, and enjoy. Right-click and Save Target As (or Save Link As) on the link below, save the ZIP file, then extract the files, and you got a new album for your ears!

The Violet Burning- Divine