American Idol Season 8- Rock Performances Review

What happened tonight?  Debbie Williams, the American Idol stage  manager was injured and taken to the hospital when those retractable stairs retracted while she was on them.  Early reports are that her injuries were minor.  Then the stage started falling and one of the giant American Idol orbs and columns partially collapsed.  Dress rehearsal was cancelled.  MJ’s blog crashed and the MTV live blog stopped at 8:38 edt (I later read the rest of it).  I am grateful that no one was hurt tonight.

I am at a loss for words to describe how much I hated American Idol tonight.  I hated the duets.  I think Slash was a waste.  I thought the judging tonight was meaningless jabber.  The song choices, for the most part. were terrible.  I thought the American Idol rock song performances were vapid.  The arrangements were cookie cutter.  I was so disgusted with American Idol tonight that I went to my office, made a mix of my American Idol Rock Song predictions and played them at a disturbing volume.  That would have made for a fascinating show.

Now that my temper tantrum is over, time for a little empathy.  Missing the dress rehearsal obviously bothered the performers.  We don’t know how much of the dress rehearsal was completed before the accidents but some of the American Idol performers looked uncharacteristically uncomfortable.  Also, someone they know was injured and taken to the hospital before their eyes.  Allison was timid in her performance and then argumentative during her judging.  That is just the opposite of her usual demeanor.  Kris Allen seemed mad the whole night.  Danny Gokey was irritated during the judges comments.  I must believe that they were shaken and concerned about their friend and maybe a little nervous about the set. Too bad we can’t give the American Idol performers a pass tonight.

American Idol Season 8 Rock Song Performance Ratings
I am ignoring the duets tonight. They were meaningless filler. Really, what did you learn about Christina music performers Danny Gokey or Kris Allen from “Renegade”? What did “Slow Ride” tell you about Adam Lambert or Allison Iraheta, other than 17 year old girls singing inappropriate lyrics at 9 edt on national television is apparently something to be applauded? The only time rockers did these stupid duets was on stupid 70′s variety shows.  “The Weight” is cycling through my song preview mix for the second time.  I am feeling better. Remember last week when I said all of the performers earned an “A” in my Rat Pack performance review, well everyone gets no more than a “C” tonight so I am ranking on a curve.

  1. Danny Gokey, yep, that mess Danny Gokey threw out there tonight was my favorite Americna Idol rock  performance.  Why?  The opening to “Dream On” looked to be a struggle for him, his breathing seemed off and he fought to find a groove.  Toward the middle he cut loose with his voice and then he built the song until–The Scream.  So far, everyone hates it.  I liked it.  I don’t know how many notes he stumbled through on that final scream but we could probably score a few scrabble points with those letters.  But I don’t care, it is was guttural, primal, cathartic and insane.
  2. Allison Iraheta picked the right song but she held back.  “Cry Baby” is an angry, hurting rant at a former boyfriend.  Allison need to wring the emotion out of the song but, instead she sang the set-ups and transitions while avoiding the meat of the song.  I had high hopes but Allison played this American Idol performance uncharacteristically safe.
  3. Adam Lambert took the show by storm by cranking through Zeppelin’s “Whole Lotta Love”.  I am sorry, from the first moment all I could hear was Robert Plant screaming through he phone to Jimmy Page, “NEVER AGAIN WILL WE ALLOW THAT BLOODY, LAME SHOW TO GUT ONE OF OUR SONGS”.  I played the original for my wife and then replayed Adam’s American Idol version and she nailed it.  “He doesn’t believe in the emotion of the song.”  This was another in a long line of big, loud, brassy empty American Idol performances by Adam Lambert.  I don’t know what everyone is buying but I am not interested.
  4. Kris Allen seemed off tonight.  From the opening verse of his duet with Danny to his placid walk through of “Come Together”, Kris seemed angry and uninterested.  “Come Together” was a terrible song choice.  For the second week in a row, Kris Allen has kept his magical arranging skills under wraps.  There is just very little you can do with this song.  We have seen many others fail (isn’t this song the last one Carly Smithson did last year) with “Come Together”.  Kris sang well but you did not get the feeling he really cared that much.

Just in case you did not notice, I was disappointed by American Idol tonight.

Given all of the accidents and distractions tonight and given that Slash was such a terrible mentor, I think we should skip elimination this week and eliminate two next week. American Idol producers, don’t you agree? Just in case 19 Entertainment does not clip this blog for the producers, here are my predictions:

Bottom two Allison Iraheta Kris Allen

Going home Allison Iraheta

On Thursday morning the studio performances will be available for iTunes and we will be able to see how much of tonight’s show was attributable to the dress rehearsal accidents and how much was Slash’s fault.  In the meantime download some of the great performances dating all the way back to Felicia Barton and Mishavonna Henson from the Top 36.

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American Idol Season 8- Top 4 Power Rankings

large_adam-lambert-matt-giraud-american-idolJaws dropped (did you see Allison Iraheta’s and Danny Gokey’s reactions?) and the Internet buzzed with shock, joy and outrage when Adam Lambert landed in the American Idol Season 8 Top 5 bottom 2.  How could the contestant that the judges treat as a superstar not sail to the finales?  Don’t all the other performers quake in his presence as they just wait to be eliminated on his march to the American Idol title?  How could this be?  See my quick thoughts in What Just Happened? Whether you love Adam Lambert so much that you are offended that he must be judged every week or you are like me and just dd not buy his act, you must admit that last week results show was a shock.

The thing is, I think America got it right.  I pretty much think the voters only made three mistakes throughout American Idol Season 8.  First Alexis Grace should have made it ti the Top 10.  Second, Anoop Desai finished well ahead of his talent.  Third, Matt Giraud should not have needed the judges “save”.

What about the Top 5?  Matt Giruad and Adam Lambert have been the most inconsistent performers of American Idol Season 8.  They have both been brilliant and they have both been horrendous.  My disappointment is that I think we may have seen the best of Adam Lambert whil Matt Giraud was on an upswing since he was “saved”.  However, I think Matt Giraud was hurt by his similarities with Kris Allen and Danny Gokey.  Goodbye Matt, I wish you had found your groove a little sooner but I will be buying you CDs soon.

American Idol Season 8 Top 4 Power Rankings

If you read my Rat Pack Performance Review you will see that I loved the show last week.  This group of American Idol performers continue to blow me away every week.  They took 50 year old songs performed them beautifully and with a great amount of artistry.  Remember that these are my assessment of these American Idol performers and not a prediction of how they will finish.  Here are my rankings as we rocket to the finale

  1. Kris Allen continues top my the One21music power rankings.  His performance of  “The Way You Look Kris AllenTonight” was technically brilliant.  The phrasing, the pacing, the pitch, the vocal dynamics were all fantastic.  That may have been the best he has sung throughout American Idol Season 8. Even though he is an exceptional singer, Kris is the weakest singer of the Top 4.  Kris’s advantage lays in his ability to select, arrange and interpret songs.  I have heard many commentators over the past few weeks rave that Kris is more about embodying a song and telling a story rather than engaging in vocal gymnastics.  I don’t know if he will, but Kris Allen deserves to win American Idol Season 8.
  2. Danny Gokey moves up to second (3rd in Top 5 Power Rankings) based solely on the last 20 seconds Danny Gokeyof his performance of “Come Rain of Come Shine”.  It felt like a heavyweight boxer who landed a knockout punch at the end of a round.  The entire American Idol audience looked up and said “what was that?”  I don’t know what he did but the end of that song showed us why Danny Gokey has been an American Idol Season 8 front runner since the first time we saw him in the auditions.  His vocals were rough with funky phrasing and emotional pacing.  It was the  passionate, pleading performance that have all been waiting for from Danny Gokey.   He has been a front runner since his audition aired in January.  If Danny Gokey can capture that magic and gives us more of that over the next three weeks, he will crush the American Idol Season 8 competition.
  3. Allison Iraheta has one of those once in a generation voices.  She is an Etta James, Janis Joplin, Ann Allison IrahetaWilson type of singer who opens her throat and causes every head in the arena to turn her way.  Her voice is big and rough and full and soulful.  I don’t want to here about her age, she is an old soul when she gets a mike in her hand.  Go back and watch the videos of her performances.  She prowls the stage like a lioness looking over her brood.  I think she has the best stage presence of any of the American Idol Season 8 Top 13.  I didn’t know what the American Idol judges were doing when they put this 16 year old girl with crazy red hair in the American Idol Season 8 Top 36.  We can’t say she matured into the competition this year, she arrived ready to win American Idol Season 8. We will be talking about Allison Iraheta for 50 years (well I won’t, but some of you will).
  4. Adam Lambert is the least of this group and that is nothing to be ashamed of. ai8_top5_lambert2 He is a brilliant singer beyond description.  He commands a huge stage.  He feels like a natural up there.  He has been the most polarizing American Idol performer I have exprienced.  His performances have presented him as an extreme rocker and many people do not like that mushc edge.  The thing is, Adam Lambert is not what he seems.  His future is not leading some striking new rock band.  He will not create some breakthrough in popular music.  He will not even rise to the top of today’s metal, experimental or electronic rock scenes.  I will be shocked to see Adam Lambert on the bill for Coachella, Lollapalozaa or ACL.  He cam to American Idol Season 8 fighting for his place in the Southern California theater scene.  I do think Adam Lambert will have a brilliant career on Broadway for as long as he wants.

It will be exciting to watch the voting dynamics play out next week.  Let’s assume everyone is brilliant, because they must be.  If anyone slips in a performance they will probably go home.   Allison Iraheta is at most risk this week.  Adam Lambert’s fans will rally behind their man and he will have bit of a recovery.  Kris Allen and Danny Gokey get the most bump from Matt Giraud’s departure.  He shares their faith, Danny is the singer most like Matt and Kris shares with Matt the skill to create interesting arrangements.  So, Allison Iraheta will lose some votes from Adam Lambert fans who said they split their votes with Allison last week and I don’t see where her new votes come from.

It is all too exciting.  Join us on Tuesday night as we live blog American Idol Season 8 Rock Night with Slash.  Plus, check out our Rock songs suggestions on Tuesday morning.

In the meantime go to iTunes and download a mix  of your favorite American Idol Season 8 performances.

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American Idol- Grand Ole Opry Results Show

Last night was much better than we all thought.  The American Idol Season 8 performers actually handled country music pretty well.  Some went straight up country (Michael Sarver & Lil Rounds), some made subtle but interesting  twists (Alexis Grace & Meagan Joy), but most put their own twist on the songs.  The show was reasonably even last night with no real disappointments (see my Grand Ole’ Opry Live Blog ).

The American Idol performance during Grand Ole’ Opry week held up with my power rankings (see my Grand Ole Opry preview).  Scott MacIntyre and Meagan Joy performed below my rankings for them but just about everyone else lived up to my confidence in them.

I predicted that Anoop Desai would go home tonight (see my Grand Ole Opry Performance Wrap-up) but I think Scott MacIntyre, Michael Sarver or Alexis Grace could leave American Idol Season 8 as well.  I feel pretty good about Michael because I think the country crowd probably latched onto him last night).

As I told you last night, the rest of this blog will be ghost written by Debbie, one of the One21 background partners.  Please be kind to her while I cover all of the great music that is happening at the South by Southwest Music festival

Good evening all.  The American Idol group performed  well tonight.  They sang an upbeat song, “T-R-O-U-B-L-E” by Travis Tritt, and really seemed to enjoy themselves.   Their enthusiasm spilled over to the judges and definitely to the audience.  The exclusion being Simon, who pushed his chair back when the girls approached.  He has the most interesting body language. I always wonder if  he was  hugged enough as a child.

The show included a look behind the scenes after contestants are voted off.  All of the contestants and their families gather for a celebratory farewell with plenty of tears but encouraging words from all as well.   Very nice touch.  It is so difficult to watch as these young singers are voted off each week.

I have to include the “break our hearts” moment as Michael Sarver was asked if it was difficult being away from his family.  He related, with tears in his eyes, that his three year old had asked him “Why don’t you want to be with me anymore?”

Ryan Seacrest jumped right into the results for the show.  With over 31 million votes:  Danny Gokey – Safe.  Lil Rounds – Safe.  Anoop Desai – Safe.  Allison Iraheta – Bottom 3.  Michael Sarver – Bottom 3.  Allison and Michael were asked to sit to the side as tonight’s guests performed.

Grammy award winner Brad Paisley sang a nice love song, “Then” .  Very nice.   Later on,  Grand Ole Opry stars, Carrie Underwood and Randy Travis sang one of Randy’s songs, I Told You So.  Carrie has a great voice and proved once again why she is so popular.  Randy sang some with her, but seemed to just enjoy watching her hit the vocals in his song.

But let’s get to the remaining results:  Scott MacIntyre – Safe.  Megan Joy – Safe.  Matt Giraud – Safe.  Kris Allen Michael Sarver – Safe.  Alexis  Grace – Bottom 3.  Adam Lambert – Safe.  Ryan sent Allison to safety and the final decision came down to Michael Sarver and Alexis Grace.  Interestingly enough, the judges announced that they would consider saving one of the two.  Michael was pronounced safe and Alexis looked crestfallen.  She performed Jolene again, but unfortunately not well enough for the judges to save her.

This week’s show seemed to have an added air of expectancy over it.  And rightly so.  The survivors of this week’s vote will go on tour this summer.  Congratulations to all.   Special kudos to our fellow believers, Danny, Lil, Michael, Scott, Matt and Kris.

Check back with you on Monday to preview next week’s show and give my new power rankings.

You can buy Randy Travis’s new cd Three Wooden Crosses and all of his other works at iTunes Randy Travis

You can download your favorite American Idol Grand Ole’ Opry performances from iTunes here

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American Idol- Grand Ole’ Opry Performance Wrap-up

Another very good American Idol show tonight.  I thought we would see some real disasters tonight and that did not happen.  We have seen better performances by most of the contestants but I think each one showed that they sing any kind of music. For the most part, I think this group of R&B singers was able to find the soul in country.

Best of all the group fulfilled my hope, my warning and my prediction (see my Grand Ole’ Opry Live Blog).  Meagan Joy (no more Corkery) sang “Walking After Midnight”, no one sang “I Will Always Love You”  and Alexis Grace cleaned up her image.  Unfortunately Megan struggled, Lil was criticized for not singing “I Will Always Love You” and the judges lamented Alexis’ demure image.

Overall, good job American Idol Season 8 performers.  Applause, Applause.

Randy Travis is not very playful is he?

I just finished reviewing the performances.  there were only a few new things I noticed.  Here are my rankings:

  1. Danny Gokey continues to amaze me.  I do not like “Jesus, Take the Wheel”, but he sang it with such conviction and vocal dynamics.  I very much liked his arrangement of the song and he demonstrates such command of the American Idol stage. It was a heart wrenching performance.
  2. Kris Allen gets the second slot because his stripped down performance of  “To Make You Feel My Love”, was pitch perfect.  He brought a stillness to the show.  For those few minutes he owned the show.  He is the rising star in Season 8 of American Idol.  Watch out for him.
  3. Allison Iraheta continues to surprise and impress me.  She bent “Blame It On Your Heart” around her voice and her style.  Allison is a dynamic performer who seems to be thriving  on that stage.  I am confident there is a line of rock impresarios just waiting for her be voted off American Idol.
  4. Matt Giraud arranged “So Small” as a pop anthem. It was a thrilling arrangement, but I don’t think I like his vocal style very much.
  5. Alexis Grace performed “Jolene”.  I didn’t like it at first, but when I watched it again I was impressed.  The blues twist she added to the mix threw me at first.  She sang well and the arrangement was exciting.
  6. Lil Rounds gave the worst performance we will see from her all season and it was still in the middle of the pack.  I don’t tink she really connected with the flow of  “Independence Day”.  I think Paula’s advice to move the big singing chorus up was probably wise.  Lil Rounds is such a good singer that I enjoyed this.
  7. Michael Sarver kicked the show off with a Garth Brooks romper “Ain’t Going Down (Until The Sun Come Up).  It was fun and it got the crowd going.  I think Simon was right in that he was hard to understand at times.   This was a good performance for Michael but I wonder if we are starting to see this American Idol group surpass him.
  8. Anoop Dessai continues to disappoint me.  His version of “Your Always on My Mind” sounded like something I would have heard on the Andy Williams show in the 70′s.  Unlike Kris Allen, Anoop’s ballad was tepid rather than enthralling.  The runs he put in the song spoiled the dramatic tension of this great song.
  9. Meagan Joy selected exactly the right song “Walking After Midnight”, gave it a cool jazzy twist and then seemed to struggle throughout the performance until she fell of the song at the end.  Then we find out that she was at the hospital with the flu before the show.  Darn, I think this could have been cool.
  10. Scott MacIntyre’s singing skills are sinking him (try saying that 5 times fast).  His version of “Wild Angels” was similar in style and tone to everything he has done since American Idol Season 8 went live.  I did not like his vocals.
  11. Adam Lambert’s version of “Ring of Fire” was creepy.  As I watched it again, I found myself wanting to here a truly dangerous singer like Jim Morrison or Robert Plant sing the song.  Problem is that Adam Lambert is pretending to be dangerous.  Between “Vote for the Worst” and the American Idol judges I think will need to endure Adam’s vaudeville for several more weeks.

Predictions are hard this week.  The American Idol Season 8 performers are tightly packed and the one with the weakest performances this week have strong followings, I think.  Here we go:

  • Anoop Desai goes home
  • I would not be surprised if Scott MacIntyre , Michael Sarver or Alexis Grace was voted off.

I don’t think the judges would save any of these American Idol performers.

We will be running a little late tomorrow night.  I will be covering the South by Southwest Music festival (click this link to see all of our SXSW coverage) and my ghost writer will not be able to watch the show until 10:00 p.m. central so our thoughts on the results will not see the light of day until about midnight.

Be sure to download tonights performances and full studio recordings of tonight’s songs at iTunes below.

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American Idol Season 8- Grand Ole’ Opry Live Blog

We are live, blogging the American Idol Season 8 Top 11 performances.  At One21music we are covering the six Christian music artists competing in Season 8: Danny Gokey, Matt Giraud, Lil Rounds, Scott MacIntyre, Kris Allen and Michael Sarver.   That’s right, six of the final 11 contestants on American Idol Season 8 are Christian music performers.  Read my American Idol Grand Ole’ Opry performances to for my full assessment of the show and my power rankings.

I think tonight will be very informative.  As far as I can tell, none of American Idol’s Top 11 have shown any interest in Country music. We will see many of the performers struggle.  I think Michael Sarver (see our article on Michael’s higher AI purpose) and Kris Allen could do well.  Other sites on the web have leaked a potential list of the songs to choose from.  I don’t report on those spoilers that are all over the Internet because I don’t want to play that game.  But, based on the list, here is a hope, a warning and a prediction for tonight’s American Idol:

  • Hope: Meagan Corkery must perform Patsy Cline’s “Walking After Midnight”.
  • Warning: No one, not even Lil Rounds, should sing Dolly Parton’s “I’ll Always Love You”.
  • Prediction: Alexis Grace will tone down her TV MA image.

All of the remaining performers are worthy so I think the next few weeks will depend on week to week performances.

And we will be ready to go in just a few minutes!

So here we go, the opening montage is upon us.  For a music show American Idol’s theme is pretty bad.  It kind of sounds like 80′s era video game music.  Randy Travis is mentoring the American Idol performers tonight.  He was one of the leaders of the “Neotraditional Country” movement in the 80′s.  I was never a fan but he seems to be a good guy.  Of course he has a new CD out today.

I like the new set.  And it goes green for St. Patrick’s Day! I am glad we have done away with the side stairs.  I never liked the performers using those stairs as a prop.  Randy and Kara think all the performers have stepped up to the big stage.  Of course, Simon hates country so the judging should be ugly.

Ryan reminds us that whoever survives this week will make it to the tour.  What is Meagan wearing?  Whether or not you like country we must all appreciate this great  truely American art form.

We start with Michael Sarver and he is singing a big word fast singing Garth Brook’s country song  “Ain’t Going Down (Til the Sun Comes Up)”.   Well he certainly has the country twang for this song.  Great performance.  Sorry, Michael haters he is not going home this week.

Randy is finding a reason to not like it. They are criticizing that his song does not have big notes.  Sarver disagrees and says “country music is about having fun”.   Michael is feisty tonight.  He agues with Simon.  I guess the producers have decided that Michael needs to go home tonight.  The judges were unfairly brutal.  He performed that song well.

Allison Iraheta will sing “Blame It On Your Heart” by Patty Loveless.  I agree with Randy Travis that she has so much vocal maturity for her age.  We should have known this would be country rocker. This girl is a serious contender.  She is like two people.  On stage she is a diva, off stage she is a giggly teenager.  Great, great performance.

Kara is right, she can sing the alphabet, the phone book, oatmeal instructions, I don’t care.  She can sing.  Paula wants to see her be more vulnerable.  Somebody help Allison’s mom, she is about to faint.  Randy loves it.  He thought it was dope. I agree, dopely precocious.

Computer crash, panic.  Kris Allen just sang Garth’s “To Make You Feel My Love” as a vulnerable ballad.  I am little bit surprised.  Once again a great interpretation of the song.  Very well done.  Nice, controlled performance.

Paula was a little taken back, but Simon actually praised effusively.  Randy calls Kris a “tender dawg”.  Kara nailed it, “it was beautiful”.

Reflecting on Kris’s performance, he is a much better singer than we give him credit.  That was a performance that will change many people’s opinion of Kris, he is deeper than we thought.  He doesn’t need his guitar to be comfortable, he just needs a good song.

Lil Rounds is sporting a pretty, fancy red dress.  She looks nice.  As I thought, Lil does not know country.  But she is going to forgo her R&B  leanings to respect the country song. She is doing “Independence Day” by Martina McBride.  She will need the pipes Randy Travis talks about to perform this song.  Nice, quiet controlled start.  She is singing this great song straight up.  I really like this.  Lil Rounds may be an R&B singer but she could cross over to do some country.  Not her deal but I think she pulled it off.

Randy struggled with the performance.  Thank you Kara for giving her some props for going with her instincts.  Kara is doing well tonight.  Paula actually gave some good advice about arranging verses and choruses.  I think this performance exposed Lil Rounds shortcomings as an arranger. But it was like several of my really great LP’s with soul singers performing country songs.  I liked her.

Adam Lambert is singing “Ring of Fire” as a Middle Eastern dirge.  I think Randy Travis hated it. Let’s see. I don’t know what to say.  Can he be arrested for desecrating an American treasure?

Let’s watch the judges fawn over him. Kara is dumbfounded.  The judges are giving him the required adulation.  Simon, are you bigger than the show? Yes, “what the H*&% was that”, ‘Indulgent rubbish”.  I agree with Randy, the “Travis” Randy.  Still speechless.

Ryan is in the mosh pit as we come back.  Do you have mosh pits in country music?

Scott MacIntyre is singing “Wild Angels” by Martina McBride (she is getting a lot of love tonight).  This is a nice song.  Scott is really struggling with it.  His vocals are off key through most of the beginning but then he changes tempo and seems to get his stride.  Nice arrangement but the vocals were off and weak.

Scott has a good sense of humor.  As Paula was advising him that the piano separates him from the audience, Scott said “we can move it closer to the front of the stage”.  Then Simon calls Paula stupid and the judges begin to fight.  I agree with the judges that he is being too safe and he needs to pick up his game and sing harder songs better.

Another good show this week.  Halfway through and no real disasters.  Even though I didn’t like Adam, his singing was not a disaster.  And the judges are fighting and calling each other names.  How much fun is this?

Alexis Grace, looking a little more demure, will be singing Dolly Parton’s “Jolene”.  It is an iconic song and Randy Travis calls it perfect.  He says she is really good at telling a story.  Where did those stairs come from?  She was going along well until she started that riffing in the middle.  She picks it up at the end and finishes strong.  Her blues tinged take doesn’t blow me away.

Randy thought it was okay and Kara thinks it was flat.  I don’t think Alexis likes Kara.  Paula liked the vulnerability she showed.  Simon thought it was okay.  Alexis does not seem happy.

Danny Gokey is up next singing Carrie Underwood’s “Jesus Take The Wheel”.  Evidently he was so nervous with Randy Travis that he could not sing the song.  Randy Travis did say that he has a soulfulness that people in the business wish they had. Is he singing this song better than Carrie Underwood?  Every week he shows me more of himself as a singer.  Perfect.

And the crowd goes crazy.

Do the judges only care about hitting big notes?  I agree with Paula that it is good to hear a singer tell a story.  Both Paula and Simon agree that the performance was great. But Randy agreed with Kara.   I thought it was great.  It looks like Simon and Paula have made up.

Danny seems to enjoy himself.  He always seem happy.  I like him more every week.

Can Anoop Desai step his game up?  This is a tough week for him to do that.  He is singing Willie Nelson’s “Always On My Mind”.  He did pick a great song.  It is coming across as an Adult Contemporary ballad and the runs don’t work for me.  I am not sure this is good enough to keep him in the competition.  Not bad, but just okay.

Paula loved it? Simon loved it? Randy loved it? Kara loved it?  I just don’t get what they saw.

Meagan Joy (she has dropped the Corkery) is signning “Walking After Midnight” and it wins Randy Travis over. She is doing a country jazz take on it.  Her pronunciation is a little odd.  She tries to do a little too much with it.  It falls apart at the end. She had me until the end.

Randy was impressed.  Evidently Meagan has the flu and did not get to do the dress rehearsal.  Simon loved it.  I need to listen to this one again.  I liked parts but not all of it.

Does that new Osborne candid camera show look funny at all?

We end the night with Matt Giraud.  Let’s see what he can do with country.  He is singing Carrie Underwood’s “So Small”.  Randy Travis was impressed how Matt arranged the song.  He is playing the piano and he has turned this song into an R&B ballad,  Did he forget the words? He then takes the song up a notch and roars through the middle.  that was a good way to end the show.  Nice arrangement and good performance.

Kara says he is amazing. Simon thinks Matt out sang Danny tonight.   All the judges think it was the best performance of the night.

Ryan, you are right.  We have ourselves a competition in Season 8 of American Idol.  Another good show.

A little food and then I will review the performances.  My show recap with performance ratings and predictions will be up by the time you get to work in the morning.  If you are an all night person look for it some time between midnight and dawn.

You can download the performance videos and full song recordings over the next few days by clicking the icon below.

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American Idol Season 8 Top 13 Results Show

For the most part it was a terrific American Idol show last night.  Danny Gokey, Lil Rounds, Allison Iraheta, Kris Allen all gave tremendous performances.  Except for Matt Giraud, who disappointed, my power rankings (see American Idol Season 8 Top 13 Power Rankings) pretty much held up,  Christian music artists Michael Sarver and Kris Allen outperformed their rankings.  I think the biggest disappointment was Anoop Desai (see my Top 13 Performance Wrap-up).

I think I learned something about American Idol song selection,  If you watched the show after reading my article suggesting song suggestions I am sure you had a pretty good laugh.  The only performer to sing the song I suggested was Anoop and that did not go well.  I am not good a song selection.

The American Idol producers are shaking things up again.  They leaked that they had a super secret new judging twist for Season 8.  Rumor is that they will copy the experiment they tried in the French version of American Idol Nouvelle Star where the the judges were given a one-time veto power right which allowed them save a contestant that would have been eliminated based on home viewer voting at any point during the season.  In the same interview the American Idol producer promised that two contestants would go home tonight, so let’s see what happens.

I think we will see Jasmine Murray and Jorge Nunez will go home.

Ryan told us that there were nearly 33 million votes.   That is a lot.  I am excited about Kelly Clarkson performing and, I will wait to see about Kanye West.  I am consistently disappointed by performances by rappers.

So the rule twist is that the American Idol judges get one “save” this season.  If they unanimously agree they can save someone from elimination.  Okay.

The group number was not bad but was saved by Danny Gokey’s absolutely awful dancing, LOL. I guess American Idol let the genie out the bottle last night and Danny will try to be the next Usher.

Michael Sarver was the first to be exposed to the judging and I am so happy he made it through.  Kris Allen made  it through as I suspected.

As suspected Jasmine Murray was eliminated.  They had her sing while the judges decided.  I don’t know, it seemed kind of cruel to make her sing for her supper.  Then she must stand there for the final judgement.  It certainly adds to the cruelty of the judging.  Jasmine seemed heartbroken, but I think it was the right decision.

Kanye West would have been really good if he could actually sing, or if he would have just rapped.  His performance was just uncomfortable for me.

Poor Jorge Nunez looked like he was about to cry before Ryan said anything to him.  The final elimination was between Anoop Dessai and Jorge Nunez.

Ryan announced that in Season 8, they will bring back a former American Idol contestant each week.  That will be cool.  Kelly Clarkson performed “My Life Would Suck Without You”.  I hate the song, but I love the singer.  When is she going to dump this whole Pop scene and jump into the blues with both feet?

In the final judging we learned that Jorge Nunez did not get enough votes and is now reduced to begging the judges in song.  Of course, the judges did not use their only “save” of the season on Jorge.  Sorry, Jorge.

American Idol Season 8 is down to 11 and all six of the Christian music artists on American Idol Season 8 made it through the first week.  Way to go Danny, Lil, Michael, Kris, Scott and Matt!

Check back with me on Monday to see my updated power rankings and, maybe I will try song selection again.

Be sure to download your favorite performances at iTunes by clicking on the icon below.

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American Idol Season 8 Performance Wrap-up

To start, this was a really good show.  I was worried.  Michael Jackson songs are much easier to screw up than they are to nail.  Sorry, for the carpentry references.  I think, for the most part, the performers exceeded my expectations.  I was worried that Alexis Grace, Allison Iraheta and Scott MacIntyre would struggle and they did not.  I was excited that both Danny Gokey and Lil Rounds took it up a notch.  I had no idea what Meagan Joy Corkery would do, but she was fun and she showed me some vocal skills I did not expect.  Kris Allen showed me a fun, funky side that I can add to his interpretive skills and Michael Sarver continues to burn a laser through the television.

I just tried (at midnight) to go buy the full song studio recordings but they are only available for pre-order right now.  I guess I will buy them on Wednesday.  I plan to buy the performances by Christian music artists Lil Rounds, Scott MacIntyre, Danny Gokey, Michael Sarver and Kris Allen and the recordings of Allison Iraheta and Alexis Grace.

I will review the American Idol Top13 performances and rate them at the same time.  To get my initial reactions check out the American Idol Season 8 Top 13 performance live blog. It feels more appropriate to rate tonight’s American Idol performers in groups rather numerically.

Show Stoppers

  • Lil Rounds led off American Idol Tuesday night with “The Way You Make Me Feel” and she took the song away from Michael JacksonLil Rounds is amazing.  It is time to invite another singer into the Soul music club.  She is a natural.  Did you notice the MJ foot kick and head bob she gave at the beginning of the performance?
  • Danny Gokey sang “PYT”.  Who knew this guy had the funk? He showed me new vocal talent and he showed me he could let loose and have fun.  I loved how he brought the judges into the performance.  I feel even more strongly about him than I did earlier.  Welcome to the party, good time Danny.
  • Allison Iraheta just devoured “Give Into Me”.  What a rock n’ roll power house. Most of the “rockers” I have seen on American Idol have been rock-leaning pop singers.  Not this girl.  We at One21music hope she gets the chance to throw down with some Janis Joplin.  There was not an awkward movement in her performance and she blew out the vocals.

Fun, Enjoyable Perfomances

  • Kris Allen put on a guitar and sang a funky version of “Remember The Time”.  If they had mixed the guitar sound better this could have been an American Idol showstopper, but the guitar looked like nothing more than a prop.  When we could hear it, the guitar was really cool. He can sing much better than I thought and he has a cool, sophisticated funkification. He is more talented than any of the previous season’s pretty boys.
  • Michael Sarver delivered a very heartfelt version of “You’re Not Alone”.   Michael’s vocals are good, not great, but he has some instinctive connection with the camera.  By gazing
  • into the camera he makes you enjoy him.
  • Alexis Grace delivered a smokey, bluesy take on “Dirty Diana” with smooth, confident moves on stage.  She just pushed a little too hard at the end and the song got away from her.

All of the performances above made me forget about Michael Jackson.

Solid American Idol Performances

  • Scott MacIntyre delivered a beautiful piano version of “Keep the Faith”.  Even though his vocals are pretty weak, he does have the talent to pull you into the emotion of the song.
  • Meagan Joy Corkery showed me something tonight.  Even though she is a complete goof who cannot dance, I heard some vocal prowess I had not heard before.  Next week she needs to drop the quirky cool and deliver a big vocal.

Ho Hum Performances

  • Matt Giraud disappointed me again this week.  He is not going to get many choices to flex his R&B rhythmic muscles like he had with the Michael Jackson catalogue.  Though his piano version of “Human Nature” was pretty good, it was uneven.  He needs to begin showing himself or he could be in trouble soon.
  • Jasmine Murray sang “I’ll Be There”.  She has a great voice, but I am not really interested.  She really brought nothing to the song.

I Just Don’t Get It

  • The judges absolutely love Adam Lambert.  I don’t.  Not even a little bit.  He sang “Black & White”.  His vocals were spectacular, if a little over the top.  However, his performance was just nothing for me.  It is like Jimi Hendrix and Robin Trower.  Robin mastered all of the notes, chords and riffs on his guitar,Robin Trower could play the guitar.  Jimi Hendrix was a Guitar Player (with a capital” G” and a capital “P”).

Big Disappointments

  • Jorge Nunez sang “Never Can Say Goodbye” and it was tepid.  I think his language barriers are going to cause him to struggle to keep the pace.
  • Anoop Desai stumbled through “Beat It”.  What happened to Anoopdawg?


Who knows.  Ryan hinted at some secret change American Idol is going to make in how the Season 8 results are tabulated.  They had better be careful.  They do not want to undermine America’s ownerhsip of this show. Here is my take:

  • Jorge Nunez is gone
  • Jasmine Murray should be gone
  • I would be surprised but not shocked if Anoop Desai or Matt Giraud were voted off.
  • I think there is a chance Michael Sarver could be voted off but I would be shocked.  It is not his time.

At this stage, dialidol cannot provide us meaningful predictions.  According to dialidol, nine of the 13 competitors are in danger of going home.

I will be back on Wednesday night with my analysis of the American Idol Season 8 Top 13 results show.

In the meantime, download the live performance or the studio recordings of your favorite performances from tonight’s American Idol.  Just click below.

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American Idol Season 8 Top 13 Performance Live Blog

We are live, blogging the start of the American Idol Season 8 Finals live show.  At One21music we are covering the six Christian music artists competing in Season 8: Danny Gokey, Matt Giraud, Lil Rounds, Scott MacIntyre, Kris Allen and Michael Sarver.   Read my power rankings article to see how these Christian music artists stack-up against the rest of the field.

The American Idol finalists will be singing the songs of Michael Jackson tonight.  It looks to be a minefield.  See my article about song choice for each of the American Idol contestants. I think there are only two or three contestants (Lil Rounds, Matt Giraud, Anoop Desai) who can perform these songs straight-up, so we will probably see some disastrous performances.  It is also risky to try to adapt theses songs because only a few (Danny Gokey, Kris Allen, Matt Giraud) have demonstrated the arranging or interpretive skills to bend these songs to themselves.  I think American Idol Season 8 faves Meagan Joy (rumor is that she dropped the Corkery and is using her maiden name), Allison Iraheta, Alexis Grace and Scott MacIntyre could struggle tonight.  On the other hand, might Jorge Nunez be the Latin Michael Jackson?  I am talking about the good Michael Jackson with the silver glove, not the Michael Jackson in exile.

Enough speculation let’s go to the American Idol Season 8 Finals!  It should be a quick show with 13 performances.

Boy the contestants look nervous, almost grim in the opening montage.  Bigger crowd, bigger stage, who will trip over the next step?

What is this live announcer intro of the judges?  Who cares.  Ryan has dressed for the occasion.  The stage looks good, live band and 500 fans in the audience.  Kara is sweating, I thought she was pro.  Good advice from Paula, “don’t let the stage consume you.”

Intro of the Top 13, does Lil get the money spot to close the show?

We are eliminating two contestants tonight.

Wow, the opening montage of MJ brings back what was so great about him.  What happened?

Lil Rounds starts us off?  These contestant bios are long.  “The Way You Make Me Feel” is not the song I would have chosen, but who cares.  This neophyte is a fully formed soul singer.  I will go buy this on iTunes now.  She is awesome, perfect!

What can the judges say?  Randy says she made the song new again,with a bluesy, old soul vibe.  Kara says she belongs on the radio now.  Of course, Simon thought it was okay.  He thought it was lazy.  I disagree.  Questions about her arrangement skills were answered tonight.

Scott MacIntyre, what can he do with this book of music that is completely out of his musical style?  He sings “Keep The Faith” and he is at his piano.  This is a Michael Jackson song?  Are we sure Scott did not write this song?  Not a perfect vocal but a great, great performance.  The gauntlet is thrown down.

The audience is going wild!  Kara is blown away that he just learned the song on piano this week.  I agree with Paula that it was magical.  Simon hates the song.  “It is fine being artistic, just not on this show.”  Simon admits it!  Simon and Randy think it was safe and old-fashioned.

Can Danny Gokey keep up the momentum?  They are going to go through an intro without mentioning his wife.  I am tired of the criticism he has been getting for American Idol exploiting his tragedy. Good.  He is singing “PYT”.  I am not excited about the song choice.  Danny throws down some rocking moves and creates a sing-a-long.  He can sing better than I thought.  I am surprised how these guys have taken these songs and made them their own.  We see the new, rocking Danny Gokey.  That was fantastic.  Kara says he has joy.  We know he does, don’t we.

Michael Sarver is walking around the oil field in his dancing shoes.  I think he may surprise everyone tonight.  He is singing “You Are Not Alone”, a great song.  He shows a lot of soul in this performance.  A good, if not great vocal performance but the audience will love him.  He will be back.  Great job, Michael.

Simon loves this guy.  He says he is not a great singer but loves his heart and passion.  Randy says he is one of the best.  Kara loved the vocal.

Four singers in and the competition is strong.  No one can afford to stumble.  The last 9 better come strong.  Great show so far.

Jasmine Murray steps to the stage next.  She better bring it bigger than she did during the semi’s and the Wild Card.   This Mississippi beauty queen is singing “I’ll Be There” a perfect song for her that I bet the judges criticize.  Nice vocal, maybe a little off key in parts.  Problem is she does not bring the excitement we have seen in the first four performances.  It was her best so far, but only okay tonight.

Of course, Randy remixed that with Mariah and he liked it?, “not that bad”?  The judges are luke warm.  I disagree with Kara that she has great stage presence.  Simon call it a good attempt that was a little bit robotic.  I agree.

Will Kris Allen do “Man In The Mirror” again?  That will be dangerous.  There is a large catalogue of songs he can use to his talents.  Based on what we have seen so far, he better capture the stage and win the TV audience.  With his guitar he is singing “Remember The Time”.  I would not have used guitar on this song.  Cool, jazzy take on this song.  His vocals are stronger than I remembered.  He is totally comfortable up there.  Great stage presence. Tonight has been great, great tonight.

Kara calls him out as a good guy, like we are surprised.  I agree with Paula that he is engaging, I will pass on the sexy part.  Simon thought it was a little clumsy with the guitar.  Randy thought it was cool with the guitar, sort of like Jason Mraz.  Maybe like Jason Castro?

Allison Iraheta is a 16 year-old who sings at department stores.  Tonight she sings “Give Into Me” like Heart.   Well, more like Allison.  She is a big, old blues singer.  Wow, she is incredible.  From the department store to the big stage.  This girl is chill.

She boggles Paula’s mind.  I agree that she is a rock star.  I agree with Simon that she has the confidence.  Randy loves her, “if you got it, you got it”.

Anoopdog is rocking the “Thriller” swing going into the break.  He isn’t, is he?  Does he get zombies on stage?

Can Anoop Desai recover from two okay performances?  He is, I cannot believe he is taking on “Beat It”.  This is called swinging for the fences.  I was wrong in suggesting he sing this song.  “Beat It” loses something without MJ’s high pitch.  I don’t think he was up to this song.  This is the first let down of the night.

The judges will use the word karaoke.  According to Paula “Beat It” is untouchable and his performance was karaoke. Simon says it was horrible and lightweight.  Will all four use the word? Not Kara, she breaks the string.  I think he is in trouble.

Don’t forget to download these performance on iTunes.  We will give you the icon to use below.

Jorge Nunez is singing another soft ballad “Never Can Say Goodbye”.  This song is kind of boring compared to the other songs we have heard.  The singing is a little off.  Ho hum.

Randy hates it, but just cannot bring himself to say so.  Randy and Kara and Paula  think this was the wrong song.   Simon is writing him off.  He thought it was awful.

The show started great.  It seems to be losing steam.  Someone needs to dazzle us soon.  I am not sure Meagan is the one to dazzle.

Nice intro video for her.  The puppet, Megan, is it Joy, or is it Corkery is onstage to sing  “Rockin’ Robin”.  Sassy vocals but dancing  that would make Brooke White feel better about herself .  She is goofy!  That was fun.

Paula and Kara were lukewarm.  Simon was not.  He thought it was stupid.  Randy hates the song choice.

Fasten your seat belts, Adam Lambert is singing “Black & White”.  This is an interesting song choice.  He is singing the song fantastically, but does he even know what he is singing?  He hits every note but does not connect with the meaning of the song.  Do we get hair metal screams every week?

Paula is dazzled.  I don’t understand what they see.  According to Paula the finals will be Danny and Adam.  Simon thinks he is in a totally different league?  They all love him.  I know he can sing, but I just don’t get their love for him.

They better hurry, we have two more performances, plus the close in the next fifteen minutes.

Matt Giraud better knock this out of the park.  This is his music so my expectations are high.  He sings “Human Nature” from his piano.  I think he is missing an opportunity to dazzle America with his R&B chops.  His falsetto is not strong enough to carry as much of the song as he tried.  It was okay.

Randy and Kara and Paula love it.  Simon thought it was a solid, good performance.  They rush through Matt’s judges so they can force another commercial in.

Evidently there is something funky about Alexis’s number.  Pay attention.  She shouldn’t go home because people are calling the wrong number.

Alexis Grace sneeks into the end singing “Dirty Diana”.  Will she bring a blues take on it?  Yes she does and she does it big.  She is much better than in the semis.  She is answering my questions. Great command of the stage, great rocking, bluesy vocals.  Everything Adam is trying to be.

Sweaty Kara likes her naughty side, but Simon and Randy don’t like it very much.

Very good show.  Much better than I thought.  Great job guys.

I will go back and watch the performances and write a wrap-up. Check it out in the morning.

Join us tomorrow night. We will report on the results show.  Ryan is talking about some change in how the results will be determined.

Tonight, enjoy the performances.  Download them from iTunes below.

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American Idol Season 8 Michael Jackson Songs

I mentioned in my American Idol Season 8 power rankings, the Top 13 are singing the songs of Michael Jackson in the first round of the Season 8 Finals.  I am troubled.   Must we glorify a man who is suspected of these acts?  I don’t know.  What do you think?

Sorry to be such a downer.  American Idol is suppose to make us happy right?  Let’s be happy.  Let’s talk music.  I have no idea what songs the Top 13 will select but I have suggestions.

We are covering the Christian music artists competing on Season 8 of American Idol. This is what I think they will perform.

  • Kris Allen should use his interpretive skills on to perform “Will You Be There”.
  • “You Rock My World” has exactly the thumping rhythm and lyrical connect that Lil Rounds would devour.
  • Scott MacIntyre should use his piano skills to give us a new take on “Heal The World”
  • Matt Giraud should take the chance of repeating “I Want You Back” from Hollywood Week.  If he could keep the vibe while adapting the song to a solo performance he could rock the house.
  • In my power rankings article I said Danny Gokey needs to move beyond inspirational ballads, but not this week.  “You Are Not Alone” is exactly the right song for Danny this week.
  • Michael Sarver will need to stretch this week and I think the best shot he has is to sing “Never Can Say Goodbye”.

The rest of the American Idol contestants should sing these Michael Jackson songs:

  • Anoop Desai should rock “Beat It”
  • Meagan Crokery will need to make a lot of changes to “The Way You Make Me Feel” but I think this song has her vibe.
  • Jorge Nunez should take on the slow ballad “She’s Out of My Life”.
  • Allison Iraheta should belt the surprisingly bluesy “Who’s Lovin’ You”.
  • There is no question the “Dirty Diana” gives Adam Lambert the platform for his theatrics.
  • Jasmine’s best chance is to go with the ballad “Got To Be There”
  • Can Alexis Grace wrap her pipes around “Leave Me Alone”.  I would like to see her try.

Join us tonight as we live blog the show and  see what happens!

Remember you can get all of the performances by clicking through to Itunes icon below.  They should start making the American Idol full song recordings available.  As soon as we find out, we will make them available to you.

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American Idol Season 8 Power Rankings (3/9)

The American Idol Season 8 Finals are upon us. Are you giddy? We have 13 potential American Idols to choose from and they will be singing songs from Michael Jackson.  I am sick about it.  See my article tomorrow on song selection and I will tell you why.

At we are covering the six Christian music artists competing in American Idol’s Season 8 finals. Worship leaders Danny Gokey, Kris Allen and Michael Sarver, will join Christian recording artists Matt Giraud and Scott MacIntyre on Tuesday’s stage. Rounding out our Christian music artist top 6 is new find, the diva in making, Lil Rounds.

So here are my American Idol Season 8 power rankings. I have not looked at others rankings and I would imagine mine may be a littler different.  I have included some commentary on why have ranked each contest where I have:

  • Danny Gokey is suffering from a backlash on the web.  It seems that he is too nice, too Christian and too open about the death of his wife.  I am pretty sure that One21music is the only blog on the Internet that actually influences voters (tongue firmly in cheek) so I am not too worried about the chatter online.  Why do I think he is at the top?  He is a very good singer, but more importantly, he is worship leader at two different churches which means he must arrange a set of songs with two different groups every week.  The American Idol workload will be a vacation for Danny.  It also doesn’t hurt that he looks like Robert Downey Jr.

    Danger: Danny Gokey needs to show to avoid over emphasis on inspiring anthems and show some of his playful side.

  • Matt Giraud nearly blew his chance with Viva La Vida came back with a vengeance in the Wild Card round.  He is a well rounded singer who excels with the type R&B that American Idol loves.  Also as a working musician I think he has the arranging skills  and discipline to handle the American Idol challenges.  He also is comfortable with and without his instrument.

    Danger: Matt Giraud cannot afford the type of misstep he took in the semifinals.  Stick with R&B as much as possible and only venture out of that groove when forced.

  • Lil Rounds proved last week that there is room for one diva in Season 8 and last week, Lil Rounds made it clear she was it.  The command and comfort she displayed onstage was a shock.  She has never performed anywhere but her church and in high school events.  She looked like as comfortable as Mariah or Whitney.  Randy called a combination of Fantasia and Mary J. Blige.  I already like her better than either one of them.

    Danger: Given her limited music experience, I am not sure she can handle the variety and pace of American Idol through to the finals.

  • Allison Iraheta unleashed an amazing, huge voice with great emotional range in the semifinals.  The more impressive performance was the next night when she won and acted like, “of course, I belong here”.  Is this the 16 year old phenom that is not intimidated by American Idol?

    Danger: Does Allison have the raw talent and prodigy like instincts to adapt to the weekly song selections or is she just a 16 year old with a huge voice?

  • Meagan Corkery is the most unique contestants American Idol Season 8.  Her vocal style is cool and her quirky stage presence is interesting.  America did not seem to embrace her in the semifinals America may begin to look forward to her puppet dance.  Who knows, it may become a national sensational.

    Danger: I am not sure she has the range to thrive throughout the theme nights.

  • Scott MacIntyre, I think, is touching a cord in America.  I think he gets stronger once he is able to start playing his instrument.  I didn’t get Scott until he performed on the results show.  I felt the emotional connection that the American Idol judges have been talking about all season.

    Danger:  He is not a great singer and I think that will exposed as we narrow down to the top 5.

  • Anoop Desai disappointed me in the semifinals.  He fell flat in his first performance and he really struggled with “My Prerogative”  in the Wild Card and that is his money song.  He seemed to be overwhelmed by the moment. He has a great personality.   He had some leadership roles in his UNC glee club and that should help him with selecting and arranging songs during the American Idol gauntlet.

    Danger: If does not get comfortable quickly he could washed out early the American Idol finals and the stage is only going to get bigger.

  • Kris Allen showed great interpretative skills when he sang “Man In The Mirror” during the semifinals.  He turned it from a self indulgent whine into a call to action.  That is a skill the American Idol judges will start to demand.  He is another of the contestants who will improve with his instrument.  I think he is a dark horse.  He is probably the closest thing American Idol has this year to being a heat throb.

    Danger: We have not seen enough of Kris to guess if he has range.

  • Alexis Grace rose quickly in the semifinals with a strong, sassy performance of “I Never Loved A Man”.  It was such a peak for her, I am not certain she has it in her again.

    Danger: Does she have the music experience or instinct to bend the theme week songs to her voice?

  • Michael Sarver is generally considered the weak link of this American Idol group, but I obviously don’t think so.  He had some magic with the camera in the semifinals and I think that will carry him a few weeks.  Then he will need to dig deep to find to find a vocal style many people do not think he has.

    Danger:  America loves him but they are being told he does not belong.  He needs to come out the first few weeks with solid performances.

  • Jorge Nunez made it to the finals of  American Idol’s Season 8 finals with a beautiful performance of  “Don’t Let The Sun Go Down” and a touching emotional display of joy during the judges comments.  I wonder if he has the emotional range to last very long.

    Danger: Can he deliver anything but a ballad?

  • Adam Lambert has Performed every song he has sung so far in American Idol.  I have not felt an emotional connection to anything he has sunge yet.  He is kind of the “bizzaro world” Scott MacIntyre.  He has a great voice and consistently over sings.

    Danger: If he continues his hair metal cover band routine he will leave early.

  • Jasmine Murray was overwhelmed by the stage both times she performed in the semifinals.  Witht he right songs she can stick around for a few weeks but I don’t think she has staying power.

    Danger: She continues to look smaller than the stage.

Join us in the morning when I will suggest song choices for each of the performers and then join us again tomorrow night while I live blog the performances.

If you are behind in your American Idol watching download performances you missed from iTunes by clicking a the icon below.

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