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Welcome the newest member of the Come & Live family.  Modern worship artist Civil Parish joined up with Come & Live in July to offer Abolition’s Well as a gift to us all.  Depp lrycism, coupled with highly emotive, soaring melodies send us deep into our worship.  They remind us Come & Live’s Ascend The Hill or The City Harmonic with some Further Seems Forever melodies.

As Come & Live says about Civil Parish:

Civil Parish was formed out of a desire to see both the chains of legalism and licentiousness shattered in light of the Gospel. They sing and preach about Jesus being the only hope that this world and themselves have to experience healing. Their album Abolition’s Well came out as a belief that through the Gospel we will thirst no more, finding freedom in Christ. All of their live shows and worship sets are flooded with scripture and truths being spoken over people. That’s the heart of Civil Parish, a few guys who have been shown their brokenness and want to go rejoice with other broken people because we have a loving father.”

Download Abolition’s Well by Civil Parish for free through Come & Live


Free Download: Passionate Hope Vol. 2: Songs Of Worship

Every now and then our buddies at Indie Vision Music put together some pretty amazing compilations that feature tons of great music. They have been around for a while, so normally when when do one of these, they do it HUGE. This one is no different. Over 20 artist make up this awesome sampling of what is happening in worship music today.

Indie Vision Music Presents: Passionate Hope Vol. 2, the second release in our ongoing series that seeks to share great independent worship with people who may not neccessarily connect with the more commercial aspects of modern “worship”.

Our name pretty much says it all in terms of focus here at the site and that is what we intend to do with this and most of our other compilations. Keep the attention on independent artists who struggle to get their message of hope out to the masses among a crowded music scene. Many of these artists aren’t working with big budgets or a marketing team (yes, even us). We do this all DIY on the ground level, hustling through word of mouth, social media links and other website promotions to build up “hype” for these downloads (‘hype’ might not be the appropriate word to use around ‘worship’ but you know what I mean). “Passionate Hope Vol. 2” will be posted on Indie Vision Music “as is” meaning we will not tinker with the sound or “master” it at all. We just want it to sound natural, honest, and stay true to what these artists compose.

Artists include Ascend The Hill, My Epic, The Violent Burning, Miss Angie, and a ton more. Enjoy

Download Passionate Hope Vol. 2: Songs Of Worship from Indie Vision Music

Free Download: Ascend The Hill-O Ransomed Son

This is Ascend The Hill‘s 3rd album. Simply put it is the best thing they have ever done, and in my mind a strong contender for album of the year. Here is a little something I wrote about it in an article Im working on:

As I am writing this right now, am I listening (for the first time) to Ascend The Hill‘s latest album, O Ransomed Son. The band exists in the “genre” of worship music, or music that is supposed to inspire a state of worship and praise through song. The “genre” is well known in the church, and it takes many forms. Most people remember the choir on Sunday mornings, but in the last 20 or years most praise music involves full bands or acoustic guitars. If you attend a contemporary church, you know what I am talking about. The thing is, O Ransomed Son doesn’t really SOUND like a “worship” record. The song structures are not easy to follow, and the drumming is relentless. The vocals are raw, sometimes yelled more than sung, and most songs are lyrically longer than 5 Power-Point slides. Yes, they do a hymn, but they also have a song featuring the singer from Thrice. On a “worship” album. Doesn’t all of that seem strange to you?

Download O Ransomed Son by Ascend The Hill on Come&Live!

New Releases For April 17th, 2012

Oh Ransomed Son
Ascend The Hill

Buy: Amazon MP3

Celestial Progression EP
Becoming The Archetype

Solid State Records
Buy: Amazon MP3

Love Come To Life
Big Daddy Weave

Fervent Records
Buy now:Amazon


Integrity Records
Buy: Amazon MP3

Home EP
Mike Mains & The Branches
Platinum Pop
Indie Rock
Buy: Amazon MP3

I Choose Jesus
Moriah Peters

Reunion Records
Buy: Amazon

Rebel Transmission

Platinum Pop

The End Is Where We Begin
Thousand Foot Krutch

Buy: Amazon

Live at Roepaen

Glitterhouse Records
Goth Folk
Buy: Amazon MP3

Free Download:Great Awakening-Songs In Secret

Great Awakening–Songs In Secret

One of the things I love about Come&Live! is all the amazing worship music they release. The best part for me is that it isn’t what you would typically consider “worship”. Bands like Ascend The Hill and Lovelite are changing the landscape of modern worship music. Great Awakening‘s second album reflects that they are part of this ever growing movement with delicate worship that could appeal to church-goers and fans of Brand New alike.

Worship is personal. It’s an intimate act, drawing individuals into the arms of their Creator or flat on their face at His feet. They’re ruined by love, wrecked by grace. Carried away and pushed through His gates.

The intensely poignant lyrics on Songs in Secret create the picture of a child baring his soul to his father. It’s worship music that dares to go beyond the surface. In fact, it ventures deep to a place where time flies by and tears flow freely. Everything is stripped away. “Come take me away with You,” Cole sings. “Take me to the river full of Your delight where I can deeply drink of You. Nail me to the ground in your presence where my heart is electric with love. Keep me in this place where You’re dwelling and Your heart is prevailing.” Passion and sincerity emanate from each and every carefully placed word and note. It’s from this river that Great Awakening writes in hopes to inspire others to delve into their own secret place.

This is an awesome record and we are proud to present it to you. Follow the link below to listen to the songs, download, and support the artist.

Download Songs In Secret by Great Awakening

Free Download:The One21 Top Recordings Of 2010 Compilation

I know I have already posted this last Friday, but I spent some good man hours putting this together, and I wanted to make sure everybody had a chance to download this. DO IT! There is no dead weight on this download. ENJOY!


Download The ONE21 Top Recordings Compilation

1. Red, Red by Doug Burr (from O Ye Devastator)
2. Lord Willing by Deepspace5 (from The Future Aint What It Used To Be)
3. The Audience by The Chariot (from Long Live)
4. How Great Thou Art by Ascend The Hill (from Hymns: Take The World But Give Me Jesus)
5. I Don’t Want To Live Forever (acoustic) by Listener (from Wooden Heart)
6. God Is Love by The Innocence Mission (from My Room In The Trees)
7. Carolina by Bradley Hathaway (from A Thousand Angry Panthers)
8. All Delighted People (original version) by Sufjan Stevens (from the All Delighted People EP)
9. Chalk Outline by Heath McNease (from The Gun Show)
10. You Amaze Me by Josh White (from Achor)
11. Song For The Broken by Close Your Eyes (from We Will Overcome)
12. If You Can’t Tell By Gileah Taylor (from the What Kind Of Fool EP)
13. All Of Us by Gileah Taylor (from A Crooked Line EP)
14. Pilgrim by Preson Phillips (from Weep…He Loves The Mourners Tears)
15. The Threshingfloor by Wovenhand (from The Threshingfloor)
16. Faith’s Review & Expectation by Sandra McCracken (from In Feast Or Fallow)
17. Seraphim by For Today (from Breaker)
18. Lower Still by My Epic (from YET)

Doug Burr appears courtesy of Spune Music
The Chariot appears courtesy of Good Fight Records
Preson Phillips and Ascend The Hill appear courtesy of Come&Live!
The Innocence Mission appears courtesy of Badman Records
Sufjan Stevens appears courtesy of Asthmatic Kitty
Josh White appears courtsey of BEC Recordings
Close Your Eyes appears courtesy of Victory Records
Gileah Taylor appears courtesy of Love Library
Wovenhand appears courtesy of Sounds Familyre
For Today and My Epic appear courtesy of Facedown Records

Free MP3 Album Download:Ascend The Hill-Hymns

Ascend The Hill-Hymns Take The World But Give Me Jesus

For the 3rd week in a row I am sending you to the Come&Live! roster for your free downloading needs, but I cant help it. This week I am especially excited to share this album by progressive worship band Ascend The Hill, who made our “best of the year” list in 2009 with their debut (self-titled) full-length.

In 2010, they have released Hymns: Take The World But Give Me Jesus. It is exactly what it sounds like, Ascend The Hill have taken their powerful style of worship and reimagined a few of the hymns you sang as a kid. In typical fashion for the band, the songs build slowly, and add layer upon layer of atmospheric guitars, soaring vocals, and driving drums. What makes this album so cool is that the songs that they have chosen feel so relevant to my generation even though some of the songs have existed since my grandparents were children. Ascend The Hill have bridged the gap between the two schools of thinking in worship music by successfully creating deep and beautiful worship music that is 100% focused on Christ and 100% musical.

This is one of my favorite worship albums I own, and I am glad that I can present it to you in this manner.

As with the downloads from The Ember Days and I Am Alpha And Omega, the link below will take you to a download page that will give you give you the option to download the album fro free or make a donation. I encourage you to pray about contributing to this band, and the many other artists on Come&Live!, so that their ministries can grow and they can continue to keep blessing us with this incredible music.

Download Ascend The Hill-Hymns: Take The World But Give Me Jesus

New Releases For September 14th, 2010

The Afters–Light Up The Sky
Light Up The Sky
The Afters

INO/Columbia Records
Pop Rock
Buy NOW:

Ascend The Hill-Hymns Take The World But Give Me Jesus
Hymns: Take The World, But Give Me Jesus
Ascend The Hill

(download for free at

Ed Bruce-In Jesus’ Eyes
In Jesus’ Eyes
Ed Bruce

Varese Fontana
Buy NOW:

caedmons call raising up the dead
Raising Up The Dead
Caedmon’s Call

Buy NOW:
(available only at

Chris Sligh-The Anatomy Of Broken
The Anatomy Of Broken
Chris Sligh

Fervent Records
Buy NOW:

Dave Santos

Buy NOW:
Amazon MP3

Disciple-Horseshoes & Hand Grenades
Horseshoes & Hand Grenades

INO Records
Hard Rock
Buy NOW:

Jason Eaton–One
Jason Eaton

JEM Records
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Jonathan Nelson-Better Days
Better Days
Jonathan Nelson

Integrity Music
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J Soul-Real
J Soul

Psalms Group
Buy NOW:

Laura Kaczor-Love Enough
Love Enough
Laura Kaczor

Life Thirst Records
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tim mann The Dream is Ended This is The Morning
The Dream is Ended; This is The Morning
Tim Mann

Buy NOW:
Amazon MP3

Free Download:The Ember Days-Finger Painting EP

the ember days fingerpainting ep

Come&Live! is a great source for exceptional free music. Their artists give away their music as a gift to the people that they are serving, and see it as part of their ministry to do so. In the last year, Come&Live! have attracted a number of talented artists, including So Long Forgotten, Ascend The Hill, and most recently Showbread.

The label had a new release this week from one of their flagship artists, The Ember Days, with their new EP entitled Finger Painting. If you already own the band’s self-titled EP, then let me say that these 5 songs are light years from their previous material. The New Zealand band has really injected their own voice into the worship music they write, and the result is something that is sure to touch your heart and move your spirit.

You can download the EP from Come&Live! below for free or with a donation of your choosing.

Download The Ember Days- Finger Painting EP

Life at Cornerstone 2010

We talk non stop about the music at Cornerstone and over the next few weeks we will share with you great performances we experienced at Cornerstone 2010 and new music that we love.  Ian has shared his thoughts on the community that forms at Cornerstone for those few days but I thought, that for those of you who have never been to Cornerstone, I would share a few of the sites and sounds that make this event so much fun.

Cornerstone 2010 Main Street Crossroads

Main Street Crossroads

Everyone a Cornerstone 2010 passed through this intersection.  The primary mode of transportation was sandal, followed by tennis shoe and then by golf cart.  Directly behind the tree are the group showers that offered some great daily relief from their accumulated dust, but for others was an excuse to skip bathing for a week.

Impromptu shows break out on this corner regularly.  We saw The Riverside Worship Project end their Cornerstone 2010 experience right here.  We also saw Munster Folk, a band of traveling musicians who turned the shade tree into their personal stage, perform one of the best shows I saw at Cornerstone 2010.

Cornerstone Generator Stages

There are hundreds of other music festivals. There are other music festivals that feature music by Christians. What makes Cornerstone unique is the vibe created by the peaceful presence of Jesus People USA and by chaos of the generator stages. Begun as a DIY approach to being heard by 30,000 music fans, bands would bring a generator, set-up on the side of the road and just start playing. A few years ago, some enterprising music fans decided to add a small canopy and start promoting shows at Cornerstone. This year all the generator stages were lined along the main drag.

To The Cornerstone 2010 Generator Stages

As you can there is tent after tent of stages.  There were more than 10 stages that presented music from 10 a.m. to 1 a.m.  We saw Oh Sister Oh Brother, The Listener Project, Bryan Beyke, Don’t Wake Aislin, The Riverside Worship Project and several more bands at these stages.

The beauty of the generator stages are their spotenaity.  The line-up changes constantly.  The crowds vary from a few people to nearly a thousand.  The promoter measures a band’s success by how large the crowd grows during their set and if a band draws a crowd, like Oh Sister Oh Brother, they have an open invitation to play again and again.  With the stages stacked so close together that singer/songwriters like Mia Karina or indie artists like Bryan Beyke are sometimes swallowed up by the wall of sound created by hardcore bands.  But we don’t care because the spirit of this phenomena is hopeful and brave.

Interesting People at Cornerstone 2010

Cornerstone is always filled with interesting people.  From people who live this vagabond lifestyle everyday to music industry executives to ministers and missionaries drawn to the Spirit’s presence to suburban families and churches full of fresh faced,exuberant youth.

Cornerstone 2010 Little PunkerOf course some people come and lose their minds.  We saw a group of middle aged men who had died their white beards green, their bald heads red and their white hair blue.

Many people choose give up bathing for the week.  We can not figure out if they are too demure to shower in a public facility or they use the week to reject societies grooming norms.  We wished they would pick a different expression of dissent.

We saw this punk rocker hanging out at the generator stages promoting his band who was playing a show that night.  The young drummer did not have much to say but her certaintly drew a crowd.

We previously told you about hippie dancing in one of our preview articles.  We missed the hippie dancing bands this year but at the Jesus Village one day we did encounter our favorite attire of the week in the middle of a Celtic jig.

Cornerstone 2010 Main Stage Crossroads

The center of commerce at Cornerstone lies about 500 yards from the Main Street crossroads.  Just past this intersection lies the food court, source of our nightly dinners with great pasta a Greek food, the Cornerstone merch tent and main stage. From this vantage point we took the opportunity to survey the camping scene, the Cornerstone offices and the portable toilets/billboards.

At night this was the hottest spot at Cornerstone 2010. Not only was it the crossroads of commerce but it was also the spot that within 100 feet in any direction you could be at the Main Stage, The Dance Club or the HM Stage.

One21music Offices at Cornerstone 2010

Just down the road from the Main Stage crossroads One21music set up their office/sleeping condo.  this was our base of operations for the entire week.

One21 Offices

Just down One21 Lane ( as we liked to call it) were the Anchor Fellowship team, Ascend The Hill, Rhona Kelly and the crew for The Wayside.

One21 Lane at Cornerstone 2010

As Ian expressed in his Cornerstone As A Family article you really can form a community in just a few days.  The Anchor team just up the lane shared cigars and prayer with Ian late one night, we shared breakfast with some young people who had just driven in from California with Sleeping Giant and we shared band recommendations with our next door neighbors throughout the week.