SXSW 2011 Day One & Two: Long Nights/Great Music

SXSW is always a little bittersweet for me. On one hand I always have a blast being down in the heart of Austin in the midst of a million people, hanging out with friends, and experiencing music that I wouldnt get to on a normal basis. On the other, its just exhasting to participate in the festival. There is alot of walking, not alot of places to sit, and since we cover a very specific group of artists, it takes some major preparation to be in the right place at the right time. In addition to this, I am actually working another job all week, a Spring Break day camp at a local YMCA. Despite all that, I have seen some really great stuff over the last few days, and in the middle of a great song it seems I am always able to forget how tired my feet are a thank God Im standing in the room Im in. I am blessed.


I pretty much stayed put for this one, because it just seemed like a good idea. HM Magazine is a staple in the Christian rock community, and what most people dont know is that it is run right outside of Austin. Doug Van Pelt has been the editor and heart of the magazine for over 25 years now, so you know you are in for a good time when he puts on his own little event in the middle of the chaos that is SXSW.

and the greatest of these sxsw 2011 crowd
And The Greatest Of These was the first band we saw for the night, and if I am not mistaken they were the only none Texas band on the bill. They played a mix of metal and hardcore that would be familiar for fans of Sleeping Giant and For Today, and they got the crowd moving pretty quickly into their set. They should some diversity between their more popular chug breakdown songs and their slower building songs that gave the set a not so typical feel. Every body in the band is under 21, so Im sure we will see alot of good things from these guys in years to come.

and the greatest of these sxsw 2011 jump

before there was rosalyn sxsw 2011
Next up was Victory Records band Before There Was Rosalyn. We saw them on this same showcase last year, and to be honest I wasnt super impressed then. This year they have a few new members, and a whole bunch of new songs that sound amazing. If what I heard at the show translates well into their new recordings, Before There Was Rosalyn is about to release a monster of an album. They bring a good energy live, and out of all the bands they seemed to have the most dedicated crowd.

before there was rosalyn sxsw 2011 carlos

the famine sxsw 2011 headbang
Solid State Records’ The Famine took the stage next and blew the whole place away. They were insanely good. Every member was a master of their instrument, and each song had its own distinction from the previous. They played with the crowd alot, made fun of each other, and then just tore the stage apart (then more laughing and joking). It is unfortunate that The Famine doesnt play more often because they have a great show. Be on the look out if these guys are rolling through your town, because The Famine are a show you NEED to see.

the famine sxsw 2011 point

The rest of the night was good, Firstborn From The Dead was interesting, The Shiny Darks arnt really my thing, and The Brigade put on a violent show that included audience mic scream-alongs, Zach Galifianakis jokes, and metal lyric cue cards. All in all a fun night.

DAY 2: Favorite Gentlemen Showcase

The next night I settled into Lamberts to watch the Favorite Gentlemen Showcase. I was only able to catch two bands, but both of them were awesome!

First up was O’ Brother. We saw these guys at Cornerstone this past year, and since then the band has been hard at work on a new album. The sprinkled in some of the songs from that release with songs from The Death Of Day EP. Its hard to describe the power this band commands when they play, everybody watching them was completely transfixed, and the band just never let up the whole time they were up there. If I had to describe their sound I would say it is somewhere around what Dignan or Manchester Orchester is doing, but alot heavier and more progressive sounding. I have seen them three times now and every time I am completely blown away by this band, I cant wait until their new record come out!

The guys in O’ Brother were actually nice enough to send me a track for you guys to download for free. The song is called “Division Of Man” and its from The Death Of Day EP, enjoy.

Download “Division Of Man” by O’ Brother

Next up was my friends in The Rocketboys. Featuring most of the original members, The Rocketboys plowed masterfully through songs spanning all three of their releases as a band. The raw emotion that this band emits is hard to capture in words, but The Rocketboys are a truely unique talent that was in rare form at SXSW. The crowd sang along and chanted for more songs at the end. It was a great way to end the night.

Here is The Rocketboys performing “We Are A Lighthouse”

Here is The Rocketboys performing “Islands”

The Rocketboys have also been so kind as to donate not only a track from their recent Wellwisher EP, but also a new song from The Wealthy West, singer Brandon Kinder’s solo project. Enjoy.

Download “A Narrow Place” by The Rocketboys
Download “Love Is Not Enough” by The Wealthy West

SXSW 2010 Day 3: Crazy

I have to admit that up until Firday, I have been pretty disappaointed with SXSW.  Yes, I didnt get a wristband and that most likely is holding me back, but it just seems like I havent been wowed as much this year as 2009.

Then Friday happened

Alternative hard rock band Conditions hit the Purevolume stage first thing and rock the crowd’s socks off. If you have never seen the band, they play a fun mix of melodic rock with just enough heavy riffs that makes them fit in with any rock crowd. They were solid from beginning to end, and were able to set the crowd up for another long day of music and fun.

This is one of those bands who know that they dont have to prove themselves anymore, but still give the crowd everything they want. Lovedrug‘s music really informs their show, at times it is slow and driving and at others thundering and emotional. They played a really good mix of their many albums, and also some newer material that will appear on a number of upcoming EPs (according to Doug from HM). They proved why they are still a name in the rock industry so many years later.

MyChildren MyBride
Despite the fact that MCMB played with mainly satanic death metal bands at this free showcase outside of EMOs, the band tore the place to the ground with their blend of hardcore and thrash. Smileing from beginning to end, MyChildren MyBride completely ruled the crowed as they blasted through a nearly 35 minute set. Stage dives, monster mosh pits, and sing alongs were all had in plenty, and the crowd was even treated to 4 brand new songs that will appear on their new album, Lost Boys, which will be out very soon. Ive always LIKED this band, but now I am FAN.

The Letter Black
A last minute addition to the HM Showcase, The Letter Black brought their brand of melodic hard rock on like a freight train. They seemed a little bothered by the lacking of standing in the crowd, but it didnt really slow them down one bit. After seeing these guys live, and interviewing them for Voices Of The Underground, my predictions is that if these guys last another year or so, they will be the next big break out band for Tooth & Nail.

Before There Was Rosalyn
The whole reason I even found the HM Showcase was because Before There Was Rosalyn was literally out on the street selling their merch to everybody who walked by. The Houston, TX band showed Austin what spirit-filled hardcore was all about with high energy form note one, and a unrelenting message of hope in Christ. They had the largest crowd for the showcase, and defiantly deserved the attention. Everyone in the room was their best friend by the end of the set, and the band hung out with the crowd for hours after they left the stage. I think we will be hearing alot from these guys for years to come…

Shapes Stars Make
Musically, Shapes Stars Make has tied for my favorite for this year’s SXSW, as far as their show goes, I need to see it again. Not because the band was bad, in fact let’s just say there was a alot of hitting instruments with mallets and sticks, looping effects, and 6 minute songs with no lyrics. I loved it! I was just really distracted by some……ummmm……dancing that started about two minutes into the progressive rock band’s set. If you werent there, it was really hard to miss, very bizarre, and the dancers seemed to multiply over time. Shapes Stars Make, you guys were great……welcome to Austin!

Demon Hunter/Before There Was Rosalyn Interviews Posted

The good people over at Indie Vision Music have been kind enough to not only post one, but two great interviews this week.

The first is with nu-metal giants Demon Hunter, in which they discuss the new members DH in the line-up, touring, embarrassing stories, and the new album, The World Is A Thorn, which is being mixed as we speak…

Read Demon Hunter interview

The second interview is with Victory Records metalcore band Before There Was Rosalyn. In this interview the band discusses purpose, shooting music videos, their signing with Victory, and witnessing from stage.

Read Before There Was Rosalyn interview

Free Download: See You On The Other Side…

See You On The Other Side... Holdfast Records 2006-2009

We are back on regular updates this week, and so Wednesday brings our free download, and I thought it would be cool to start things off with a Holdfast Records compilation. See You On The Other Side… Holdfast Records 2006-2009 is a chronicling of all the cool metal, hardcore, and hard rock that underground label Holdfast has been offering over the last three years. There is a little metalcore, some southern rock, and even a little electronica in there for good measure. Here is the tracklisting:

01. In Irons – Trust Not in Man (5:27)
02. Alcina – A Fist Full of Regrets (4:21)
03. Before There Was Rosalyn – A Shadow of the Things We Know (3:00)
04. Through Solace – Further from the Truth (5:10)
05. The Black Noise Party Boys – Spend the Night Party (1:55)
06. The Skies Revolt – The Transitive Deficiency (3:25)
07. The Skies Revolt – She Had To (4:29)
08. The Wolverines – From Living, to Death, Then to Life (3:32)
09. The Wolverines – I Buy Land and Timber (3:39)
10. This Love These Hands – Don’t Call It a Comeback (4:32)
11. This Love These Hands – I’m King of the World (4:27)
12. Poorly Built Parachute – The Confrontation (3:09)
13. Materia Medica – The Kilowatt Hours (2:11)
14. Materia Medica – The Awakened (3:43)


Download See You On The Other Side… Holdfast Records 2006-2009

Music Videos For The End Of November

Basically there isnt a whole lot of “news stuff” going on this week (and next). However there are a whole bunch of music videos that have hit the web lately, so here they are. Enjoy:

Take Me As I Am by FM Static

Halfway Gone by Lifehouse

Backfire by MuteMath

The Warrior by Before There Was Rosalyn

The Fill by Half Handed Cloud

She Said by Everfound

New Releases For October 27th, 2009

before there was rosalyn THE FUHRER An Allegory Of A History Of Deception
THE FUHRER: An Allegory Of A History Of Deception
Before There Was Rosalyn

Victory Records
Buy NOW:

Tsar Bomba

RetroActive Records
Hard Rock

Byron Cage Faithful To Believe
Faithful To Believe
Byron Cage

Buy NOW:

deas vail birds cages
Birds & Cages
Deas Vail

Mono VS Stereo
Buy NOW:

dolly parton + dolly
Dolly(4 CD Box Set)
Dolly Parton

Sony Legacy
Buy NOW:

the priests harmony
The Priests

RCA Records
Buy NOW:

mission six not too young
Not Too Young
Mission Six

iShine Records
Tween Pop
Buy NOW:

the rocket summer you gotta believe ep
You Gotta Believe EP
The Rocket Summer

Island Records
Buy NOW:

the rubyz sound off
Sound Off
The Rubyz

iShine Records
Buy NOW:

safe haven In the Middle of Destruction
In the Middle of Destruction
Safe Haven

Live Love Records
Pop Rock

Truby Entropy

Buy NOW:

U2 The Unforgettable Fire
The Unforgettable Fire(Remastered Re-Release)

Island Records
Pop Rock
Buy NOW:
iTunes (deluxe version)

A Silver Lining (digital release)
We Shot The Moon

Afternoon Records
Pop Rock
Buy NOW:

Christian Music News Oct.6th, 2009


Paramore‘s MTV Unplugged performance was posted over on this last week. Watch Paramore Unplugged.

HM Magazine posted an interview with Before There Was Rosalyn. Read Before There Was Rosalyn interview.

Dreamt Music has signed on Shapes Stars Make! from Dallas, TX. Congrats guys, I think you are the first Texas band to ever sign with a Facedown imprint…

A rather extensive interview with Lights was posted over at Read Lights interview.


Below is the new video from The Letter Black for their song “Hanging By A Thread”

Below is the video for Oh, Sleepers song “Son Of The Morning”

Below is the video for “Lost” by Da T.R.U.T.H.

Below is the music video for The Wrecking‘s song “Sound of the Resistance”

Below is new video from Flyleaf with their new song “Again”

Below is the new music video for “Lonely Wheel” by The Almost

Album Info (more in the Release Dates page)

Below is the album artwork and tracklisting for Joy Electric‘s upcoming covers album entitled Favorites At Play, which will hit stores November 3rd, 2009.
joy electric favorites at play
1. 1,2,3,4 (Feist)
2. Viva La Vida (Coldplay)
3. I Miss You (Blink 182)
4. Falling Slowly (Glen Hansard & Markéta Irglová from the film Once)
5. When You Were Young (The Killers)
6. Somewhere Only We Know (Keane)
7. It Ends Tonight (The All-American Rejects)
8. Decode (Paramore)
9. Say It Right (Nelly Furtado)

Below is the album artwork and tracklisting for Tooth & Nail newcomers Queen’s Club and their upcoming October 27th, 2009 release, Nightmarer EP
queens club nightmarer
1. Nightmarer
2. Dust
3. Family Ties
4. Greinke
5. Uh Huh
6. Nightmarer [Max Justus Remix]

Below is the album artwork and tracklisting for Eisley‘s upcoming October 13th, 2009 release, entitled The Fire Kites EP
eisley fire kites EP
1. Ambulance
2. The Valley
3. Away We Go (demo)
4. 192 Days (demo)

Christian Music News August 25th, 2009

Jeremy Camp and his wife, Adrienne (Adie) recently informed fans that they lost their unborn child in a miscarriage.  Adie was three months pregnant.  Please pray for their family in this time of sadness.

Below is the album artwork and tracklisting for Relient K‘s upcoming release Forget And Not Slow Down, which will hit stores Oct.6th, 2009.
1 Forget and Not Slow Down
2 I Don’t Need A Soul
3 Candlelight
5 Part Of It
7 Therapy
8 Over It
9 Sahara
11 Savannah
13 If You Believe Me
14 This Is The End
15 (If You Want It)

Despite a great fan base and positive critic response, Tooth & Nail Records rock band Capital Lights have called it quits so virtually all the members can go to school.   Getting tired of having this kind of news every week….

Below is the new music video from Belle Epoque with their song “Keeping The Innocent”.

An interview with Facedown Records punk band Take It Back! was posted over at Indie Vision Music.  Read Take It Back! interview.

Below is the album artwork and tracklisting for B.Reith‘s upcoming Sept. 22nd, 2009 release, Now Is Not Forever.
1. Intro (Excuse Me Everybody)
2. The Comeback Kid
3. I Know
4. Mess
5. Antidote
6. My Story
7. U Should Know
8. Wish That
9. Old School
10. Rain Down
11. Just For You
12. Breathe

Continuing the interview theme, HM Magazine did a quick interview with Come&Live! worship band The Ember DaysRead The Ember Days interview.

Before There Was Rosalyn have announced that their debut Victory Records debut will be entitled THE FUHRER: An Allegory Of A History Of Deception.

Below is the video for horror-punk band Grave Robber‘s latest single, entitled “Altered States”

Gasoline Heart was interviewed over at this week. Read Gasoline Heart interview.

Tyler Hall of the pop rock band Revive has left the band on seemingly good terms.  Of course, everybody leaves on good terms nowadays, because Christian bands don’t fight…..

Below is the album artwork and tracklisting for Norwegian rockers Dreampilots upcoming Sept.29th, 2009 release Comedown.
1. Keep My Soul
2. Comedown
3. Stones
4. Eye Candy
5. One More Time
6. Pick Me Up
7. Invisible Things
8. Broken Man
9. Begging You
10. Walking Through Walls
11. Throw Myself

Indie Vision posted yet another interview this week, this time with Rise Records newcomers The Color Morale. Read The Color Morale interview.

There are strong rumors floating around that not only is The Juliana Theory thinking of reforming, but post hardcore legends Further Seems Forever might be reforming with orginal vocalist, now Dashboard Confessional frontman, Chris Carrabba. There, I said it, but I don’t know anything else about either band. Rumors, rumors…..

Below is the new video for Grits‘ new single “Fly Away”

Mae has signed with Cell Records, and will begin releasing their trilogy of EPs (starting with (m)orning) in September of 2009.

A Hope For Home has parted ways with their drummer, Ian, and will be looking for a replacement as they begin to write a new album.

Below is the album artwork and tracklisting for Inhale/Exhale‘s upcoming Oct.6th, 2009 release, Bury Me Alive.
01. Rooms
02. Did You Ever Have a Touch to Lose?
03. Condemned
04. Over and Out
05. A Dark Place for Your Mind to Be
06. Intentions
07. Explosions
08. Fiction
09. Better Her Than Me
10. Thin Black Lines
11. An Era

Christian Music News July 28,2009

for all those reading this on Facebook, follow this link to see all the videos

Here is a first look at the cover art for freak-folk pioneer Josh Garrels’ new album, entitled Lost Animals, which (according to his Myspace) will see a “August 2009″ release date. Isnt that next week?:

Below is the video for August Burns Red‘s latest single, “Meddler”

Contemporary Christian/Worship mainstay Tree63 has decided to split after almost ten years together, all saying that they will pursue separate music careers.

Since October has a pretty sweet new video for their song “Guilty”. Cant show it to you though, because like most of the T&N, Solid State, and BEC Recordings videos, we cant embed the videos. I guess free viral advertising is not…..good….anymore….

According to their/his Myspace, Number One Gun is now recording new material. More as it comes to us….

Pop rock band Abandon Kansas is now the latest edition to the Gotee Records family. Congrats to them and Gotee…

Below is the artwork and tracklisting for Future Of Forestry‘s upcoming release, Travel EP II, which will be available Sept. 8th, 2009:
1. Holiday
2. Set Your Sails
3. So Close, So Far
4. Slow Your Breathe Down
5. Hills Of Indigo Blue
6. Someday

Extreme metal band Sinbreed has signed with Ulteriaum Records, and will release their next album through the label sometime in early 2010.

Thousand Foot Krutch have canceled several of their upcoming performances due to frontman Trevor McNaven having an emergency appendectomy on Wednesday. Keep him in your prayers as he recovers from the surgery.

Speaking of Trevor, here is a new video from his other band, FM Static, for the song “Her Father’s Song”:

Last week, we debuted the cover art and tracklisting for Thrice‘s upcoming release, Beggars, which was originally supposed to see a October 8th release date. Not even a day later, the album was illegally leaked to the general public in digital form.  In response, Vagrant Records has pushed up the digital release date to August 11th, with plans to have a several special surprises for the physical CD release date, which Vagrant will give more details on in the very near future.

In celebration of the 10 year existence of Cool Hand Luke, their very first, self-released, full-length CD, I Fought Against Myself, will now be available for download on iTunes.  Don’t steal it, go buy it…and if you have already stolen it because you thought you couldn’t get it anywhere else, well now you can, so put up or shut up.

OneRepublic posted a huge update with details on their new album. Read OneRepublic update.

The Fray recently performed some “unplugged” versions of “You Found Me”, “Say When”, and a cover of Joan Osborne‘s “St.Teresa”. Videos of these performance were posted this week on the magazine’s website. If you read carefully into the article, you will also see that the band is helping American Idol winner Kris Allen with his debut album. Interesting…..Watch The Fray perform for Rolling Stone.

Below is the artwork for Sleeping At Last‘s upcoming release, Storyboards, which will see a physical release date in August (however, if you pre-order the new album from the band, you can already download Storyboards in its entirety):

Houston, Texas metalcore band Before There Was Rosalyn announced this last week that they have signed with Victory Records (Corpus Christi, Comeback Kid, With Blood Comes Cleansing) and will head to the studio very soon. Congrats guys….

An interview with Paramore‘s Hayley Williams was posted over at Read Paramore interview.

tobyMac,Wavorly, A Hope For Home, BarlowGirl and Seabird are all in the studio working hard on new CDs for YOU!

Below is the video for “Move”, by hip-hop band Jupiter 7. Enjoy:

Paste Magazine named mewithoutYou their “band of the week”. Read mewithoutYou profile in Paste Magazine.

Ska-core band Send Out Scuds are down a drummer after current stick master Brennen announced he was leaving the band this week.  Look for audition info in the coming weeks.

Below is the music video for Derek Webb‘s new song, “What Matters More”, which will be part of the original version of his upcoming release, Stockholm Syndrome. This album, because of the song below, has caused a lot of controversy for the artist due to some foul language, and as seeming support for the homosexual movement (even though I don’t believe that to be the case). On this website, we are committed to bringing you music that pushes the boundaries of what is traditionally thought of as Christian music. The song in this video is made to do that. However, it does contain language most would deem unsavory. We are posting this not to support Webb‘s decision, but to give you the opportunity to leave your feelings on the song, in a safe and unbiased place. Please though, do not comment if you have not listened first.

Christian Music News 6/9/09

Lots to do, no time to talk, here are your headlines:

A few new albums hit stores today. Check them out.

Enoch magazine did an interview with Before There Was Rosalyn frontman Carlos. Read Before There was Rosalyn interview.

Two (count ‘em TWO!) new music videos for experimental electronic artist Son Lux debuted this week. Watch them below:

“War” by: Son Lux

“Wither” by: Son Lux

Josh Head of Emery did a little Q&A with Read Emery interview.

The new Gwen Stacy is in the studio, recording some sweet tuneage for YOU! Watch below to see their progress:

An official Jars Of Clay update has been issued for all you Jarsheads out there (I dont know if that is what you call Jars OF Clay fans, but it will catch on, mark my words.) Read Jars Of Clay update.

Outrun The Gun has split up. Thats like 6 in the last month or so now, right? Read Outrun The Gun statement.

Flynn Adam has posted the video for his song “Adios”. Watch it below:
Flynn Adam – Adios

Metal band Harmony ALSO have a new video. Its gonna be an “on” month for videos I can see. Watch below:

“Prevail” by: Harmony

Old school spirit-filled hardcore band Focused has reunited with the majority of their original members. sweet.