Free MP3 Album Download: Sev Statik-Silver LP

sev statik silver lp

Today’s free download is from the mighty Sev Statik. For those that don’t know Sev 1) you have been missing out and 2) he is one the key members of the underground hip-hop super-crew known as The Tunnelrats. Those familiar with Tunnelrats will know what to expect from Sev Statik; the dude is total underground hip-hop. His rhymes are complex and introspective, the beats are intricate and kind of grimy. There is alot of focus here on ministry, samples, and artistic hip-hop. Everything you could need…

The Silver LP is one of Sev Statik‘s first solo ventures, and last week he announced that not would most of his library be on a massive discount, but that this little gem would be for free. If you are into down-to-earth hip-hop with alot of heart and message, then you should download this album right NOW!

For fans of: Cas Metah, LMNO, Atmosphere, Brother Ali

the link below will take you to Sev Statik‘s bandcamp page. Hit that DOWNLOAD ALBUM link at the top of the page, and fill out what ever info they ask for, and you will receive a link to down the album in your email shortly after…

Download Sev Statik-Silver LP