Free MP3 Album-P.Phillips:Observant and the Anawim

Every time I think there will be a week without a free download for you guys, I find something at the last minute. This time around it is Preson Phillips, a young pastor with a passion for music.  The music is some what worship like, maybe a little folk-ish, with a little bit of atmospheric rock in there. The real treat on this one is the lyrics, they are extremely dense and spiritual, written over the course of the last two years of Preson’s life. This is quality stuff guys, so I hope you dig it. Another cool note is that a few of the musicians on this album are none other than members of Underoath/The Almost, so you know it will be interesting. Preston has this up for free download, but if you would like to donate to his ministry, you can always visit his web site and do so. Here is the drill, click the link below and save the file. Extract All Files from the ZIP file, and you got some new stuff to meditate over.

here is his website if you want to donate:

Download Preson Phillips- The Observant and the Anawim

Stuff From All Over

2009 is up and going, and things are starting to pick up again for us around here. Some formatting issues didn’t let me post a New Releases post this week, but we have taken care of it, so there will be one up next week. I promise.  Anyway, the music scene is starting to go back to work, so the news is a bit more plentiful than past posts. We do this every week (almost every week) to keep you, the reader, up to date on what is happening in the Christian music industry. If you think we have missed something, or you want to hear about your favorite Christian artist, hit us up in that Contact Us tab over there, and we will do our best to change our ways..

Friction Family did an interview that debuted on They were also featured in Billboard Magazine. Watch Friction Family video interview. See Friction Family in Billboard Magazine.

Rapper Apple Jaxx put a new song called “Rebel” for free download. Download a free Apple Jaxx MP3.

Emery and Underoath announced their European tour together. Check tour dates for Emery.

HANDS updated fans from the road about their latest tour and whats going on with the band. Read HANDS tour blog.

Glam metal icons Stryper posted the track listing for their latest CD. Read Stryper’s tracklisting for their new CD, Murder By Pride.

Agraceful is streaming their entire CD right now on myspace. Listen to Agraceful’s full CD, The Great I Am.

A live video of Copeland surfaced on this week. Watch a live music video of Copeland.

Skillet gave a huge update concerning new music and various band stuff. Read updates on Skillet. did a great interview with Tooth And Nail Records owner/founder Brandon Ebel. Read the online interview with Brandon Ebel of Tooth And Nail.

Believer’s official announcement concerning their signing to Meta Blade Records was made public. Read Metal Blade Records official annnouncent on signing Believer.

Rapper KJ-52 posted another of his ongoing video devotionals, this one is entitled “Who Do You Compare To?”. Watch KJ-52′s video devontional #12.

Underneath The Gun posted an update concerning their new CD, Forfiet Misfourtunes, being featured on, new tours, and their purevolume site. Read updates for Underneath The Gun.

Yours For Mine‘s new album, Dear Children, was reviewed by,, and Read Dear Children CD review on highbeam. Read Dear Children review on Read Dear Children CD review on jtindie.

Red has new music video up for the song “Death Of Me” on their website. Watch Red’s music video for “Death Of Me”.

High Valley issued their latest e-news update concerning a new CD, tours, and joining a cruise next winter. Read news updates for High Valley.

Esther O’Conner gave a short update on her Christmas break, and some new songs from her new CD. Read Esther O’Conner updates.

Abandon Kansas posted their first tour vidoe blog from their “Left Coast Tour”. Watch video tour blog from Abanddon Kansas.

Open Grave Records signed I Built The Cross this week. Read Open Grave Records announce the signing of I Built The Cross.

The artwork for THE ASCENDICATE’s new album made its way online this week. See the cover art for the CD To Die As Kings.

Brain “Head” Welch will be holding open auditions for his touring band very soon. Read how to audition for Brian Welch’s touring band.

Veronica Ballestrini gave asmall update about her new album. Read updates from Veronica Ballestrini.

R-Swift‘s new video for the song “Lifetime” hit the web this week. Watch R-Swift’s video for “Lifetime”.

A rendition of of “A Little Help From My Friends” featuring Dustin Kensrue (Thrice), Jon Foreman (Switchfoot), and Aaron Gillespie (Underoath/The Almost) recorded at a recent To Write Love On Her Arms event was posted on this week. Watch the all-star video of “A Little Help From My Friends”.

Anathallo gave an interview to this week. Read Ananthallo interview.

The HipHope 2009 website launched this week to promote the album in February. You can listen to many of the 15+ songs through the website, and also read short bios on each of the artists featured on this year’s compilation. Check out HipHope 2009′s website.

Cornerstone Festival revamped and updated their website this week. A few bands were announced, along with an address from the fest’s director. Visit the Cornerstone Festival 2009 website.

Mae will be releasing a new song in MP3 form, every month, for a year. All proceeds will go charity. Read information on Mae’s charity song drive.

A press release concerning August Burns Red was issued this week. Read August Burns Red’s official press release.

Facedown Fest 09′s website launch this week. Visit Facedown Fest 09.

Dolly Parton announced she will be taking part of the “From The Heart Series”. Read the official announcement about Dolloy Parton and the “From The Heart Series”.

A huge update on Rebecca St. James was posted this week on her myspace. Read Rebecca St. James updates.

The Fray‘s new video for their song, “You Found Me” premiered this week. Watch the video for “You Found Me” by The Fray.

KJ-52‘s video for his song “Stuck In The 80′s” palso premiered this week. Watch the video for “Stuck In The 80s” by KJ-52.

Christian Artists To Know: August Burns Red

august burns red live

August Burns Red
Genre: Metal
Styles: metalcore, hardcore, mosh
Location: Lancaster, PENN
Label: Solid State/Tooth and Nail
Christian label: yes
Category: The Message whats this?

If you are in to heavy music, you know that the term “Christian metal” has always seemed to be some what of a joke to the general public.  How can a group of peace loving believers create any type of hard, aggressive music that could even hope to compete in the headbanging scene?  Enter August Burns Red. This five-piece from Pennsylvania is no joke, and in their short career they have proven to be one of the most dominate forces in heavy music today.  They started playing music before most of the guys were even out of high school, but since 2004 ABR has been creating some of the most technical and brutal metal/hardcore out there.

Their latest achievement is Messengers, released in 2007, it combines the best of mosh inducing breakdowns with true musicianship and introspective lyrics.  Their songs deal with questioning mainstream ideology, forgiveness and redemption, separating them from their dark and doomy secular counterparts.  They have been touring non-stop since the release of Messengers in 2007, and are finally settling down to write and record a new album some time in 2009. Their latest achievements include a instrumental version of “Carol Of The Bells” which will appear on the Tooth and Nail compilation Christmas X, and a version of Britney Spear‘s “Hit Me Baby One More Time” which will end up on Fearless Records When Punk Goes Pop 2.

Here is their amazing video for the the song “Composure”. The song deals with letting go of your past and letting yourself move on.  The video is a great testament to their performance style and ability to communicate issues of the heart through heavy music.


I have been following the career of these guys since I first heard about them signing to Solid State several years ago. I have to say that their name and look really threw me off at the beginning, but once I heard their debut, Thrill Seeker, I have been a fan ever since.  This band is simply one of the most solid heavy bands I have ever listened to, and they deserve all the success that God grants them. If you are in to heavy music, you owe it to yourself to check them out.

You can get August Burns Red’s music digitally on August Burns Red

You can also get their CDs on Amazon: Looks Fragile After All(reissued EP from 2004), Thrill Seeker(2005), Messengers(2007), Lost Messengers: The Outtakes(2009)

Stuff From All Over- Happy New Year!!

From all of us here at The One 21, we hope that 2009 is a year for amazing things to be done in your life.  For us, it will be a long road of building and launching the site, but we know that God will guide us in the way that we need to go.  It will be a big year, so we hope the best for you and for us.

Like most Fridays, we post a whole bunch of links to various stories that have happened over the week in Christian music.  Please click through all the links to discover new music, catch up on old favorites, and to stay up to date with what is going on in Christian music scene.

Mute Math will be on Jay Leno TONIGHT (1/2/09) has launched their new 4.0 site since we last spoke. Go in and look around.

Wrench In The Works have added a new member, thus ending their run as a three piece. The announcement of the new member and other news for Wrench In Ihe Works.

The Fold posted a video update for their fans concerning the near future for the band.

A Kiss For Jersey‘s new video for the song “oh infamous city” was posted recently.  Note: the video is a bit graphic, so watch with some care. =)

HillsongUnited posted a video teaser for their upcoming documentary “We Are All In This Together”.

Brian “Head” Welch announced about what early 2009 will hold for him and his music. did an interview with Ivoryline before the holidays, they were even nice enough to share it with all of us.

Friction Family‘s new video for their song “When She’s Near” debuted over the holidays.

Punk band Fight Before Surrender (FBS) gave an interview on

The Crucified have reunited. OLD SKOOL 4 NEW EARS!!

Sara Reeves gave a huge update on her myspace.

Joy Electric followed suit and also gave a huge update on their myspace (must be a good place to announce stuff).

In Fear And Faith give up a whole bunch of details concerning upcoming album, Your World On Fire.

Underoath posted a home video of their recent tour to South America.

Mae talks about their new song up for free download, all the other stuff that they are up to. News and downloads from Mae.

….and thats it. The news will most likely be a bit more numerous next week, along with some more releases. Have a great week, and let us know if we missed anything.

Christian Hip-Hop Video Of The Year

It barely made it on to the scene this year, but hip-hop artist KABOOSE’s video for the song “Goin’ Outta Control” made its way on to you tube last week.

The track comes off of his latest CD with Syntax Records, called Excuse Me. KABOOSE has only been in the Christian hip-hop scene for a short time, but is already making a big name for himself. The video is a fun, bouncy mix of flash animation depicting not only the graphic design elements of his album artwork, but also illustrates the lyrics to the song as they are being said. According to his record label, he is their highest selling artist to date, and with quality videos like this, we don’t think it is going to stop anytime soon.


First Runner-Up: Ambassador- Gimme Dat!

Ambassador is one of the founding members of the foundational Christian hip-hop super group, The Cross Movement. He and his partners have been dedicated to their ministry of using hip-hop to reach people since the mid-nineties, and his latest album The Chop Chop: From Milk To Meat is another solid testament to his talent and devotion to his ministry. The song and video deal with the idea of letting God determine what is good for you, and being satisfied with the things He gives us. Note at the end of the video when the men in suits, that were happy to eat what was in front of them, were rewarded with so much more….