Christian Artists To Know: Eisley


Genre: Rock
Styles: Atmospheric Rock, Progressive, Pop
Location: Tyler, TX
Label: Reprise/Warner Bros. Records
Christian label: No
Category: The Light whats this?

It will be a long time before you hear about a band like Eisley. Comprised of the three Dupree sisters, their brother, and cousin, the band arose from humble beginnings in Tyler, TX to meet an overwhelming response from fans and critics alike. They began in coffee houses as a musical experiment for the sisters, and soon after traveling to Cornerstone festival in 2002, Eisley (known for a while as Moss Eisley) embarked on their very first tour opening up for none other than  Coldplay. At the time the oldest person in the band was Chauntelle, who was only 21 (sister Stacy was 15), and their father took over as tour manager.  Six years, countless tours, several EPs, and two full-lengths later, the kids that began Moss Eisley are seasoned indie veterans, completing their 3rd full album, and once again building on their already story-book career.

Eisley‘s sound can best be described as dark pop. At its heart, the sisters craft well rounded melodies around interesting hooks and whimsical lyrics; but an almost ghost like atmosphere surrounds the songs, giving their music an other-worldly feel.  Eisley‘s two and three part harmonies give the band a unique take on the typical girl indie-rock sound, while the sister’s voice’s can be similar at times, there are distinct differences between main vocalists Stacy and Sherri’s styles.  Also unique is the fact that they write all their music, and play all the instruments (two of the girls play guitar, Stacy plays piano) required, which unfortunately is a rarity in the music world today.  Their first full-length, Room Noises, saw Eisley in an almost playful mood, with lyrics about fantastical kingdoms and dragons. 2007′s Combinations, on the other hand, reflected the band coming of age with more focus on matters of family, disappointment, and rejection of the world around them.  The complexity of the songs and the progressions have also matured, taking the listener on a journey that most happily revisit time and time again.

The band has be gaining recognition since almost the moment they began playing. Within four years of playing in their parent coffee house as a three piece, Eisley released their major label debut to critical success. On that album, the song “Marvelous Things” is a stand out, seen here performed acoustically by the Dupree sisters for MTV.

Leaving behind their child-like view of the world, a darker, more accomplished Eisley emerged in 2007 with songs like “Invasion”, performed here at Fearless Music in 2008.

We ran across these guys at their very first Cornerstone performance in 2002. They were these five, very small kids who apologized to the crowd after every song for not playing well enough. Despite their condolences, their music was mesmerizing. Over the years, we have watched from afar as they have become a force in the indie-pop scene. Bands like Coldplay, Taking Back Sunday, and Brand New all list the Dupree gang in their top bands.  Not band for a bunch of home school kids from a Texas family of believers.  Though they have never wanted to exist within the Christian music world, the band has never hidden their faith, and approached their career with a wisdom and integrity (both morally and artistically) that has brought them more positive recognition than using their beliefs to define their art.  As we look into 2009, and a new album from Eisley looms on the horizon, and the next chapter of this great band awaits the sunshine.

You can get Eisley‘s music digitally on Eisley and Amazon

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