Essential Songs: When In Rome by Nickel Creek

Essential Songs: When In Rome by Nickel Creek

When In Rome by Nickel Creek Nickel Creek - Why Should the Fire Die? - When In Rome

The first bluegrass band in decades to enjoy crossover success on the mainstream charts, Nickle Creek incorporated heavy pop, rock and folk elements into their bluegrass style.  Chris Thile, Sara Watkins and Sean Watkins included “When In Rome” on their Grammy award winning final release Why Should the Fire Die.  “When In Rome” speaks to the folly of living a Christian life focusing on an earthly life.  The final chorus is killer by challenging  how will we fill comfortable in heaven if we spend life focusing on earth.

When In Rome
Chris Pile

Where can a sick man go
When he can’t choke down the medicine,
The old Doc knows.
A specialist came to town, but he stays at home,
saying no one knows, so I don’t, Honey, when in Rome.

Where can a teacher go?
Wherever she thinks people need the things she knows.
Hey, those books you gave us look good on the shelves at home,
And they’ll burn warm in the fireplace, Teacher, when in Rome.

Grab a blanket, sister, we’ll make smoke signals.
Bring in some new blood
It feels like we’re alone.
Grab a blanket, brother,
so we don’t catch cold from one another
Oh, I wonder if we’re stuck in Rome.

Where can a dead man go?
A question with an answer only dead men know.
But I’m gonna bet they never really feel at home,
If they spend a lifetime learning how to live in Rome.