Essential Song:mewithoutYou-In A Sweater Poorly Knit


Oh, so I forgot to warn you when we started this Essential Song series that there would be a lot of mewithoutYou on in. They just write really amazing, beautiful and unique songs, and we have to include them. Just to get this out of the way, you will also see a lot of Wovenhand, Josh Garrels, and a few others. This gorgeous song features equal parts self examination and spiritual revelation that it could double as a praise song to sing in your church. This video was taken from Cornerstone Fest a few years back when they played the main stage. They invited a few of their buddies on stage, including Timbre. Enjoy this as you read the lyrics…

In a sweater poorly knit, and an unsuspecting smile
Little Moses drifts downstream in the Nile
A fumbling reply, an awkward, rigid laugh
I’m carried helpless by my floating basket raft
Your flavor in my mind swings back and forth
between sweeter than any wine, and bitter as mustard greens
Light and dark as honeydew and pumpernickel bread
The trap I set for you seems to have caught my leg instead

As you plow some other field and try and forget my name,
see what harvest yields, and, supposing I’d do the same
I planted rows of peas, but by the first week of July
they should have come up to my knees but they were maybe ankle high
Take the fingers from your flute to weave your colored yarns,
and boil down your fruit to preserves in mason jars
But now books are overdue and the goats are underfed
The trap I set for you seems to have caught my leg instead

You’re a door without a key, a field without a fence
You made a holy fool of me, and I’ve thanked you ever since
If she comes circling back, we’ll end where we’d begun
Like two pennies on the train track the train crushed into one
Or if I’m a crown without a king, if I’m a broken, open seed
If I come without a thing, I come with all I need
No boat out in the blue, no place to rest your head
The trap I set for you seems to have caught my leg instead

I do not exist
Only You exist
I do not exist

You can purchase this song on Amazon MP3 and Mewithoutyou - Brother, Sister - In a Sweater Poorly Knit

What was Aaron trying to say with all the metaphors of farming and crops?
Is this mewithoutYou‘s version of worship music?

Essential Songs:Norma Jean-Memphis Will Be Laid To Waste


So this is our first heavy song on our Essential Songs series, and many would agree that this is a classic in its own right. I do need to explain something, actually a few things. The band pictured above and the one that recorded “Memphis Will Be Laid To Waste” was fronted by Josh Scogin, who is now the frontman for The Chariot. Which means that the vocalist for the band now (Cory) is different than the voice on this song. Oh, and the guy in the video, is neither Josh nor Cory. So its Josh’s voice with some other guy performing, who is no longer the vocals for the band. Got it? Oh, and this song features Aaron from mewithoutYou. Watch, read, answer questions:

Waltz around the room, with a glaze in your stare
In your tuxedo suit
I’ll give it a name!
Lower defenses
I’ll lower the casket
Open the door and open the grave


Now you’re doing the waltz with your murderer

Waltz around the room, with a glaze in your stare
In your tuxedo suit
I’ll give it a name!
Lower defenses
I’ll lower the casket
Open the door and open the grave

Mediocrity is the killer

You find yourself helpless
Christ is not a fashion, fleeting away
Fashion, fashion

He laid emeralds in her eyes, but I’d already tried
a bracelet made of gold and a scarlet thread around her wrist.
And everything was wrong, so we sang sentimental songs.
Oh how seldom we belong, but how elegant our kiss.
and we paint big crooked lines
but we danced in perfect time to a love so much refined, we know not what it is.
so like the dullen wine, we poor into a grief we’d known before,
but never quite like this, never quite like this!
all i know now is regret she follows, like a silhouette, of a cobblestone behind me.
she has nothing left to say except to innocently ask, her voice delicate as glass. “do you see me when we pass?”
but I continue on my way.

You can buy this song on Norma Jean - Bless the Martyr and Kiss the Child - Memphis Will Be Laid to Waste and AmazonMP3

This song’s intention was to talk about spiritual apathy, in what ways does this song express that idea?

Did having the words to this song allow you understand the message better?

One21 Guide To Christian Music Festivals:June

So Summer time is is around the bend, and for music lovers that means one thing: Music Festivals!  In the world of Christian music, summer festivals are a big deal, there are many artists who only play these once a year mega-events. For audience members, festivals are a great way to experience music that may have never come into focus until they saw it live. In our lives, mewithoutYou, La Dispute, Josh Garrels, Anathallo, Enter The Worship Circle, RedCloud, and Cool Hand Luke would never have hit our radar if we hadn’t wandered into a tent at Cornerstone Festival over the years.  Even though we at One21 think Cornerstone is great, it is only one of the many around the country. Maybe you want to hit one, or tour them of all (we have met people who do), so we have put this little schedule together of all the Christian music festivals in 2009. You are welcome:

Red Letter Fest (June5th-6th):
Snyder TX
We are actually going to be covering this one. It takes place in Snyder Texas with over a day and a half of every type of rock you could want. It all goes down on one stage, and we will be right in the middle of it. This year’s fest even features a special acoustic performance by some of the former members of Audio Adrenaline.
Line-up highlights:
Norma Jean Norma Jean
Family Force 5 Family Force 5
Audio Adrenaline Audio Adrenaline
Spoken Spoken
Maylene & The Sons Of Disaster Maylene & The Sons of Disaster
Hawk Nelson Hawk Nelson
Red Red
Children 18:3 Children 18:3
Decyfer Down Decyfer Down
White Collar Sideshow
White Collar Sideshow

Ichthus Music Fest (June 10th-13th):
Wilmore KY
Ichthus is a ministry that puts on a huge outdoor festival every year. Many of testimonials talk about a strong emphasis on ministry, making the Fest perfect for youth groups and large church groups. It features a wide array of music styles, speakers, two stages (one main and a small side stage), and prayer tents.
Line-up highlights:
Delirious? (last Kentucky show ever- but never say never) Delirious?
Skillet Skillet
Project 86 Project 86
Kutless Kutless
Fireflight Fireflight
Grits Grits
Derek Webb Derek Webb
The Showdown The Showdown
Becoming The Archetype Becoming the Archetype
John Reuben
John Reuben

Atlanta Fest (June17th-20th):
Stone Mountain Park, GA
Atlanta Fest is the biggest fest so far, with three and a half days of music, speakers, and seminars across over 5 stages every day. Camping is available, and their website contains info on other arrangements. This fest is extremely family friendly, with activities for kids, seminars for adults, and of course music all day. Cant beat Georgia that time of the year either.
Line-up Highlights:
Casting Crowns Casting Crowns
(I swear they are doing a festival tour) Skillet
Fireflight Fireflight
Brandon Heath Brandon Heath
Natalie Grant Natalie Grant
KJ-52 KJ-52
The Afters The Afters
Run Kid Run Run Kid Run
Kristian Stanfill Kristian Stanfill
Phil Joel
Phil Joel

Alive Festival (June 17-20):
Canal Fulton, OH
Alive is one of the oldest Christian music festivals around. This is its 22nd year in operation, and showcases the biggest Christian music acts that this year has to offer. Camping is available, but through their website you can also get some pretty good discounts on nearby hotel rooms. If want to see the biggest bands of the Christian music industry, this is the festival for you.
Line-up Highlights:
Newsboys (featuring Peter Furler for his last performance) Newsboys
Switchfoot Switchfoot
David Crowder Band David Crowder Band
Anberlin Anberlin
Superchick Superchick
Vicky Beeching Vicky Beeching
Everyday Sunday Everyday Sunday
Red Red
Spoken Spoken
(watch they will be on every one) Skillet

Creation Northeast Fest (June 24th-27th):
Mount Union, PA
Creation is actually a two part festival. The first half hits in late June, and is a huge outdoor event geared towards youth pastors. It claims to be the largest Christian music festival, with tons of music, activities and stuff for kids. Creation also features themed stages, with a main stage reserved for the bigger acts, the fringe stage for lesser known bands, and a stage completely reserved for worship. There is a lot of music crammed in to three days, so come ready!
Line-up Highlights:
Chris Tomlin Chris Tomlin
(surprised?) Skillet
Third Day Third Day
Relient K Relient k
David Crowder Band David Crowder Band
Pillar Pillar
Thousand Foot Krutch Thousand Foot Krutch
Spoken Spoken
Disciple Disciple

Cornerstone Festival (June 29th-July 4th)
Bushnell, IL
This our favorite by far. Cornerstone is run by the Jesus People, and is a huge undertaking: easily 8 stages (including a massive main stage and not including “generator stages”, stages built DIY style by people who are attending the fest), with over 300 performers, Cornerstone is THE place tto experience new music. With focuses on both the mainstream and independent underground, Cornerstone has something for every one. The fest is open for seven days, with only six being official festival days. The festival also features independent movie screenings, art displays, seminars, kids camp, and so much more. Man I love that festival.
Line-up Highlights:
mewithoutYou Mewithoutyou
Underoath Underoath
Living Sacrifice Living Sacrifice
David Bazan David Bazan
Relient K Relient k
Impending Doom Impending Doom
KJ-52 KJ-52
Listener Listener
Cool Hand Luke Cool Hand Luke
Starflyer 59 Starflyer 59
Bradley Hathaway
Bradley Hathaway
(and way too much more to name, go check the website)

That’s it for June, come back next week to see what July has in store..

Essential Songs:mewithoutYou-Torches Togeather

cc2006078 - mewithoutYou for Tooth & Nail Records

This wild and introspective song will really grow on you, and “Torches Together” still remains one of mewithoutYou‘s standout tracks off of their sophomore effort, Catch For Us The Foxes. The video is a live recording from Cornerstone Festival 2007, which means that my wife and I are actually directly in front of Micheal (guitarist with long hair) at the front of the crowd. Read the lyrics, enjoy the video, and maybe stick around to talk about the song at the bottom:

Why burn poor and lonely under a bowl.
Under a lampshade or on the shelf
Beside the bed where at night
You lay turning like a door on it’s hinges?
(First on your left side, then on your right side, then your left side again)
Why burn poor and lonely?
Tell all the stones, we’re gonna make a building.
We’ll cut into shape & set into place or you’d rather be a window,
I’ll gladly be the frame reflecting any kind of words.
We’ll let in all the blame
(And ruin our reputation all the same)
Never mind out plan making,
We’ll start living……anyway,
Aren’t you unbearably sad?
Then why burn so poor and lonely?

We’ll be like torches
we’ll be like torches
We’ll be torches together! torches together
well be like torches
we’ll be like torches
With whatever respect, our tattered Dignity demands
Torches together, hand in hand

Why pluck one string – What good is just one note?
Oh, one string sounds fine i guess….We were once ‘One Note’,
We were lonely wheat quietly ground into grain
(What light and momentary pain!)
So why this safe distance, this curious look?
Why tear out single pages when you can throw away the book?
Why pluck one string when you can strum the guitar?
Strum the guitar!
strum the guitar!
strum the guitar!
With no beginning, with no end
Take down a guitar and strum the guitar
strum the the guitar if you’re afraid,
And I’m afraid and everyone’s afraid
And everyone knows it but we don’t have to be afraid anymore

You played the flute but no one was dancing
You sang a sad song but no one was crying
you played such a sad song….such a sad song

You can purchase the non-live version of this song on Mewithoutyou - Catch for Us the Foxes - Torches Together and Amazon MP3

What is this song about?

What do the torches and the guitar have to do with one another?

Free MP3 Day!

nuns dance for free mp3s

So today is very special, because today we join the ranks of MP3 blogs all over the world. Every month a ton of promo MP3 downloads come across our screens. We would be constantly killing ourselves if we tried to write a post about every single one of them. So, instead, twice a month we will be posting all the promo MP3s we have found in ONE place for you to get your hands on. Great news right?   We think so..

I want to assure all of our readers that the tracks below have been posted for free on a variety of places as a means of promotion for the artists. If you download something off of our site, and enjoy it, please go and buy the rest of the music. If you are an artist and you don’t think we should have your song on these MP3 posts, please hit us up on the “Contact Us” tab up there, and we will be more than happy to delete the file. No questions asked.

HERE ARE YOUR DOWNLOADS (all the tracks below will take you to a Mediafire page, simple click on the track on that page and your download will begin):

Air Five- Please Don’t Change
Awaken North Wind- Grace
Bobby Bishop- Please
Carolina Story- Long Way South
Danyew- Streelight
Darrel Evans- In Jesus’ Name
David Ramirez- Deal In Me
David Ramirez- Good To Be Bad
Fireflight- Unbreakable
Gentlemen At Arms- Honestly
Gentlemen At Arms- Lay It Down
Gentlemen At Arms- Silence This
Gentlemen At Arms- The World Is Breaking
Gentlemen At Arms- When We Fall
Giano- Beautiful World
Jeremy Enigk- Life’s Too Short
Just Me- How I Met Your Mother
Kiven- Story
Mark Arthur- Gain
Move Merchants- Live As It Gets feat. Theory Hazit and Playdough
Owl City- Hot Air Balloon
Psalters- Hosanna
Psalters- Amal
Ryan Morgan Band- Someday
Sara Reeves- Come Save
Shane Kidd- Son Light
Katie Herzig- Hey NaNa
Katie Herzig- Two Hearts Are Better Than One

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Free MP3 Album Download:Silent Words


So this week’s download is a little weird. So, the group Silent Words consists of emcees The Runaway and Qu-C. They are also brothers. Silent words is’nt a Hip-Hop group though, they are an instrumental one. That’s right, two rappers get together and make an album with no vocals on it.  But the result is beautiful, and you can just get this image in your head of these two guys to playing their heart’s out as the songs play on.  Sometimes with these free downloads you just gotta follow us, I mean nobody thought they would like (morse) either, but that album is awesome!

Download a few sample tracks (the links will take you to Mediafire):

Silent Words-Run’s Rhythm
Silent Words- Southern Country

Then get the whole album. Click on the link below, save the .ZIP file to your computer, EXTRACT ALL FILES, and sit back with some sweet instrumentals.

Download The Runaway & Qu-C are…Silent Words

Essential Songs:Dustin Kensrue-Please Come Home


We continue our Essential Songs series today with Dustin Kensrue‘s (also the singer and main song writer for Thrice) heart-breaking re-telling of the Prodigal Son story. Read the words and listen to this live recording, enjoy the song, and then maybe answer some of the questions at the bottom of the post:

Well I woke one morning,
found you staring down at me,
you said “I’ll take my share now, father please”,
and you took your money,
and you took your leave,
you took my heart and turned your back on me…

And you hit the town,
and you hit the bottle hard,
you race ’round in your fancy cars and you blow all your money,
on brothels, beds, and bars,
before you know your broken times get hard…

I still stand here waiting,
with my eyes fixed on the road,
and I fight back tears and I wonder,
if you’re ever coming home,
don’t you know son that I love you,
and I don’t care where you’ve been,
so please come home.

And now you’ve hit bottom,
all those open doors have shut,
and you’re hungry stomach’s tied in knots,
but I know what you’re thinking,
that you troubled me enough,
nothing could ever separate you from my love…

I still stand here waiting,
with my eyes fixed on the road,
and I fight back tears and I wonder,
if you’re ever coming home,
don’t you know son that I love you,
and I don’t care where you’ve been,
yes and I’ll be right here waiting,
’til you come around the bend,
and I run to you and hold you close,
won’t let go again,
so please come home,
please come home…

Don’t you know son that I love you?
And I don’t care where you’ve been,
so please come home

You can purchase this song on Dustin Kensrue - Please Come Home - Please Come Home and Amazon MP3

Why do you think Dustin chose to write about this particular story?

Do you think people will realize the signifcance of the story, or believe that it is just another good folk song?

Voices Of The Underground Pt.9


Several weeks ago One21 Music posed fifteen questions to a number of music artists in the Christian music scene, ranging from the light-hearted to the deeply spiritual. We received many responses, some very helpful, and some…. not so much. Some of the answers were short and sweet, some were extensive and eloquent. Many expressed frustrations with the current landscape of the music industry, while others were hopeful for a future of uncertainty. We heard from guys who had been performing for years, and bands that are just now starting to get their names heard. From indie rock to hip-hop, from hardcore to worship, the Christian music scene spoke back to us. Realize that these answers are by the people making the music that you are listening to, and these are un-edited and real. The opinions expressed don’t always reflect ours, but we aren’t perfect, right? Need to catch up?

Read Pt.1: What Do You Love About Music?
Read Pt.2: What Are Some Of Your Favorite Albums/CDs?
Read Pt.3: What Is The Best Thing About Making Music?
Read Pt.4: What Is Your Opinion Of The Music Industry?
Read Pt.5: What Impact Has The Digital Age Of Music Had On The Industry?
Read Pt.6: Who Is Jesus Christ To You?
Read Pt.7: What Is Christian Music?
Read Pt.8: What Is Your Opinion On The Christian Music Industry?

Last week we talked about the Christian music industry, and found that most of our artists were either frustrated or hurt by the business that runs that industry. This week we are talking about the Christian music scene, and if our artists at this point believe that it is important. The Christian music scene, in our eyes, is something completely different from the industry we covered last week. The scene encompasses the full spectrum of the believers out there making music. It is the family that is out there all over the world, in many different voices, making music from a foundation of hope and faith.  In the 90s, it was a growing scene, trying to expand the boundaries of “sacred” music. As we close in on the first decade of the 21rst century, much of the passion and urgency seems to be derailed by feelings of hypocrisy and anger towards the machine that controls the CCM world. So is Christian music still important?

Do you think the Christian music scene is still important?

dewey Dewey Lybecker( independent solo singer/songwriter)                         Dewey Lybecker
I think it is very important. I was reading a book by Erwin McManus, and one of the things he was talking about in the book was how Christians should be creating the culture, and how back in the day they use to run the show. If we want people to see that God is a creative guy, we need to be creative! I think if we are labeled a “Christian Artist,” it’s our job to not just regurgitate other peoples material to sell records.

curtisblackhighvally Curtis(mandolist/singer for Centricity Records country band High Valley)
High Valley
Yes, very important. Sometimes I really need to listen to some straight up worship music just to remind me who God is. It’s important to remember that God created music and that if Christians are making music it should point straight to Him.

christaylor Chris Taylor (BEC solo artist/song writer)
Chris Taylor
Oh, it’s important. So, important that Christians should know when not to participate in a lot of things that go on in the scene. Just like any scene there are pitfalls but for Christians the Supremacy of Christ should be the primary goal in all we do.

takeitbackdanielDaniel(guitarist for Facedown Records hardcore band Take It Back!)
Take It Back - Can't Fight Robots
Absolutely. I think that there is an underground force that is building its forces, and that soon it will explode into the world and change things forever.

echocastbandwb8David (singer for independent nu-metal band Echocast)
I think the Christian music scene is great, especially being that it opens up rock shows to under age kids and gives impressionable kids albums they can get into without foul language and/or questionable lyrics and imagery…

amycourts Amy Courts (independent pop/folk artist)
Amy Courts
I think Christian music is important; the “scene” is like any other: image- and category-driven, a means of separating the “in” crowd from the “out.” Don’t get me wrong: I’m not nearly as cynical about Christian music as it may sound! There is a growing group of Christian artists who weren’t and won’t be accepted on the scene because they don’t play by the unwritten rules, and they’re on the move: We see the good they’re doing for authentic Christianity in the efforts of Derek Webb, Sara Groves, and others like them. And that’s the Christian music “scene” I think will be most effective, impacting, and lasting when the money Machine eventually breaks down.

hylandjon Jon (lead singer/guitarist for independent pop/rock band Hyland)
It’s incredibly important. People want to invest in things that they know are safe, especially parents. The church is ever important and the church needs music to keep everyone’s pulse moving.

xcess Xcess(solo Darkside records hip-hop/industrial artist)
It’s very important because it’s where we should all come together as a Body of Christ no different than the Churches should. But I think we are a little more unified as opposed to alot of denominational bickering and separation. We need to be together in this to do our best to spread the Gospel in every venue possible.

sethinfrontendervence Seth (singer for independent hard rock band Endeverance)
Yes, I think it is important but I don’t think it should be called the “Christian Music Scene” because singles out the artist a bit…Like you don’t call a truck driver that is a Christian a “Christian Truck Driver” so why with the arts do we give everything a label and than look down upon an artist if they don’t want the label…I just think this goes back to the C.S. Lewis quote I used earlier…Christians are going to make great music and let us leave it at that great music is great music why label it…

heathstripsinirons Heath(bass player for Holdfast Records metal band In Irons)
In Irons
Most definitely. Some kids that come to the hardcore and metal shows might not ever even hear the gospel or step foot in a church. And when a they see a band they like live and hear a message they’ve never heard it could really change something in their lives. I’ve seen so many kids come to Christ at shows and its an amazing thing.

fortodaydavid1David(drummer for Facedown Records hardcore/metal band For Today)
For Today
Myself included, it’s sucky to really like a band’s music and disagree 110% with everything they sing about.

ourproclamationfrankieinstrips1Frankie (vocalist for Infantry Records hardcore band Our Proclamation)
Our Proclamation
Not particularly. To define a “scene” would be separating music into different groups, and by doing this, non-Christians might not take the message as well as they would if we just called it the music scene.

a thousnd times repent dowd Dowd(guitar for Tribunal Records metal band A Thousand Times Repent)
A Thousand Times Repent
I do it is very important for these Christian bands to get together with the kids and connect and let them know that Jesus is there for them. Cause being a growing kid is a hard confusing job. And offering them Christian music in the style they like will provide a more positive output then some groups offer.

dirt DIRT (underground hip-hop artist and founder of Shadow Of The Locust)
Dirt As much strife, heartache and opposition as I feel I have experienced within that ‘scene’…. yes. It is VERY important.

domicballi Dominic Balli(independent Reggae/hip-hop artist)
Dominic Balli
I only think it’s important if it is causing Christians to go out into their daily lives and be more potent for the sake of gospel of Jesus Christ. To be more salty and shine brighter. If it’s doing that, then yes, it’s important. But I think we forget the reason we’re here is not just to be “Christians” and walk in purity and holiness or even just to have Relationship and communion with God. We could do all of that in Heaven (and we will). The reason God has left us here is to be his ambassadors. His desire is to save the world. That’s why He sent His son. And He wants us to partner with Him in His mission to save the world. That’s why we’re here. So, if the Christian music scene is not directly or indirectly impacting the world for the sake of the gospel, then all of our record labels, Gospel Music Channels, Radio stations, and festivals are nothing more than music. Which is very ok with lot of people which is fine for them. For me personally, I want my music to go to deeper places and for a deeper reason that just music.

mahoganyjones Mahogany Jones(independent hip-hop artist)
Mahogany Jones
Yes, I feel like believers need to have music and entertainment that edifies them and whether the world wants to embrace it or not they need to hear music being used properly- for the glorification of God. So the Christian music scene is important to give Christians a market and an outlet to minister and essential in creating venues for Christian artist sharpen and use their gifts and talents. Come back next week as we talk about Christian artists being more accepted for their talents and their faith..

Christian Artists To Know: Sleeping Giant


Sleeping Giant
Genre: Hardcore
Styles: Metalcore, Tuff Guy, Mosh
Location: Redlands, CA
Label: Facedown Records
Christian Label: Yes
Category: The Message whats this?

In the 1990s, a term began to circulate through the hardcore community.  The term was in contrast to everything the world of heavy music had tried to put forth before it. It was a new movement, by a special group of bands who saw the music they loved as a means to express the faith that lived inside their hearts. The term was “spirit-filled hardcore”, and for most of the late 90s, the movement ruled the world of heavy underground music.   The bands talked about hard spiritual matters, witnessed to the crowds, and put as much emotion and energy in to the music they created that could be mustered.  Over the last few years, many of the spirit-filled hardcore has been lost to mediocrity, apathy, and longevity. Then, in 2007, an album called Dread Champions Of The Last Days issued in a new era of honest, brutal music made by Christians who were not afraid. Spirit-filled hardcore is back, and the leader of the pack is Sleeping Giant.

Sleeping Giant‘s music is a culmination of the most brutal elements of heavy music. They borrow from traditional hardcore, heavy metal, and even a bit of rapcore to round things out.  The music’s uncomplicated nature lends to its call-response song structure, written for the purpose of fan sing-alongs and expression through movement.  If you want brutal and high-energy, Sleeping Giant are your band. They excel at trimming the fat, giving listeners all the good breakdowns and menacing riffs, with none of the annoying filler.

The true element of Sleeping Giant is the lyrics, and the ministry that comes with those words. That’s right, I said ministry. The band has said from day one the sole focus of their band and their music is to reach non-believers and inspire Christians to get moving. Even their name has a purpose behind it:

We are called Sleeping Giant because Christians in the world today are just
that, in the world. And they need to wake up! They are sleeping giants of
war in this world over-run by apathy, by people who do not see the enormity of
their worth and don’t realize they live their lives day by day forsaking love, and a just
and amazing God who deserves it all.
“- taken from the band’s Artist page on Facedown Records.

To most people, Sleeping Giant is just another hardcore band, but for many, and especially the crowd in the video below, they are so much more:

That is a powerful video for a band that play loud, abrasive music. We cant talk about Sleeping Giant without showing the other side, the side that gets those fans in front of the band. Sleeping Giant‘s shows are notorious for insane crowd interaction, high octane stage presnse, and most of all, brutal truth. Not many of these songs speak this truth than their anthem against legalism, “Blame It On The Holy Rollers” (featuring Brook from Impending Doom)

Sleeping Giant is such a unique band in their scene. I am not saying that there are not lots of Christian hardcore bands out there, but Sleeping Giant attacks their music and their ministry with an energy I rarely see anymore. They are one of the most well respected bands in the Christian underground today, and with new album hitting the streets this summer, the leaders of the new spirit-filled hardcore movement are poised to light a fire in the hearts of believers worldwide. God bless Sleeping Giant.

You can get Sleeping Giant‘s music digitally on Sleeping Giant and AmazonMP3

You can also buy the band’s CDs on Amazon:
Dread Champions of the Last Days

The One21 Interviews Tre9


PT. 1

Pt. 2

Tre9 is this amazing dude out of Houston TX. He is a hip-hop artist, promoter, manager,and founder of both Much Luvv Records, and At SXSW, he was responsible for the event that brought Kaboose, Braille, and Lecrae to Austin. We were lucky to get a few minutes with him. This is one of those interviews were I didn’t have to ask a lot of questions, Tre9 is a passionate dude!  In the midst of his excitement, he talks about some really serious issues in the Christian music scene, and in fact his interview in part inspired a new way for us at The One21 to approach the music we are putting on this site (read The Many Facets Of Christian Music). Even if you arn’t into hip-hop, I’m sure you will love this interview.

This is Tre9‘s video for his song “Rise To The Top”

You can buy Tre9‘s music digitally on Tre9 and Amazon MP3

You can also buy his CDs on Amazon:
The Farmer