Merry Christmas

Glory to our King! For unto us a child is born, unto us a Son is given; and the government shall be upon His shoulders.  And He will be called Wonderful, Counselor,  The Mighty God, The Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.

We are blessed to have this written on our hearts and, because of this, we live in a state of joy that everyone experiences during Christmas time.  During this Christmas we would like to  share a Christmas message from one of our top  Christian musicians of 2011, Odd Thomas.

May the Prince of  Peace fill your heart with unspeakable joy.

Thank you for being part of the One21music community.  We look forward to a wonderful bounty of great music in 2012.

Free Download: Timbre-Silent Night

Last week we posted all the Christmas releases for 2011 (that we knew of), and as it turns out my favorite album is also free.

Timbre is an amazing music artist who has been wowing audiences for years now. Although she is mainly know for being a harpist, she has an incredible singing voice and has decided to lend all of her talents to some sacred Christmas music. The album is simply beautiful, and would be welcome addition to your Christmas music collection. Personally, I have never heard such a haunting and moving version of “O Come, O Come, Emmanuel” in my life.

Listen and download below.

The Living Legacy of Christmas

This has been a most unique Christmas for us. My mother died this year. This was my family’s first Christmas without the heart and soul of Christmas celebrations. As we enjoyed Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with Father and my sister’s family, I was struck by my Mother’s presence in our celebrations. The joy of our feast and our gift giving and our family’s laughter were handed down from my mother. She was there with us.

On Christmas we enjoyed a beautiful candlelight service that included The Lord’s Supper. This very special tradition is handed down from our Lord and when we celebrate in this way, we are touching God in a intimate way.

Christ is with us in a way my Mother can never be. More than in these traditions, our Lord is living with us everyday.

My hope for all is that through our Christmas activities and rituals we all experience Christ and the joy his arrival inspired then and continues to inspire 2000 years later.

Happy Christmas.

Free Download:DJ Promote-Lights Up, Eyes On


We are going to keep the Christmas music thing going with the addition of DJ Promote‘s Lights Up, Eyes On EP. At its core, this album is a cool little Hip-Hop inspired Holiday mix. Fun songs with some happy rap lyrics, remixes of holiday songs, and in general a cool little addition to you Christmas music collection. Things get kind of interesting with the track “Commercialism Theme Music” when DJ Promote provides the background music to a really awesome sermon concerning the true meaning of the season. On every track Promote brings the focus back to Christ, which is unfortunately very rare when this music comes up.

I think you guys will really like this, and this will be the last one for a few weeks. Im gonna take a small break during the next week or so, things are a little crazy on my end. Enjoy the download!

For fans of: Lecrae, Kaboose, tobyMac, Maj

Download DJ Promote-Lights Up, Eyes On EP

Free Christmas Music!!!


There is a ton of free Christmas music all over the web this month, and I feel like Im doing you a disservice by not saying anything about it. So here is my list of all the free Christmas music around the web…enjoy!

First and foremost, Paper Route has posted a holidayish EP called Thank God The Year Is Over. Download Paper Route-Thank God This Year is Over EP

DJ Bruce O’Brien put togeather a 23 track mixtape of Christmas music by some of today’s best hip-hop/R&B/Gospel artists. Including Cross Movement, Fred Hammond, LA Symphony, Scribbling Idiots, and many others. Download Spiritual gas Vol.19: Christmas Edition by DJ Bruce O’Brien.

Relient K‘s song “I Celebrate The Day” is up for free at Amazon MP3. Download “I Celebrate The Day” by Relient K

Solo artist Mike Goodrick has his song “Dear Santa” up for grabs on his Purevolume site.  Download “Dear Santa” by Mike Goodrick.

Brandon Heath‘s track “The Night Before Christmas” is also up on Amazon MP3 for free. Download “The Night Before Christmas” by Brandon Heath

You can get “Joy To The World” by Casting Crowns on Amazon MP3. Download “Joy To The World” by Casting Crowns

With a small sign up process, you can download Tenth Avenue North‘s version of “Go Tell It On The Mountain”. Download “Go Tell It On The Mountain” by Tenth Avenue North.

Also on Amazon MP3 is House Of Heroes version of “Silent Night”. Download “Silent Night” by House Of Heroes

“Noel (Glory to Your Name)” by Sonicflood is available for free from iTickets. Download “Noel (Glory to Your Name)” by Sonicflood.

Jars Of Clay have their version of “Come Rest Ye, Merry Gentlemen” on Amazon MP3 for free. Download “God Rest Ye, Merry Gentlemen” by Jars Of Clay

You can download “Auld Lang Syne” from pop-punkers MXPX off of their website. Download “Auld Lang Syne” by MXPX.

Click over there to download “Emmanuel (Hallowed Manger Ground)” by Chris Tomlin (right click/save as). Download “Emmanuel (Hallowed Manger Ground)” by Chris Tomlin.

Free holiday songs by Bethany Dillon, Josh Wilson, and many others over at Check out Tangle’s Countdown To Christmas.

Lastly, has a ton of free(ish) Christmas music from artists like Sleeping At Last, Joy Williams, Second Thief, and many others. Noisetrade’s entire website is a pay-what-you-want or tell-5-friends to download the music. I have found some amazing stuff on there, and Im sure you will too.

Christian Music News December 8th,2009


Just about every artist we cover on here seems to be coming out with some sort of Christmas song or album. There are too many to list, go out and check you favorite artist to see what they have to offer….

Owl City‘s latest release, Ocean Eyes, has hit Gold status with over 500,000 units sold. Good job man.. post an interview with Flyleaf this week concerning the recording and writing process of their latest record. Read Flyleaf interview. In other Fyleaf media news, Shockhound recently posted a four song live set from the band on their website including the songs “Again” and “Beautiful Bride” along with vocalist Lacey getting JACKED in the face by a swinging bass guitar….Watch Flyleaf performance.

Lights rocked a Daytrotter session recently. You can read the article, listen and download all the tracks. Check out Lights’ Daytrotter Session.

Believer, Impending Doom, House Of Heroes, Woe Of Tyrants,The Rose Hill, and Waking Lions are all in the studio working on new music for your listening pleasure.

Manchester Orchestra‘s van got robbed last week….what is up with people these days

Music Videos

Below is the new video from LA Symphony member CookBook with his song “Solid Gold”

A little Christmas cheer with The Almost and their version of “Little Drummer Boy”

Next up is the latest single from The Rocket Summer called “You Gotta Believe”

Lastly we have “Faith Is Fact” by LMNO

Christmas; A Season of Blessings

Happy Christmas

It is 6:30 a.m. on Christmas Eve and I am blissful.  I celebrate the birth of Christ every day, so these next few days are not unique for me in that way. But every year at this time I am overwhelmed with a sense of peace, joy and gratitude.  I am grateful that God has provided for us a time to pause and reflect on the true, enduring gifts he has given to us.

Whether you know Jesus as God, as your personal savior, or not, this weekend is a time to celebrate a history changing event.  We celebrate the birth of a man who, in three years, rocked the world.  Jesus was a man who taught such a profound message of love, peace, charity, community and humility that the entire western civilization has been built on his principles.  The ideals he proclaimed are so fully ingrained in our culture that we cannot fathom a world where Jesus’ teachings are not the standard by which all actions are judged.

Jesus was, at the bare minimum, the greatest man who ever lived.  If that is all you can grasp of Jesus, celebrate his message this weekend.

Of course, many of us know Jesus as so much more than just the greatest man who ever lived.  If you know Jesus as God and as savior, I encourage/ challenge you to celebrate him every day with this same intensity of joy and love.

Some of you are entering this season with someone missing from your life.  You may even be alone.  I have not experienced that, so I cannot imagine what this weekend is like for you.  I do pray that in the stillness of the next few days, you can open your heart to God’s presence.  You may be mourning, but I know you are not alone.

Most of the world enters this year’s holiday with some level of financial angst.  Many of us have seen our financial security blanket shrink and we are unsure of what is to come.  Some come into this holiday without work or facing the fear of losing a job soon. I have been there.

It was not long ago that our family went through the holidays without a job, without much cash and with no prospects.  It was one of our best Christmas’s ever. We truly experienced a Christmas miracle.  We were able to provide our children some gifts, which they loved.  We were even able to provide Christmas, gifts and a Christmas dinner, to another family.  Most importantly we were able to experience God moving in our lives.

In these troubled financial times, please remember that God has promised to provide your needs.  Close your eyes to what the world says you need and fall back into God’s arms to receive his blessing.

We at One21music wish you and your family the most joyous of holidays.  We will check back in next week.

Merry Christmas; Peace on Earth

Free Album Download: The Violet Burning- Devine

Legendary alternative rockers The Violet Burning have decided to give every one a gift for Christmas, a free CD.  We haven’t had the chance to listen to it yet, but we know The Violet Burning, so we know it is gonna be good.  Expect the unexpected, and enjoy. Right-click and Save Target As (or Save Link As) on the link below, save the ZIP file, then extract the files, and you got a new album for your ears!

The Violet Burning- Divine

Stuff From All Over

Things have been a bit strange around here in that all of us at The One21 are out visiting family. This is usually a Friday thing when I post a bunch of links to various goings on in the Christian music world.  It is an attempt to keep everyone up to date on what is going on, and if you think that we missed anything, hit us up in the Contact Us tab over there…here we go:

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Stuff From All Over

I am going to try to do this about once a week; post a whole mess of links to various news stories/updates from various artists in the Christian body.  It will be different every week, Im just going to try to keep you updated on all that is happening;

Metalcore monsters Gwen Stacy have posted the dates for their upcoming UK tour here

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God loves you always