Free Download: Home Is Calling-Evening Lights

Mix The Fray, Coldplay, and a bit of Thrice-esque drive with healtfelt lyrics and a commitment to the Spirit, and you have Evening Lights. Home Is Calling usher in another quality release from Come&Live!.

Download Evening Lights by Home Is Calling over at Come&Live!

Free Album:Standing Small-Asleep at the Oars, Dreaming of Freedom

Standing Small Asleep at the Oars, Dreaming of Freedom

Our friends at Indie Vision Music have made the brand new album from Standing Small available for free download. They play a kind of ambient, driving style of rock music made popular by Coldplay, Seabird, and Cool Hand Luke. The band has been on the road all summer hitting Cornerstone and Icthus Festival. The album is called Asleep at the Oars, Dreaming of Freedom, and Im sure you guys will enjoy it!

Download Standing Small-Asleep at the Oars, Dreaming of Freedom

Free Download: Bosh-Sound The Alarms

bosh sound the alarms

So, Bosh is a new find for me. They are out of the UK, which is why they have elluded me thus far, but Im trying to make up for lost time now. They are this perfect mix of progressive rock, pop, and hard rock. They write HUGE songs that build and build and then take turns you would never suspect. This is a must have download for anybody into smart, interesting rock music.

Lucky enough, Bosh put their older album up for free, so you can see what I am so psyched for. I know you are gonna dig this! Enjoy!

For fans of: Muse, Smashing Pumpkins, Coldplay

Download Bosh-Sound The Alarms

Free MP3 Album Download: Jets Under Fire-EP3

jets under fire ep3

Back in July of 2009, I introduced you guys to Austin rock band Jets Under Fire. They play a all-over-the-board gamut of rock, from trippy atmospheric stuff, to mellow industrial, to straight rock’n'roll. They have released 3 EPs for free through their website, I posted EP1 and EP2 previously, so here we are with EP3.

EP3 is more like EP2 than anything, it sounds like these guys have been listening to a lot of Kings Of Leon and Snow Patrol. The music is more straight forward than past efforts, but there is still a look of atmosphere and depth. My only complaint is that there is only 3 songs! Sorry about that, but since we had posted these guys before, I figured you would want the next installment.

According to the band’s website, this may be the last EP for a while, as all of the members of the band are out exploring their own pursuits. So snatch all these EPs up, cus it may be a while until we hear a new one.

For fans of: Kings Of Leon, Hundred Year Storm, Snow Patrol, Coldplay

Download EP3 by Jets Under Fire

Send Christian Music Artists to ACL

Austin City Limits Music Festival is one of the top rock music festivals in the world. When you stroll the fields of Austin’s Zilker Parks every fall you meet music fans who have flown in from Europe, Asia, Australia, South America and Africa to experience the three days of beautiful weather, great Austin food and some of the best hip rock, indie, hip/hop, country and electronic music in the world.

Austin City Limits Music Festival has featured Al Green and Bob Dylan, Arcade Fire and Pearl Jam, Bjork and Wilco and Coldplay. However, Christian music artists are usually under-represented at the Austin City Limits Music Festival. All major music and entertainment media attend and report from the festival.  This year, Mute Math, Billy Joe Shaver and a few local gospel groups were the only Christian artists we saw on the Austin City Limits Music Festival line-up. Mute Math received rave reviews and many are predicting a headline spot for them in the near future.

We have an opportunity to change that. Austin City Limits Music Festival promoter, C3, has sent a note to ask fans to suggest bands to book at the 2010 Austin City Limits Music Festival. We need your help in creating a good sample of music made by Christians that would catch the eye of hip music fans local and national media.

Each of us can only suggest five bands. We ask you to go to the site below and list the following bands for Austin City Limits to book in 2010:

Austin City Limits Music Festival- Be a Booking Agent

These bands represent a broad range of styes, from mewithoutyou‘s post-hardcore neo-folk talk music, to Buddy Miller‘s Americana, to Danielson‘s experimental Indie music to, Over The Rhine‘s jazz driven folk pop to Wovenhand‘s gothic folk hard rock revival meetings.

There are many, many bands that deserve to be on the list so you can go to our Music A to Z page and find your own.  However, if you join us in this concentrated effort to promote the artists we may have chance of pushing a few through.  But, whatever you do, go quickly.  Our opportunity to book Christian music artists at Austin City Limits Music Festival ends on Tuesday, November 17, 2009.

Free MP3 Album Download:Nick DePartee-Home


Nick DePartee is the guitarist for BEC’s Kutless. He tours all over the country with the band playing their pop/hard rock. When he is at home though, he channels his more mellow influences.  He decided to give away his first collection of demo tacks, just so people could hear them. Good plan, because we like giving it away!

The tracks are rough, so don’t expect like huge production quality. What you can expect are songs about a man’s journey through life and his quest to find God in all of it. For fans of Glen Hansard, The Fray, and Coldplay (I’m not saying he sounds like them, just that you may like him if you like them).

Click on the link below, save the .ZIP file to your computer, EXTRACT ALL FILES (or click on the opened file) and enjoy the Home EP.

NOTE: The link for this album is being screwy. The link works, you may have to give it a sec. If just clicking on it doesn’t work, then try opening the link in another tab or window. You may get a web page for MEDIAFIRE(which is the server the file is up loading from) saying that the file doesn’t exist. It does, MEDIAFIRE is telling a lie. Sorry about this guys, it works every time I post it, then the moment I look away it start acting funny.

So plan two is if the link below doesn’t work (which while I have been writing this worked for five minutes and then went down within those five minutes), go to Nick’s Myspace page ( Myspace for Nick DePartee) and try it from his page.

Download Nick DePartee-Home EP

Christian Artists To Know: Eisley


Genre: Rock
Styles: Atmospheric Rock, Progressive, Pop
Location: Tyler, TX
Label: Reprise/Warner Bros. Records
Christian label: No
Category: The Light whats this?

It will be a long time before you hear about a band like Eisley. Comprised of the three Dupree sisters, their brother, and cousin, the band arose from humble beginnings in Tyler, TX to meet an overwhelming response from fans and critics alike. They began in coffee houses as a musical experiment for the sisters, and soon after traveling to Cornerstone festival in 2002, Eisley (known for a while as Moss Eisley) embarked on their very first tour opening up for none other than  Coldplay. At the time the oldest person in the band was Chauntelle, who was only 21 (sister Stacy was 15), and their father took over as tour manager.  Six years, countless tours, several EPs, and two full-lengths later, the kids that began Moss Eisley are seasoned indie veterans, completing their 3rd full album, and once again building on their already story-book career.

Eisley‘s sound can best be described as dark pop. At its heart, the sisters craft well rounded melodies around interesting hooks and whimsical lyrics; but an almost ghost like atmosphere surrounds the songs, giving their music an other-worldly feel.  Eisley‘s two and three part harmonies give the band a unique take on the typical girl indie-rock sound, while the sister’s voice’s can be similar at times, there are distinct differences between main vocalists Stacy and Sherri’s styles.  Also unique is the fact that they write all their music, and play all the instruments (two of the girls play guitar, Stacy plays piano) required, which unfortunately is a rarity in the music world today.  Their first full-length, Room Noises, saw Eisley in an almost playful mood, with lyrics about fantastical kingdoms and dragons. 2007′s Combinations, on the other hand, reflected the band coming of age with more focus on matters of family, disappointment, and rejection of the world around them.  The complexity of the songs and the progressions have also matured, taking the listener on a journey that most happily revisit time and time again.

The band has be gaining recognition since almost the moment they began playing. Within four years of playing in their parent coffee house as a three piece, Eisley released their major label debut to critical success. On that album, the song “Marvelous Things” is a stand out, seen here performed acoustically by the Dupree sisters for MTV.

Leaving behind their child-like view of the world, a darker, more accomplished Eisley emerged in 2007 with songs like “Invasion”, performed here at Fearless Music in 2008.

We ran across these guys at their very first Cornerstone performance in 2002. They were these five, very small kids who apologized to the crowd after every song for not playing well enough. Despite their condolences, their music was mesmerizing. Over the years, we have watched from afar as they have become a force in the indie-pop scene. Bands like Coldplay, Taking Back Sunday, and Brand New all list the Dupree gang in their top bands.  Not band for a bunch of home school kids from a Texas family of believers.  Though they have never wanted to exist within the Christian music world, the band has never hidden their faith, and approached their career with a wisdom and integrity (both morally and artistically) that has brought them more positive recognition than using their beliefs to define their art.  As we look into 2009, and a new album from Eisley looms on the horizon, and the next chapter of this great band awaits the sunshine.

You can get Eisley‘s music digitally on Eisley and Amazon

You can also pick up their CDs on Amazon:
Laughing City
Marvelous Things
Room Noises

Christian Artists To Know: Seabird


Genre: Rock
Styles: Atmospheric Rock, Alternative, Brit Pop
Location: Cincinnati, OH
Label: Credential Records
Christian Label: Yes
Category: The Light whats this?

Ohio’s Seabird are living the dream that most bands could only wish for.  The band has only been together (for the most part) since 2004.  After a year of writing and lineup changes, they recorded their first EP, Spread Your Broken Wings And Try, in one of the member’s living rooms.  Within that same year, the EP landed on the right desk at EMI, resulting in the band playing a private showcase for the label, from which they were signed.  Seabird, however moved over to Credential Records, the home of Fiction Family and Edison Glass, soon afterwards. Another EP was recorded, but in 2008 their first full length, ‘Till We See The Shore, was released to a well received audience.  Since then, Seabird’s music has been featured on Num3ers, Greys Anatomy, and most notably Pushing Daisies.

The little history lesson there was only to depict the accessibility of Seabird‘s music.  Their sound is an interesting blend of Coldplay-ish piano pop mixed in with more experimental indie rock sensibilities.  Seabird has always been able to take what is popular but make it their own.  Where other bands in the same genre rely on soaring atmosphere and heavy orchestration, Seabird brings the audience in to a much more intimate head space.  With such peers AS Coldplay and The Fray, Seabird does not let themselves get overshadowed.  They don’t just blend into the background.

Seabird is a band of believers, but the themes of their music is not overtly spiritual.  The prevailing message of redemption and the pursuit of it flows through most of their songs, but the band can also write a great love song.  Seabird seems to able to explore both sides of their character, the mainstream and the introspective, without ever falling into a destructive duality.  The message of hope for redemption is most clear in the band’s break out single from ‘Til We See the Shore, “Rescue”.

On a more mellow side, we wanted you to see this live performance of the title track off that same album, “Til We See The Shore”

I knew about Seabird before I knew that they were believers.  Hipster magazines like Paste and Relevent (yes a Christian magazine can be hipster at the same time) have been repping Seabird since the release of ‘Til We See The Shore last year.  The band has just done so much in so little time, it is amazing to think of what the future will hold for them.  In March, Seabird will be all over the SXSW music conference, and with an apparent “in” with the TV stations, it seems like up is the only direction for these guys.

You can buy Seabird‘s music digitally on Seabird

You can also get their CDs on Amazon:
Til We See the Shore

Buy Music. Do Good. The Saturn Project


What if a song could save a child or a melody could give hope to a village?  What if an anthem united a country or inspired people to truly care for their neighbor?

The Saturn Project recorded Anthems for a Broken World in order to share great music that will challenge thinking and bring about social, spiritual, and economic change.  It will ask listeners to participate in changing a broken world.  The members of the band are taking that first step by giving the album away.  All proceeds from this album will go toward making this world a better place.

Before we go any further.  This cd is available on March 13th.  Go to buy one, heck, buy a box, build a home and give the cds away.

The Saturn Project in partnership with Life Pointe Church and People for Care and Learning are giving hope, alleviating suffering, and giving the poor a working chance.  By purchasing this album, you will be added to this partnership and will in turn help provide clean water, build a village, build a health clinic, and create education opportunities for the people of Cambodia, Southeast Asia, and other locales.  Buy music.  Do good.

“Anthems for a Broken World” is Coldplay meets Radiohead meets U2.  Members of The Saturn Project are:

Jesse Santoyo – lead vocals, keyboard, guitar
Matt Izaguirre – bass
Alex Santoyo – drums
Brent Maloney – guitar

Here is the insight into “Anthems for A Broken World” from singer and songwriter Jesse Santoyo.

So I thought I’d give you guys a brief explanation for the songs on the anthems for a broken world album…All these songs are inspired by the one who created me, and inspired by moments, people, and stories of myself and others…

TIME – A song about wanting to change the past. A song of desperate measures to erase the flaws of one’s history. On that same journey we find that those things we try to forget helped shape who we are today. We are no longer the people we once were, and who we are now is temporary, for we are on our way to becoming the men and women we were destined to be. On our way to destiny there are things we left behind, not lost! But left behind to be with you.

U Turn- This song follows Jesus into the desert as he was tempted. It parallels to our own deserts, our own temptations, our own enigmas where we search for a way out. When we finally believe it is meant to be here, our lives are transformed, our compass is redirected and our lives make a U turn.

So alive- We all have something, someone, or a moment that makes us feel So alive. With that said there is nothing we would not do, a place we would not go…to constantly feel so alive. The coolest line in the song, “I would walk on fire, I would march in the front line, if  I made my bed in hell, you are there”.

Silas-A song that stirs up a revolution, a movement of the soul that becomes flesh. Late in the midnight hour something remarkable happened. Inspired by the book of Acts chapter 17: 22-35.

Dynamite- Amazing things happen when you let go… and you put it all on the line for the creator of this Universe.

Home- A father goes on a journey in search of a better place. “Through desert roads and mountain tops”…He looks into his family’s eyes and hopes to make a better life for them.

Butterfly- A young girl in a cold waiting room battles with the thought of life within her. She knows it’s a gift but contemplates ending the tiny heart beat deep inside to avoid the shame… Years later she wonders what that baby or dream looked like, it’s smile, it’s eyes.”How could I have been a fool…”maybe she’ll change the world, maybe just saving yours”.

Beautiful Stranger- A love ballad inspired by serendipity

Tonight- Inspired by children all over the world hoping in a dream that seems impossible. Fathers doing the impossible for a better quality of life, everyday people with the chance to make a difference.

Sail Away- Every so often we hear stories of moments that passed people by, great people we let go, opportunities overlooked, Not saying what we really want to say when there was a chance, then its gone…A  metaphorical love song everyone will relate to…”the sailboat we waited for never came…now you’re gone”

Only you- This is the first song I wrote for the saturn project close to 9 yrs ago. The song is about the desire to know and feel God beyond our own existence and human comprehension.

Mark your calendars “Anthems for a Broken World” is available on March 13th.  Go buy a box of cd’s and give them away .

Pass this on.

Christian Artists to Know: Abandon

Genre: Rock
Sub-genres: Alternative, Contemporary Christian, British Invasion
Location: San Antonio, Texas
Label: Forefront Records
Christian label: yes
Category: The Message whats this?

“We want our music to be an encouragement to everyone and our songs to minister to people’s hearts.”

Abandon is a Christian alternative rock band formed from a San Antonio-based church worship group.  The group’s name was inspired by the Bible verse of Joshua 22:3, which reads “God has directed us not to abandon any brothers”.  With that, you shouldn’t be surprised by the openly spiritual lyrics that point the listener to Christ and who we are because of Him.  You might be surprised by the relevance and honesty of their lyrics that feature recurring themes of the dangers of dealing in this world and the hope of losing yourself in Christ.

The music is soaring rock & roll with layers of guitars and vocals and a driving rhythm section.  The band is solid but vocalist Josh Engler is a superb vocalist who sets Abandon apart from their contemporaries.  Though they point to The Beatles and U2 as influences, their big, melodic, hard driving rock reminds me of a guitar oriented Coldplay.  In a good way.

Abandon‘s music makes for a great live show and they are known for their showmanship


The band was discovered by EMI/CMG Director of A &R Chris York, who signed Abandon to Forefront Records. He found them while eating in a restaurant last spring. His attention was drawn from a nice dinner over to the club next door where five young men were pounding out their U2-meets-The Killers tune about a force that rules the human race . . . the hand of “Providence”.

“It’s definitely the strangest way I’ve discovered a new band,” he admits. “I could hear these guys playing on the other side of the wall, and it sounded really, really good.” Critics agree. Abandon‘s recent EP was called “the next big thing . . . a stellar introduction to the group” (The Christian Manifesto) and built up buzz about how “the future looks bright for Abandon” ( It also earned the band ranking among the “Best New Artists of 2008,” according to

The band’s first full-length studio album, titled Abandon is scheduled to be released on April 21, 2009.

This is a strong rock band with an intense live show, creative harmonics and a great lead singer.  Abandon uses their music not only to be an encouragement to believers, but to minister to the hearts of non-believers.  Abandon has “next big thing” written all over them.  We all need to get in on the ground floor.

Check out Abandon’s music on Abandon