Free Download: Brian Campbell-Hearts Wake To The Giver Of Life

Brian Campbell is the latest worship leader to join Come&Live!, and he comes with a high pedigree. According to his profile ” He has had the privilege of touring in both Europe and the United States with bands like Jars of Clay, Sleeping at Last and others. He leads workshops around the world with local church leaders and worship teams that focus on city transformation and songwriting as a tool for church unity.

Hearts Wake To The Giver Of Life is an interesting mix of contemporary worship mixed with elements of John Mark McMillan‘s builds-to-chorus structures, Sleeping At Last‘s atmospheric guitars, and then throws in a little pop electronica. The result is interesting a beautiful. Please download this and be blessed.

Download Hearts Wake To The Giver Of Life by Brian Campbell on Come&Live!

Free Download: White Collar Sideshow – The WitcHunt

Im super stoked to present to you the second release of our good friends in White Collar Sideshow called The WitcHunt. Now if you dont know who (or what) White Collar Sidshow is, they humbly descibe themselves as ….a vaudevillian feel with a horror movie twist. An original movie plays on stage and two drummers & the faceless woman (playing bass in a 9 foot go-go cage) provide the live soundtrack. The videos take you through the mind of an addict while the live characters draw in the crowd for a truly memorable Shock Rock experience..

For the last 4 years, they have been touring the country performing the original sideshow, and after almost 6 months away, they have returned with their most ambitious outing to date: a brand new album that is the soundtrack a brand new original film that appears in the band’s performances. It is not too far of a stretch to say that White Collar Sideshow in faith music’s first shock and awe group. Keep that in mind as you watch the trailer for The WitcHunt below.

If you are intrigued, you should be. If you are a little scared, that is normal. If you are appalled, then I would suggest digging deeper into this group before you make final judgments. For all their theatrics, White Collar Sideshow exists to help people deal with their hidden horrors by relying on God and being honest with who they are. I have personally seen hundreds of lives changed through their unique and powerful show, and Im sure you wont feel in different if you are ever able to experience The WitcHunt

Download The WitcHunt by White Collar Sideshow on Come&Live!

Free Download: Loud Harp – Self-titled

Loud Harp is another stellar release from Come&Live!; a dreamy, atmospheric take on worship with Robbie Seay-esque vocals and solid lyrics. The story of Loud Harp is best told by…well, them:

Check out the live video below then go add Loud Harp to your library

Download LOUD HARP on Come&Live!

Free Download: The Followers – Wounded Healer

The Followers‘ “Wounded Healer” is the first release for Deeper Well Records, a gospel collective that has been birthed out of Door of Hope Church in Portland Oregon. Songwriter Josh White (of Telecast) teamed up with Eric Earley (of Blitzen Trapper), and friends to create a 70′s infused worship experience. Mixing R&B, country, rock, and folk, “Wounded Healer” may draw one back to the days of the Jesus Movement, or push one forward into a new and exciting era of music for the church. We call it neo-gospel!

Its awesome! Think “70s hippie worship”. I hope this style of worship music catches on in a big way, but I think The Followers are going to be one of my new favorite bands….

Listen here and download through Noisetrade:

Or download through Come&Live!, of whom The Followers recently announced they have partnered with

Free Download: Ascend The Hill-O Ransomed Son

This is Ascend The Hill‘s 3rd album. Simply put it is the best thing they have ever done, and in my mind a strong contender for album of the year. Here is a little something I wrote about it in an article Im working on:

As I am writing this right now, am I listening (for the first time) to Ascend The Hill‘s latest album, O Ransomed Son. The band exists in the “genre” of worship music, or music that is supposed to inspire a state of worship and praise through song. The “genre” is well known in the church, and it takes many forms. Most people remember the choir on Sunday mornings, but in the last 20 or years most praise music involves full bands or acoustic guitars. If you attend a contemporary church, you know what I am talking about. The thing is, O Ransomed Son doesn’t really SOUND like a “worship” record. The song structures are not easy to follow, and the drumming is relentless. The vocals are raw, sometimes yelled more than sung, and most songs are lyrically longer than 5 Power-Point slides. Yes, they do a hymn, but they also have a song featuring the singer from Thrice. On a “worship” album. Doesn’t all of that seem strange to you?

Download O Ransomed Son by Ascend The Hill on Come&Live!

Free Download: Home Is Calling-Evening Lights

Mix The Fray, Coldplay, and a bit of Thrice-esque drive with healtfelt lyrics and a commitment to the Spirit, and you have Evening Lights. Home Is Calling usher in another quality release from Come&Live!.

Download Evening Lights by Home Is Calling over at Come&Live!

Music Video: Fallstar- Horse Without A Rider

Here is the first video from Come&Live! metal band Fallstar for their song “Horse Without A Rider”.

Free Download: Preson Phillips-Wrath

preson phillips wrath

Preson Phillips was one of our first free downloads on this website about two years ago. Since then we have seen Mr. Phillips grow into an incredible song writer, and his latest album, Wrath, is the type of music that you need to sit down to listen to. Its honest, intelligent, and driving. He and his band have crafted a stunning collection of indie folk rock songs that hint at influences of Johnny Cash and John Mark McMillian, but quickly progress into rock that would appeal to fans of Manchester Orchestra and Thrice. Wrath is a beautiful album that will challenge you, and demand repeat listens so that you can fully grasp the fullness of the songs playing.

Now, I do need to confess that this album download is a little different from our normal fare in that the link will not get you the whole album. Preson explains on his website: This record is being released in conjunction with a fundraiser that my church is doing to raise money for a new home that will provide the facilities to effectively minister in our neighborhood. The first half of the record is free, through Come&Live!, and the second half will be available in all online stores (buy it through Amazon MP3 )and through physical CD’s (and will eventually be free also). All of the proceeds will go directly to Watermark Church in Tampa, where I minister as senior pastor, and will be used to launch ministries that will provide counseling for the hurting, food for the poor, friendship for the lonely, and life to all who hear the message of the Gospel in Tampa.

As a cool bonus, here is a video (taken by us) of Preson Phillips performing one of the songs off of Wrath, called “Wandering Soul”

Preson Phillips at Cornerstone 2011 from The ONE21 Music on Vimeo.

Download Wrath by Preson Phillips from Come&Live!

Free Download:Life In Your Way-Kingdoms

life in your way-kingdom

After way too long, I present to you Kingdoms by Life In Your Way. For those that dont know, Life In Your Way was one of the best melodic hardcore bands in the scene until they broke up three years ago. However, early this year the band announced that they would be reforming to write and record, Kingdoms, an epic conceptual that is broken up into three parts. The Kingdom of Man which showcases the much evolved hardcore sound that fans expect from the band. The Kingdoms Of Darkness in which the band shows off how brutal they can truly be. Finally, The Kingdom of God is filled with messages of hope and chorus filled anthems meant to awaken and restore. All in all, Life In Your Way have written the album of their career, and proven that etching out your own sound means more than following trends and compromising the integrity of your art.

Kingdoms is a hardcore masterpiece.

Download Kingdoms by Life In Your Way from Come&Live!

Free Download: The Ember Days-Emergency

the ember days emergency

We have featured The Ember Days on here with high quality worship for free. Last year their EP called Finger Painting made our Best Worship music of 2011 list, and in 2011 they have returned with their first full-length record containing their best work to date. Emergency has all the elements that fans recognize from the kiwi worship band, but something about Emergency just feels more…..grown up. The music is tighter, the lyrics are more focused and the songs are just better than their previous efforts. This is definitely on our short list for the Best Worship 2011 list, and I am confident that you will understand shortly after downloading the album.


Download Emergency by The Ember Days