Worship At Cornerstone 2010

Yes there is music at Cornerstone.  There is art and seminars and commerce.  There is so much going on at Cornerstone that it is easy to lose sight that all of us at Cornerstone share a common bond through Christ.  It is easy to get swept up in the excitement, so it is vital that we touch base with our faith and Cornerstone makes that easy.

Each morning there are at least four organized worship services, their is a prayer tent and spontaneous worship gatherings sprout throughout the grounds.  All of that in addition to the hundreds of Christians, who make music in the secular world on a daily basis, flexing their freedom to express their love for Christ from stage.

Come & Live, Anchor Fellowship

Ian captured the full day majesty of Cornerstone 2010′s Come & Live day at the Anchor Fellowship tent.  We did see the majestic music of Preson Phillips and took our first steps into the world of Men Without Trees, but I was disappointed I missed some of the other high points like so long forgotten and Ascend The Hill.

We did experience a special moment as one of the Anchor Fellowship worship groups, We Are Creation, took us deep into the spirit with this eight minutes of worship.

Cornerstone 2010 Worship by We Are Creation

As I filmed this special moment I fought the desire throw my camera down and engage in the worship.  When I left the tent there was prayer all around and Debbie , who was sitting outside at the back of the tent was sobbing i our golf cart.

Preson Phillips and his musical friends then took us deep into spiritual, acoustic music.

Cornerstone 2010 Worship with Preson Philips

Mickey, the drummer told us “I just remove my shoes and I am standing on Holy Ground. I just have fun, joyful in that Holy place of worship.”


Cornerstone 2010 simulated youth camp each morning at the Gallery Stage. The Gallery Stage is the second most popular stage at Cornerstone. It traditionally features big name performers who prefer a more intimate musical setting. At Cornerstone 2010 the Gallery featured Seabird, Iona, Paper Route, Brooke Waggoner and Over The Rhine.

Breakaway shot with Alive

But the largest crowds we saw all week was at the Gallery Stage as the Alive Band led worhsip through music and drama and different speakers shared their hearts each morning.  We had a beautiful video of Alive Band but I erased it.

Adam Dorband, the youth pastor at Metro South Church in Trenton, Michigan discussed with us the concept of passionately pursuing God by alternatively seeking Him and serving Him.  Adam made the point if you spend all of your time seeking God, you become a soft Christian.  If you spend all of your time trying to serve God you become dry and brittle.

In addition to our experiences of worship at Cornerstone 2010, the Main Stage featured morning worship and devotionals each day at 9:00 a.m. The Raging Storm Stage held a Church service every morning from 10:00 to noon.  Anchor Fellowship hosted two hours of “Anchor Monastery”, a period of quiet contemplative meditation and prayer from 10:00 to noon each day.

Cornerstone 2010 Jesus VillageThe Jesus Village Flying Circus Dinner Theater and Fish Camp hosted Children’s Worship everyday from noon to 1:oo p.m.  Starting at 1:00 each day the Jesus Village hosted an hour of testimony and discussion with artist such as Aaron Weiss of mewithoutyou, Mark Nicks of Cool Hand Luke and Jeremy Siegrist of Illalogical Spoon, Naphtail Marshall of Photoside Cafe and Edie Goodwin of Headnoise. We did not make it to these sessions in 2010 but in prior visits to Cornerstones we watched in amazement as amazing artists and musicians, such as these, poured their hearts onto the stage for everyone to share.

Cornerstone is many things.  During a visit you can make it about one thing or another.  At Cornerstone 2010 you could spend significant amounts of each day experiencing these wonderful worship opportunities.  While our Cornerstone 2010 was a full and rich experience for us, in writing this article I am feeling a bit of regret that I did not participate more fully in these worship experiences.  Even with all of the noise and all of the commerce God was fully present at Cornerstone 2010.

Life at Cornerstone 2010

We talk non stop about the music at Cornerstone and over the next few weeks we will share with you great performances we experienced at Cornerstone 2010 and new music that we love.  Ian has shared his thoughts on the community that forms at Cornerstone for those few days but I thought, that for those of you who have never been to Cornerstone, I would share a few of the sites and sounds that make this event so much fun.

Cornerstone 2010 Main Street Crossroads

Main Street Crossroads

Everyone a Cornerstone 2010 passed through this intersection.  The primary mode of transportation was sandal, followed by tennis shoe and then by golf cart.  Directly behind the tree are the group showers that offered some great daily relief from their accumulated dust, but for others was an excuse to skip bathing for a week.

Impromptu shows break out on this corner regularly.  We saw The Riverside Worship Project end their Cornerstone 2010 experience right here.  We also saw Munster Folk, a band of traveling musicians who turned the shade tree into their personal stage, perform one of the best shows I saw at Cornerstone 2010.

Cornerstone Generator Stages

There are hundreds of other music festivals. There are other music festivals that feature music by Christians. What makes Cornerstone unique is the vibe created by the peaceful presence of Jesus People USA and by chaos of the generator stages. Begun as a DIY approach to being heard by 30,000 music fans, bands would bring a generator, set-up on the side of the road and just start playing. A few years ago, some enterprising music fans decided to add a small canopy and start promoting shows at Cornerstone. This year all the generator stages were lined along the main drag.

To The Cornerstone 2010 Generator Stages

As you can there is tent after tent of stages.  There were more than 10 stages that presented music from 10 a.m. to 1 a.m.  We saw Oh Sister Oh Brother, The Listener Project, Bryan Beyke, Don’t Wake Aislin, The Riverside Worship Project and several more bands at these stages.

The beauty of the generator stages are their spotenaity.  The line-up changes constantly.  The crowds vary from a few people to nearly a thousand.  The promoter measures a band’s success by how large the crowd grows during their set and if a band draws a crowd, like Oh Sister Oh Brother, they have an open invitation to play again and again.  With the stages stacked so close together that singer/songwriters like Mia Karina or indie artists like Bryan Beyke are sometimes swallowed up by the wall of sound created by hardcore bands.  But we don’t care because the spirit of this phenomena is hopeful and brave.

Interesting People at Cornerstone 2010

Cornerstone is always filled with interesting people.  From people who live this vagabond lifestyle everyday to music industry executives to ministers and missionaries drawn to the Spirit’s presence to suburban families and churches full of fresh faced,exuberant youth.

Cornerstone 2010 Little PunkerOf course some people come and lose their minds.  We saw a group of middle aged men who had died their white beards green, their bald heads red and their white hair blue.

Many people choose give up bathing for the week.  We can not figure out if they are too demure to shower in a public facility or they use the week to reject societies grooming norms.  We wished they would pick a different expression of dissent.

We saw this punk rocker hanging out at the generator stages promoting his band who was playing a show that night.  The young drummer did not have much to say but her certaintly drew a crowd.

We previously told you about hippie dancing in one of our preview articles.  We missed the hippie dancing bands this year but at the Jesus Village one day we did encounter our favorite attire of the week in the middle of a Celtic jig.

Cornerstone 2010 Main Stage Crossroads

The center of commerce at Cornerstone lies about 500 yards from the Main Street crossroads.  Just past this intersection lies the food court, source of our nightly dinners with great pasta a Greek food, the Cornerstone merch tent and main stage. From this vantage point we took the opportunity to survey the camping scene, the Cornerstone offices and the portable toilets/billboards.

At night this was the hottest spot at Cornerstone 2010. Not only was it the crossroads of commerce but it was also the spot that within 100 feet in any direction you could be at the Main Stage, The Dance Club or the HM Stage.

One21music Offices at Cornerstone 2010

Just down the road from the Main Stage crossroads One21music set up their office/sleeping condo.  this was our base of operations for the entire week.

One21 Offices

Just down One21 Lane ( as we liked to call it) were the Anchor Fellowship team, Ascend The Hill, Rhona Kelly and the crew for The Wayside.

One21 Lane at Cornerstone 2010

As Ian expressed in his Cornerstone As A Family article you really can form a community in just a few days.  The Anchor team just up the lane shared cigars and prayer with Ian late one night, we shared breakfast with some young people who had just driven in from California with Sleeping Giant and we shared band recommendations with our next door neighbors throughout the week.

Riverside Worship Project Interview

While at Cornerstone 2010 we made many new friends and met some amazing musicians and ministers.  None more so than the guys of the The Riverside Worship Project.  They were named winner of the Cornerstone 2010 New Band Showcase.

The Riverside Worship Project wrap their worship in a beautiful style of progressive alternative rock.  The songs are complex and interesting as rock songs, but there is a spirit filled ambiance about these songs that allow us to explore the presence of God in our worship.

These five guys from Auburn, Alabama really impressed with their humility, enthusiasm and their hearts for God. So much so that we wanted you to meet these guys face to face.  We sat down with Steven Hale, Brian Alpizar, Ryan Campagna, Andrew McQuiag and Jason Hermansdorfer outside the Gallery Stage at Cornerstone 2010.  There are very few quiet moments or places at Cornerstone so, in addition to the interview with The Riverside Worship Project you will experience the rich stew of music that surrounded us for a full week.  Enjoy.

Interview With Cornerstone 2010 New Band Showcase Winner, The Riverside Worship Project

As we conducted the interview we were left with the impression of five young men entering the end of  a phase of their lives.  Steven Hale is moving to Nashville to get married and the rest of the band graduates next year into their new futures. Cornerstone 2010 almost felt like one last fling for these guys.

My final image of The Riverside Worship Project is from the final day of Cornerstone 2010.  As I am moving around the festival to prepare for our trip home, I see the guys standing on the street corner with a sign made out of a discarded cardboard box and a sharpie.  They were playing one final show of Cornerstone 2010 with their acoustic instruments, on the side of the road, before they ended their great festival experiment of 2010.

We don’t know if The Riverside Worship Project will survive the transitions the guys will experience over the next year.  I am confident that God has anointed five worship musicians who will continue  serve him with their musical talents for the rest of their lives.  May God continue to bless you.

Cornerstone 2010 Has Arrived At One21music

1100 miles, 4 states, 3 tanks of gas and 17 hours and Cornerstone 2010 is here.  I guess I should say that One21music is here. We left Austin at midnight Sunday morning and arrived in  MaCombs, Il at 5:30 Sunday evening.  I sit in the lobby of the Best Western Hotel waiting to set up camp at Cornerstone 2010

We are unsure of out Internet availabilty once we enter the farm so this may be our last post for the week.  We hope not because we want you to experience Cornerstone 2010 along with us. If this is our last post for the week, check back on July 6th as we start to flood the site with memories, insights, photos and videos from Cornerstone 2010.

Today we pitch tents, organize the camp site, get our press credentials set and start meeting our 30,000 new neighbors.  In all of that we will try to catch shows from Love Begotten, 2X  The Mono and the Unfortunate.

Check in regularly to see if we are able to launch any reporting from Cornerstone 2010.

Cornerstone 2010- More Bands to Explore

This may be the last update of the One21music artist database before we leave for Cornerstone 2010. We had hoped to complete profiles for all of the Christian music artists performing at Cornerstone 2010, but our day jobs got in the way.  Ian’s job went double time and I went to Asia.  We have about bios for about 75% of the Cornerstone 2010 artists.  We will continue to work on bios for all of these artists.  Here is our latest installment of Cornerstone 2010 artists.

Photoside Cafe
Fundamental Elements
Main Line Riders
Gabriel Kelly

Glen Clark & The Family
The Lost Dogs
Glenn Kaiser

Joy Whitlock
The Hollands!
The Jox
2X The Mono

Check out these Christian music artists as you are making your Cornerstone 2010 schedule.

Cornerstone 2010-Special Happenings

One21music has discovered two events that are scheduled for Cornerstone Music Festival 2010 could be  very, very special. We at One21music regularly attend Cornerstone Music Festival, Austin City Limits Music Festival and South by Southwest Music Festival and we try to get to as many other festivals as possible.  Why?  Because special things happen.  I just read about such an event that happened at the New Orleans Jazz Festival.  My Morning Jacket performed an acoustic show at the legendary Preservation Hall that ended with a 3:00 a.m. parade through the streets of New Orleans also legendary Preservation Hall Jazz Band.  We know of at least Cornerstone 2010 two events that hold that kind of promise.

Iona  Returns to U.S. After A 10 Year Absence

Legendary, mystical, celtic Christian group Iona returns for their first show in over a decade.  Iona formed in 1988 after David Fitzgerald‘s live changing visit to the spiritual islands of Lindisfarne and Iona.  The band emerged  from that pilgramage to become one of the most influential bands of the 90′s.  Iona‘s mix of celtic music with other world influences and progressive rock help create a new audience for celtic music in pop and rock circles.  Contemporaries include Clannad and Enya.  Here is video from Iona‘s last performance at the 1996 Cornerstone Music Festival.

Shortly after this performance Iona went on a 10 year hiatus and only began playing shows again a few years age. We have this show underlined on our Cornerstone 2010 schedule.

Sleeping Giant and Men As Trees Walking Together?

Because there are so many bands, most shows at Cornerstone Music Festivals are scheduled from 20 to 50 minutes long.  I have never seen a Cornerstone show last more than an hour.  So it caught my attention when I saw a show that was scheduled for more than two hours.  Sleeping Giant/Men As Trees Walking are schedule for a show on Wednesday night of Cornerstone 2010 that starts at 10:50 p.m. and ends at 1:00 a.m. Alternative rock, world music, worship band Men As Trees Walking is joining forces with hardcore, metal band Sleeping Giant? What is happening here? As you can see, Sleeping Giant is a hardcore band with a big heart for worship

But they are going to perform together with this world music worship collective Men As Trees Walking?

These types of shows are what make music festivals so cool. I don’t know if this will work or not, but I know I will be there expecting the unexpected. That means you will be there as well. We will be reporting on the Cornerstone Music Festival 2010 starting June 28th through July 3rd and we will try to bring you the video and the photos of special moments such as these.

Cornerstone 2010-New Artists Added

Cornerstone Music Festival 2010 is adding artists everyday and One21music is adding new profiles and bios everyday. One21music is the place for you to plan your Cornerstone 2010 schedule or live the Cornerstone 2010 experience vicariously through our artist profiles. This week we launched our Cornerstone 2010 coverage with the new band showcase news and the first installment of Cornerstone bands on One21music. Here is an update to the list of Cornerstone 2010 bands profiled on One21music.

Bands Playing Cornerstone Music Festival 2010

As Hell Retreats
Ascend The Hill
Close You Eyes
The Ember Days
Holding Onto Hope
Hope For The Dying
Jonathan Jones (We Shot The Moon)
Levi The Poet
So Long Forgotten
Sovereign Strength
Take It Back!
Wrench In The Works

Keep checking in and we will keep keeping you updated and informed about Cornerstone Music Festival 2010.