Cathy Burton Interview Posted

cathy burton

Cross Rhythms posted their interview with pop folk artist Cathy Burton this week. The majority of the interview centers around Burton‘s turn into worship music with her latest album Source Of Every Hour, which will hit the market this week. The interview is pretty cool, and once again, here is an artists I know most of our readers are unfamiliar with, but take a chance and check her out.

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Interview With DJ Steve Leach Posted

Cross Rhythms has posted their interview with DJ Steve Leach. In the interview they talk about how he got started in electronic music, his faith, and the concept of worship dance music. Great interview, go check it out!

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Interview With Shell Perris Posted

Our UK buddies Cross Rhythms have posted their interview with UK pop/rock star Shell Perris.  In the interview they discuss her latest release, Beautiful Life, her book, and her ministry for young girls…

Note: I know that some of these interviews I post you have no idea who the artist being interviewed is, but that is kind of the point. These interviews give you a way to to get to know some new music! Take advantage!

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Interview With Poet Michaela Posted

Cross Rhythms has posted a in depth interview with spoken word/beat poet Michaela this week. I had never heard of her before, but I went and checked her stuff, and its REALLY good. In the interview the Michaela talks about what inspires her work, her message to girls/women, and eating disorders.

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New Interview With Grits Surfaces

Our friends over at Cross Rhythms posted an interview today with legendary hip-hop duo Grits today. The interview mainly centers around the pair’s newly founded record label, Revolution Art, but also talks alot about how Grits has changed from their beginnings in the mid 90s. Check it out:

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Cross Rhythms Posts Interview With Christafari

Our friends over at the UK Christian magazine posted an interview with reggae/worship band Christafari‘s frontman Mark Mohr this week.  In it they talk about the desire to make music, his salvation, drugs, and the song “Protestors”. Click the link below to check it out!

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