Free Album:The Custodians-My Organs Are You Yours


Everybody who reads this website or has been downloading stuff on here for a while knows I am constantly trying to bring you not only free stuff, but also bring you stuff that is a little….unusual.

Well, here is another one of those….

I suppose technically this is hip-hop, I mean I got this originally off of Sphere Of Hip-Hop (an amazing website for Gospel Hip-Hop). However as I have listened to My Organs Are Yours a few times, this strikes me as more experimental electronica than rap. I guess the best way I could describe The Custodians‘ sound is Furthermore meets Deastro. If that doesn’t do it, think spacey electronica with witty poetry on top of it. That sounds really terrible, but I works so well. and I have fallen in love with this album.

So with great excitement, I present My Organs Are Yours

For fans of: Dizzee Rascel, Deastro, Gnarls Barkley

Download The Custodians-My Organs Are Yours