Free Download: Jerrell Johnson-Peanut Butter & Jealousy


This was a late comer this week. Jerrell Johnson is an ex battle rapper turned believer with alot to say through his art. If you have ver downloaded anything from this website, you will you I always try to find quality stuff for you guys, and this is no different. Peanut Butter & Jealousy may seem silly, or hipster from the first look, but there is so much depth to this release.

First and foremost, the beats are awesome; smooth, jazzy, interesting. It reminds me alot of DJ Shadow or Tribe Called Quest. Jerell‘s voice is pleasant, smooth, and fluid. What makes this one special is that Mr. Johnson has a a lot of quality stuff to talk about. There are very few songs on here that dont have some kind of directed message. He is trying to reach out to the youth of America and let them know that God loves them, and that the chaos around them is all part of the plan.

If you are into smooth, substantial hip-hop, you will love this!

Download Jerrell Johnson-Peanut Butter & Jealousy

Free Album Download:Freddie Bruno-Bruce Lee Mixtape


Alright, so even if you dont like Hip-Hop, or DJ mixtapes, or just this type of music in general, you have to admit that this is pretty cool. Freddie Bruno is one of the components of the Hip-Hop collective known as Deepspace5. They have been around forever, and along with Bruno, the group consists of such heavy hitters as Playdough, Mars Ill, and Listener. The Bruce Lee Mixtape is Freddie Bruno taking old, B fighting movies, sampling dialogue and even some of the music, and then creating some heavy hitting Hip-Hop beats around them. The whole mixtape has a Afro Samurai fell to it, and the songs are strong enough to stand on their own even if lyrics don’t play a part.

So here is what you do with this. Next time you have party, make sure that The Bruce Lee Mixtape makes its way into the music mix around the midway point. Not only will the beats breather new life into your little party, but everyone will think you are so quirky because of all the old movie clips. There, Freddie Bruno and I just saved your lame party….

For fans of: MF Doom, DJ Shadow, Deepspace5, RedCloud

Download The Bruce Lee Mixtape by Freddie Bruno

Free MP3 Album Download:Playdough-Who’s Harry Krum?


So this is kind a strange little offering. I think it is by Deepspace5/Ill Harmonics member Playdough. There arnt any words, this album is social commentary through beats and samples. That’s the best way I can describe it, seriously.  But it is different, something to tickle the brain with, and it’s free so you may just want to try it out..

For fans of: DJ Shadow, Mars Ill, Jurassic 5

Click on the link below, save the .ZIP file to your computer, EXTRACT ALL FILES, then get ready to groove.

Download Who’s Harry Krum? from the mind of Playdough